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American Express Serve Stimulus Payment

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    Hello, I received my stimulus money to this Serve card. However, I have no used this card since receiving my tax refund on it last year and therefore I don’t know the Pin number to get my funds off of this card. Luckily, I still have the card although I almost threw it away the other day because I thought I would never need it. I can’t get through to customer service at all. I was on hold for several hours over the weekend and couldn’t get through to anyone.

    Any Ideas to help me out?

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    This whole process is a waste of time, the government couldn’t care less about us low class families smh


    Nothing in IL

    Tracy bradley

    I would like to know if the stimulus money is going on my serve card and when will it be on that I got an advance on my taxes


    I’ll post update in morning as to yes or no on mine. I’m st Louis area

    Ray wright

    Is my funds going to be on my refund card

    Alyssa Mai

    No they said the 15th was the sunset but they did an early batch. The IRS does it every year for taxes also

    I got served

    9:56 pm Still nothing in AZ. Hopefully tomorrow it will come in. Technically the 15th they said is the latest we Will all get it electronically deposited.


    As of now all i can think of is to send the money to yourself using that card through moneygram website to another account that you are able to access. I had to do it last week being no one in memphis was doing money pick up


    In NC no money


    @ace did you already get yours by chance just wondering


    Still no money on my server card


    If you got yhe advance and gave already gotten your taxes and the bank has gotten their money the stimulus payment will be put on the serve card that you have been using ….as long as the bank has been pain back you are good to go


    I haven’t gotten any money or emails


    If you got an advance on your card your stimulus check will not.get deposited on your serve card?


    Any payments yet?

    I got served

    In AZ still no deposit when will it come?

    Single mom thats owed a lot of child support

    [email protected] the stimulus checks will not go to people that owe back child support the IRS had that on their website. It will go to back child support. It is a law that was put in place in 1994 deadbeat parents that defy child support orders dont get tax refunds or credits. It all over the news too people that owe back child support are the only ones that can have their stimulus checks seized.


    Then under it was a picture saying it cannot be accepted.


    I have not received my stimulus BUT I have received 5-6 emails stating that American Express cannot accept my direct deposit.

    It said this:

    We have received an attempted Direct Deposit transfer of a Federal Tax Refund payment to your American Express Serve® Account.


    Download the serve app and login if you still know your credentials, when you do that it will have the options in the settings which is under the 3 dots on the top right. Go down to login and security and it will let you change it there.

    Hope this helps


    And please dont crucify my child is well taken care of lots of love my husband and provide for her


    I dont think this is that type of check that goes to child support. This is a stimulus check isn’t it? Im just asking bc im curious. I know if they dont the tax check gets taken away but this is a crisis. Regardless if one owes support it still is a crisis.


    Jlei. I wish someone would answer you


    Does anyone know if they have received there stimulus on the serve card? Whether it be the advance or regular serve?


    Nothing from San Antonio TX 7:55 pm 4/14/20

    Single mom thats owed a lot of child support

    Shannon parents that owe child support dont get stimulus payments it goes to back child support so no free money for you since you dont support your kids maybe this will teach you that kids need financial support as well as love.


    Will stimulus go on my temporary card that I recurved this tax year?

    Michigan Nick

    If you have the personalized card and didn’t get any advance or fees taken out you’ll get it, if it’s the temporary card or had fees or advance taken it will be a paper check might be able to enter DD on irs website when it comes out but nothing confirmed. 80 million checks are going out tomorrow don’t get your hopes up. JH and serve has made this whole process alot harder than it should be. Good luck


    Has anyone gotten the stimulus check put on the serv card I have called both Jackson Hewitt and American Express and have got no concrete answers


    So i filed my taxes at jh and child support took my fed and jh didnt get paid…. Now i dont know if i will get my stimulus check on my serve card or not… Any help will be greatly appreciated


    Yes, log onto to your account and transfer. you can pick your funds up at Walmart money center


    Jackson Hewitt posted an update about the serve prepaid card and stimulus checks on their website. If you got the advance chances are you will have to use the portal on the IRS website. I got the advance so I am prepared to wait to put my dd info on the portal. Sigh


    People please stop posting all this lame ass garbage the truth of the matter Jackson Hewitt and Republic Bank has fucked us around wait until tomorrow and change information. JACKSON HEWITT YOU POS YOU WILL NEVER GET MY BUSINESS AGAIN


    Will the cards we got this year have our stimulus checks on them?


    So my bestie who has to serve card got hers deposited yesterday she has dependents just like me and we literally live maybe 2 miles apart in Missouri not sure what’s going on but it might be because I got the advance but I’m not sure.


    Where is our the American people stimulus money at. Will it go on the American Express serve card from Jackson hewitt ????


    Oklahoma City… Still nothing


    Will i get my stimulus check on my temporary amex serve card? Havent gotten other card yet

    Mike C

    Dateline : Texas – 3:52pm CST, no economic impact payment posted to AMEX Serve account.


    I’m not sure if it goes on the card or not I really hope so . but if it does and. You don’t know your pin you can log on and wire it. To walmart and go pick it up all you need is the code it gives you and your id I think. There’s a limit on how much a day you can get off


    I forgot my pin once. AMEX Serve customer service told me to download the serve app and change my pin through settings. I can’t remember the step by step process, but once you get in and change your pin the changes take place instantly. I was able to use my card at an ATM immediately after I saved my new pin.

    Jeanette jernigan

    When will we get our deposit


    I figure if fees were withheld I can expect a two delay at least


    How many had fees withheld through JH then direct deposit to serve?


    @TS if you download the app there’s a thing called RIO where you can send money to yourself and pick it up at like Walmart or Money Gram.

    Karla J.

    Create an online acct


    Nothing in California.
    I haven’t used my Serve card since last year either. I’m surprised I still have it. I’ve been checking everyday & still nothing. I’m waiting for the IRS to put up the link to put in new direct deposit info. Anyone get their check on a serve card in Cali?

    Sizzle the sozzle

    Chill out guys, give these workers a break will ya, I mean 1000s upon 1000s of deposits sent at once is gonna take some time guys. We will get it on our cards so just relax. I find masturbation takes this off my mind. Wooo hooooo good luck and stop with any false info…. peace and chicken grease!!!!!!


    NC no deposit here



    You are correct about amex. I have a serve account and they are terrible. Every direct deposit I get from my employer is going in my account later and later each time. The funds are there they just hold them.


    If try yo input payment info online how long does it take to get email stating psyment aready sent?


    Full of shit I have blue bird by AE Everytime I have a DD posting to my account I have to call these idiots and ask them where is my money they say I don’t see a DD from your employer and 5 to 7 minutes later I get a email from them saying congratulations you just received a dd.Ridiclous if it’s your job to look for these things then do your fucking job instead of lying this is what is going on right now ineffective incompetent company,staff and employees I’m done with this garbage!


    Nc still nothing at 2:15 PM cant even get a human on the phone with serve ughhh


    I triedbto go onto irs website and put in new deposit information i got an email back stating i couldnt because my refund has already been sent so we have to wait for whenever they feel like putting it on the serve card


    Ts go online and reset your pin


    No one who received a loan will get your v stimulus until the last minute. Its passing thru multiple accounts first. So it’s up to someone an employee to get our money into out accounts. Friday the IRS will tell us when and where and if it was sent.


    Nothing in South Dakota


    What time of day did the Stimulus check deposit to your Serve card for those of you who have recieved theirs


    Has anyone heard about Emerald Cards I’ve seen several different post about yes and no


    Nothing yet in Texas


    Nothing yet in Alabama


    All I can say is that you have got to be a lowdown person to attempt to make any money off the stimulus packages as a banker. Profiting off of a pandemic. After this is over and done with neither Jackson Hewitt or American Express will get another red cent from me.


    You can go online and reset your pin # or if you don’t want to do that, you can always transfer the funds into another bank account


    I still haven’t received anything


    this is making me not want to file my taxes with you guys next year. I liked the card but you can never get a straight answer

    Tiffany ahard

    Hello I still have my temporary serve card I never received my new card and when I called they were not mailing me a new card so question is will my stimulus check be put on the temporary card??


    All you have to do is go online login in & reset your pin

    Edward mcgrade

    Will I get my stimulus money on my serve card?

    Samantha Corbett

    From Wilmington NC filed with Jackson Hewitt I got they card twice 2019 -2020 will I get mine on my Amiercan Express card


    Nothing in Ohio

    MRS B

    You can go to the serve website for Jackson Hewitt and reset your pin.


    Wait on follow up call from someone in JH legal from corporate office. I need definite answer.

    Latoya Tate

    Do I need to change my direct deposit for my stimulus check


    I have the serve temporary card my taxes came on this card but still no stimulus. I talked to Jackson Hewitt and it will still go on card regardless of a temporary card



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