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Accepted 1/30

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    I know this may be jumping the gun as we were just accepted today. I have filed through H&R Block and do not have a DD as of yet.

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    I am still processing, but accepted 1/30. This was posted on the “home feed” a few mins ago

    Lisaa says:
    February 1, 2013 at 4:40 am

    Filed 14th, accepted on 30th and approved and given a dd of 2/5


    Filed – 01/29
    Received – 1/30
    WMR progress bar still only highlighting the 1st (Received) section.

    Hopefully tomorrow I will see more progress. It appears that the IRS is moving returns through fairly quickly this year, according to many of the posts I’ve seen on this site.

    Some folks have gone from Filing to getting a DD date within 3 days. At least that’s what they are claiming.


    Might be to being locked out. Try clearing your cookies.


    Weird. When I checked earlier today it said accepted & processing.. now WMR cannot find my information????


    I filed my taxes on on 1/19. Was accepted on 1/30. WMR says received and processing and the generic 21 day message. Was really hoping that they would do first come first serve this year as they claimed.


    I filed using H&R Block online on the night of January 29. I was accepted mid-morning on the 30th. Still processing.


    Good to know! I have tried the hotline all day and have not got an update. I have also made a fb page if anyone wants to chat there as this will get laggy as it gets closer to midnight…


    I think wrm is still down. How ever I talked to my uncle to used h&r block and was accepted 01/3 and he has a dd of 2/01!


    I thought I would call just because I have heard other people saying that they were able to get a different message with the IRS. It says “still processing.” I hate the waiting game. I am okay once I see a DD date even if its a month away… I just like to know. They have no money taking our money so why is it such a hassle to get our money back? Sounds stupid if you ask me!


    WMR not saying anything for me vbesidez my info I put is wrong wtf I think it did that to me last ye I got my refund b4 emergency said anything but only thing I get it ttyl says from now till the 20th


    I filed at 8:30 this morning and was accepted by 8:45. Hopefully I’ll get my refund on time this year. Last year mine didn’t come until June. It was a bad year.


    I just called the 1800 says wmr is down


    it would have only been my second time checking. i checked yesterday and then today.. i encountered this problem last year as well.


    You can still use the refund hotline if your locked out of WMR 1 (800) 829-1954


    did anyone else take the education credit??? If so, they are saying that our efiles will be delayed until the middle of Feb.!!! ugh!!! I efiled with TT and so far, nothing!!

    Anonymous have checked it too many times in 24 hours. I did the same thing,lol


    mine was accepted the 26th and processed the 30th and before i got the processing status but now they cant find our info? anybody else get that?


    I filed with local lady. She put it through on the 29th about 9pm said she got acceptance ealry on 30th. WMR website says processing. With the bar. I’m in nj will keep you guys posted. But from the looks of it, we probably see something Monday or Tuesday. Tomorrow dd prob be for the 28 and 29thers. We shall see.


    The WMR site said my return was “processing” yesterday Called the tax line and it said “refund was received and processing” . Today the WMR site says my return is “processing” but I don’t have the status bar. I called the IRS hotline and it says ” return is still being processed refund date will be issued when it becomes available”..what gives?


    Nothing for mine either. I assume it doesn’t matter which social you use.


    I just tried to order transcripts with m husbands social, said info not available yet. As I am the “primary tax payer” gonna try mine


    Filed 1/30, accepted 1/30. Since yesterday, have the status bar and the generic “processing your return with 21 day” message. Hopeful that’ll change soon. Was one of the ones who filed early last year and had my return hung up for days while they tweaked their system. State return also filed 1/30, accepted 1/30, processing. But that’s CA and usually don’t see any movement there until they actually send the $$. Good luck, everyone.


    Filed 1/29, got accepted on 1/30, bar still showing received , no approval or dd yet :)


    I meant to say 3 am on 1/31/13


    File with TT this am around 3 and this is the email I recieved…nothing else as of yet!! ugh!

    Your federal return is lined up for processing
    The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them – like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they’re ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours – no matter who prepares them.

    Next step: Keep watching your email
    We’ll send you another message when your return has either been accepted or rejected by the IRS.


    Filed on 1/29, accepted on 1/30, WMR (old version) has no information, hotline no information, curious why some have new WMR status bar and some don’t?


    Hoping to hear something on dd! Accepted yesterday at 8 pm. Filed on the 29th. Keep u guys posted!


    Well… I’m not sure when I was accepted I woke up to a email at 1:38am from HRB saying my return was accepted. I filed on the 29th, So i’m assuming it would be considered 1/30 However I checked WMR and it says received and I should receive it in 21 day. I hope I get a DD Tomorrow. :-) Keeping hOpe alive.


    Filed on 1/30 and mine still says nothing…..when i check WMR says hasnt been recieved. Seems like Im not a lucky one yet…. :(


    @Nisha: Thanks for the update! Gives us all hope!


    Hello All: It looks like the IRS is moving rather swiftly this year. I filed 1/30 at around noon and was accepted around 5:00 pm the same day. WMR status bar says “return received”…
    I think we may get deposits in about 7 days! *fingers crossed for all of us*


    Hi, I filed on the 28th. accepted the 30th. I have a DD of 2/4 on today.. Hope this helps someone!


    I am locked out of WMR lol What a shock! Happens to me every year, don’t think I’ll ever get back in as I keep checking every 15 mins.


    Well I’m glad I’m not the only one then. I was freaking out thinking something was wrong with my return. Just curious anyone tried to order transcripts yet? I couldn’t.


    Filed on the 24th. No special forms, just child tax credit and EIC. Accepted 1-30 @ about 1pm. WMR says “processing”


    Ok so obviously no DD’s for us 1/30’s. I don’t have this morning. Will check back later.


    Same here, Filed 1/29 and was accepted 1/30 WMR says the generic processing your return with 21 day message for me also. I have the status bar at the top. Just hoping it doesn’t take the full 21 days, but in past years it was always faster than the quoted time I was given, hopefully it’s the same case this year. Will update if I just so happen to get a DD


    I filed yesterday and was accepted a few hours later. No DD yet, have the IRS processing bar. Was told by TT it could take up to a week for my refund to be approved by the IRS and once it is I would have a DD date.


    Filed yesterday 1/30 with H&R Block at home. Got email this morning the return was accepted by the IRS. IRS website says processing.


    Wmr didn’t update for me over night.


    Filed and accepted 1/30. WMR shows processing with 21 day message. Hopefully I’ll see an update in the next day or two.


    I filed through HR BLOCK online and was accepted on 1/30. I checked the WMR and it says still processing but I do not have that status bar that so many people have when I check mine. Anyone have a clue why? I am hoping that since there is not a status bar that means that they have not updated the system today…


    Filed 1/12 with HRB Online. Accepted 1/30 at 10am CST. Still processing. UGH!!!! WTH?!


    Got a confirmation that my refund was accepted by IRS 1/30. Where’s my refund stats read: your federal return was accepted expect a refund within 21 days. Came back next day status reads -we are still processing your return. Then it gives me some reading literature on tax topic. I did not receive the newly implemented tax status bar either the second time.


    I was rejected this morning due to wrong PIN numbers… Lame! Anyone refilled and still stuck on processing. Will check in the a.m and keep y’all posted


    I got rejected on 1/29 just for my sons birth yr messed up but I got accepted 1/30 and Turbo tax gave me estimate date of return 2/20 but it says I could get it anytime from the 10th till the 20th (again that is turbo tax saying that)I’m hoping ASAP lol but hope this helps u guys


    I’m in the exact same boat.


    This is what my WMR looks like tonight. I will quit checking it after midnight my time (PST). :D

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