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Accepted 2/11/2021

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    Anyone who was accepted 2/11/2021 see any movement on transcripts if you can access them. If you cant access transcripts did you get your refund or a notification of pending deposit???

    I could be wrong but i see a pattern of a lot of people who were accepted on 2/11 as part of the test batch dont have any type of movement yet, whether be still on one bar etc…

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    I just spoke to the IRS and was told everyone who filed on 02/12/21 was not accepted until 02/16/21 due to the 3 day holiday weekend. So the 21 days starts from 02/16/21 which would put our 21 days at 03/09/21. My WMR still shows processing at 1 bar TT 152 and has stayed that way since I filed 02/12/21. She said there is nothing wrong with my return it’s just still processing.
    No RRC
    1099G W2

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    @bodagirl Next time quote it, that way rude ppl don’t come at ya for trying to help. Some ppl just deserve to wait longer. LOL.

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    Its coming word for word from there site. If you have any helpful words of encouragement then please share. I was only passing on what I read. Thank you again for knocking me down with all your privilege. Mayne you should find a haters site.

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    *collections. Also, I filed TT and they said the blue bars mean nothing mine filled up as of 3/4/21 and nothing yet. She said that’s just an estimate of when people usually get them within the 21 days but they are so far behind my sister filed two weeks ago, claimed a child and got hers the 3rd. I will NEVER file early again Jan 31st

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    Yes, I was able to get through this morning. I have not received any letters in the mail or anything and she said since today is 21 days it’s still within the time frame if I don’t see an update this weekend to call Monday. How I got through is I called in to another less busy side of the IRS I think it was collects and just made them transfer me over LOL 12 grand is a lot of money for them to not give me what is owed.

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    Yeah @bodagirl that’s completely incorrect…if you call them they’ll tell you you get a thank you email around 21 days and the blue bar on their app moves to full because that’s when people usually have it by. I really get irritated when people give out misinformation that they pulled out from wherever as if it’s stone cold truth, it’s ridiculous.

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    I just called to see about my refund and this it’s lady was the rudest person I have ever talked too .. after being on hold for over an hour ! She still wouldn’t give me a date even tho they told me to call if I didn’t receive it . Then she put me hold after taking all my information for another 10 ten mins .. just to tell me to keep waiting and check the website.

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    A Bankert

    Accepted 2/11 on TT


    Still saying date pending for deposit.

    What is going on? Like everyone else I have stuff I need to pay. And need the return

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    I was accepted on TT on 2/11 as well.. I had one blue bar at one point, now it’s gone and just says “still being processed” I also show N/A for my 2020 transcripts.. anybody else in the same boat?

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    I was accepted on 2/11. Claimed kids and stimulus. No bars refund amount still shows on the side. Called IRS this morning she said if I don’t see an update this weekend to call Monday. It’s so annoying they want their money they take it no questions asked.

    You were able to get through this morning?

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    I was accepted on 2/11. Claimed kids and stimulus. No bars refund amount still shows on the side. Called IRS this morning she said if I don’t see an update this weekend to call Monday. It’s so annoying they want their money they take it no questions asked.

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    Me. Mine updated from accepted 2/11 to accepted 2/14. It’s impossible this year

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    Everyone’s blue bar on tt fills 21 days later. Irs estimates you will have return in 21 days. Turbo only know irs accepts return that’s it

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    @answers. Same. The app shows one thing while the website another.

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    is complete
    When the blue line is complete, this means that your tax return has been accepted by the IRS and you have an estimated date. TurboTax tracks whether your federal tax return as been accepted or rejected, and will provide an estimate on when you can expect to receive your tax refund.

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    TT web site says when blue line is full they have received a date.

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    Accepted 2/12/2021 Turbotax says accepted 2/10/2021 Filed ACTC additional child tax credit and still no bars tax topic 152 still processing a refund date will be provided

    On TurboTax the line is full blue. What does a full line mean?

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    Just checked transcripts and I am FINALLY no longer N/A

    Accepted 2/11
    Hopefully I’ll get that 846 soon…

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    Yeah my line is all blue now too—-

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    My line isn’t blue but that is true. When the line is full that means your taxes has been accepted

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    My taxes were filed 1-21-21 and accepted 2-11-21 .. on TurboTax now when I check TurboTax it says accepted 2-14-21. Has this happened to anyone else ..? Anyone know why ?

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    Accepted with TT 2/11


    WMR lost bar with tt152, now with your return is still being processed…date will be provided….tt152 back

    Nothing from SBTPG

    Transcripts still N/A for top 2 and as of date changed to 3/15 last week

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    Accepted 2/11 – Lost bars on WMR. Cannot access transcript. No updates!!

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    turbo transcripts

    I was accepted on 2/11 and I updated overnight with a DDD for 3/8. Even on WMR which is strange. You guys might be coming up soon, if not tomorrow.

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    Anyone elses line on TT line full now. My line is not half anymore. Just says accepted but read there sight when the blue line is all done they have a date.
    No info changed anywhere else but wow I was excited for a blue line.

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    Used TT it was accepted on 2/11/21 and still no taxes. I really think that it’s Turbo Tax.

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    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 2/11
    Lost all bars and tax topic 3/1
    Transcripts still N/A as of a few minutes ago


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    Filed 1/31/21 w TT
    Accepted 2/11/21
    WMR – No Bars – Still Being Processed as of 3/1

    Still no updates to 2020 Transcripts – N/A as of 5p

    Frustrated. :-(

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    Filed 1/27/2021
    Accepted 2/11/2021
    Just got my DDD of 3/4…we shall see. :/

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    Filed with TT
    Accepted 2/11
    Still no bars no deposit and I’m on day 21 can’t access transcripts wmr still says your return is still processing I never waited this long for a refund, I have CTC and EITC

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    unlike everyone here i filed with freetaxusa

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    I feel the same way! I know people who completed their taxes later than me and have a date and refund already. I was accepted on the 11th and still no updates or bars

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    Filed with TT

    From TT:
    Transmitted: 2/12/21
    Accepted: 02/11/21 <— WHAT!!! How is that possible???

    Trans N/A with AS of 2/22
    Lost bars on Monday, no change since then…
    Last year had deposit in six days…

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    As of 7a 3/4/2021 “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.”

    Accepted on 2/11/2021


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    Well here we are… day 21… no info on transcript, WMR or TPG. This is absolutely obnoxious! All of my friends have received theirs. Even friends with the child credit. And here I am still waiting with no info on when I might get my refund.

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    i thought i was the only one accepted 2/11 1 bar and a DDD of 3/4 so ill update if i get it today fingers crossed!

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    @matt me also filed 1/31 and accepted 2/11 but like @turbotaxTranscripts says. they transcripts updated with DD of 03/08 after losing there bars like the rest of us who accepted on 2/11 . So hopefully that’s good news to all not able to access transcripts to see If There was any movement

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    turbo transcripts

    I was accepted on 2/11 and only had one bar before completely losing them for these last two days. I checked my transcripts today and it says I have a DDD for 3/8. I hope you all have the same date or sooner.
    Good luck to you all!

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    Any deposits or updates?

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    TT – Accepted 2/11 – Transcripts N/A lost bars ..What is taking so long?

    INEPTITUDE and dysfunction in D.C. the swamp. It works like this. Its shameful. Gets worse every tax season. This year I am in disbelief how long its taken. I normally have my refund around the 22nd of Feb every year. Our returns are very simple and mundane. Not really sure why they need to make people suffer. WE ARE ALL IN NEED.

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    no* bars

    filed 1/31 accepted 2/11

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    2nd day in a row now bars

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    Yes my husband had unemployment on our return. My info is identical.

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    I received unemployment. Didn’t use TT, used Tax Hawk.

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    No unemployment. However I did use TT and am seeing many that are stuck utilized TT too.

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    Did anyone else to n this thread receive unemployment?

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    Brandon Johnson

    I’m in the same boat as most,
    Accepted 2/11
    WMR -No bars
    I could be wrong but most of what I’m reading from people with this issue is that we used the same tax preparers! If that’s the case then TT needs to be on top of this.!!

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    lost my bars too — same info as most here accepted-2-11-2021 used tt and nothing at sbbt etc this morning lost bars have had this happen before and got deposit shortly thereafter so good luck all!!

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    TT – Accepted 2/11 – Transcripts N/A lost bars ..What is taking so long?

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    Mackenzie Becker

    Accepted 2/11,EIC CTC, lost my bars today 3/2 but my aunt also had hers accepted 2/11 and had a ddd of 3/3. Hopefully our time is tomorrow too!

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    I was accepted 2/11. TT with fees. I had one bar until this morning and now the still processing message. Unable to check transcripts. SBTG says they have not received funds, and TT still says payment pending under order details. My brother got his refund last week and his WMR is currently saying the still processing message with no bars, so hopefully mine is coming.

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    WMR has bars and tax topic gone but transcripts are still NA

    Not seeing any letters come through on informed delivery so fingers crossed there’s light at the end of the tunnel

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    gets worse every year. longer waiting time. More excuses for their ineptitude and dragging of the feet. Had my refund last year on the 22nd of feb..on average thats when I get it. This year its a mess.

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    Accepted on 2/11 check this morning basr are gone, check my transcript and still N/A, hoping this week it will be an update. cross my fingers..

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    Accepted 02/11, now have the same message as the rest of ya’ll and lost bars, no update on transcripts. 🤞🤞🙏

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    Filed with TT, accepted 2/11, sat on one bar forever on WMR, lost bar for a day then got a DDD of 3/3. Just taking a little longer this year. Good luck everyone…

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    I’m another one. Accepted 2/12 (not 2/11 but close enough and still early), bars gone, tax topic gone, still processing.

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    Just want to join everyone else on the “list my bars” list. Filed TT fees paid upfront accepted 2/12 eitc

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    2/11 Lets see who makes it out of this stage. It can’t be an accident we all have the same accepted 2/11. Like they lost us all.

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    Tina J

    Filed 2/2, accepted 2/11. WMR changed immediately to received and being processed topic 152 like every year for me. 2/27 WMR updated to 3/3 DD. Money is available now on TT card, also received advance. EITC & ACTC, & unemployment.

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    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/11-2/13 depending on what hrb says
    N/A on of 3 minutes ago
    Lost all bars and have the dreaded still processing message now. Kinda cringing at this point but trying to have hope.

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    Lost my bars as well folks. Accepted 2/11 still have n/a on transcripts as of 5mins before this post. Hopefully this is a sign of progress.

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    Most people say losing your bars is a bad thing but I honestly think the opposite right now. That would be strange for all of us who just lost our bars almost simultaneously to be being audited or having to ID verify all at the same time. Just my theory but I certainly hope so….🙏🏾

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    Lost my bars….hoping this is good!!! Filed 1/29 with TT, accepted 2/11. Lookback, eitc, ctc.

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    Oh thank god I’m not the only one who lost bars and is on “still processing will receive a date” or whatever message. I think we’re hopefully just all updating soon!

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    Lisa Jo

    Lost my bars as well

    Filed with TT 1/28
    Paid upfront and no advance
    Accepted 2/11
    earned income and child tax credits
    No look back
    N/A on transcripts
    “As of” date 3/1/21
    Chime Bank

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    Hey finally some movement. I just lost my bars and have the still being processed messaged. The same message I got theist 2 years when a d date showed up a day later.

    Filed 2/1 accepted 2/11 fingers crossed


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    Me too. I think it’s the message we get right before our returns post to the IMF aka before our transcripts update. I’m guessing we’ll either see am update Wednesday or Friday.

    #4462632 Reply

    @aaronx same here. I’m getting anxious.

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    Hey finally some movement. I just lost my bars and have the still being processed messaged. The same message I got theist 2 years when a d date showed up a day later.

    Filed 2/1 accepted 2/11 fingers crossed

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    Yep accepted 2/11 still 1 bar no transcript update.
    Horrible year. We all better be apart of 1 massive update this week.

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    used turbotax they got paid but not me smh must be nice still processing and still one bar

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