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    I know this may be jumping the gun as we were just accepted today. I have filed through H&R Block and do not have a DD as of yet.

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    Filed 1/28/13 through HRB. I had the fees taken out and dd into bank account. I was accepted 1/30/13. At first I had a bar showing processing but then the bar disappeared. Yesterday I was able to order transcripts but wmr said I could not be found all day. This morning I checked wmr and…. dd if 2/6!!! I hope this gives other people some hope



    I was accepted on the 30th and had been processing since then since yesterday..all day yesterday it said I couldnt be found but this morning I have two orange bars and I have a DD date of 2/6 :) I had a simple return through HRB online with EIC and child tax credit



    Just wanted to update people on the status of my refund. Filed 1/12 HRB online. Accepted 1/30
    WMR said processing all week. Ordered RETURN transcripts 2/1. WMR updated 2/2 to tell me the following: We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.
    Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then.

    I’m guessing it is a EIC and dependent review. I don’t know. I’m totally crushed though.



    WMR has updated



    was able to order my transcripts around 9 PM tonight central time was accepted 1/30 hang in there everyone!

    seems to be no rhyme or reason of processing order this year, i have no DD yet FYI



    Hello everyone! I’ve been following for a few days now.. rather anxious this year, as last year my return got caught up in a handful of different messes and it took a tax advocate and a few months before I saw any money!
    So, here is my story, and I promise to keep you updated as best as possible…

    Filed initially through TT on 1/24. Had form 8863. sat in processing, not rejected or accepted… decided to go elsewhere w/o 8863.
    Filed through HR (free edition) without 8863 on 1/30 around lunch time.. accepted about 3 hours later.
    I have been stuck on bar one, with generic 21 day processing msg ever since. Not able to order transcripts as of 2am(est) on 2/2.
    I have a simple return, 2 w2, 1099, child tax, and EIC..



    Hi All! I filed ( fees) on 01/27 and was accepted on 01/30. I have the first bar filled since 01/31.
    Tried to order transcripts at 5pm today and couldn’t so Im gonna wait till mornkng and try again. BTW the WMR updated to the first bar for me on 01/31 between 8pm and 11pm. So who knows exactly what time they update.
    Good Luck to all of us waiting!



    @jayj88 I have seen a lot of people with their fee’s paid, almost wish I would have paid to have taxes filed instead of filing for free :( I won’t know anything until WMR actually updates and gives me a DD or until it hits my account. Does SBBT have anything for you listed since you have had fees taken out?



    I acct 1/30 and b4 when I checked my ttyl site it allways said that my fees where still owed and when I checked earlier it said that they r paid but wmr still says processing I’m hoping my wmr just hasn’t updated for me yet. I have my $ dd into my sisters acct so mabe it already there I will find out tomorrow when I talk to her she sleeping now… this will b a rough night lol



    maybe some good news???? But he did state he had a DD of 2/4
    JO423 says:
    February 2, 2013 at 12:37 am

    i just wanted to say i have been following this blog the last couple days and i filed with hrb on 1/24 & i was accepted on 1/30.Well i just checked my bank account and my refund is there!!! i had it dd to my checking education credits.goodluck & happy refund



    Bummed because my daughters birthday is coming next week and I wanted to do something extra special for her. I hope it comes through.


    Mr awesome

    Ms. Joy : I too got the same email regarding the delay. I’m not positive, but it may be the 1098-t form I filed.



    Well, I’ve checked the phone hotline and tried to order transcripts. I filed and got accepted on the 30th. No other update since then. My refund is probably getting reviewed.



    forgot to mention i filed on the 24th and was accepted on the 30th



    i wasnt able to order my transcripts but i was able to 3 minutes ago does this mean they are done processing



    Filed 1/29 accepted 1/30 have been trying to order a transcript all day, an was finally able to about 5 minutes ago! Wasn’t able to an hour ago! Hopefully I have a DD date soon!



    My file was accepted on the 30th as well. WMR and 800 number still saying processing. I was able to order both of my 2012 transcripts today. Does this mean that I am about to change on the WMR or does it not mean anything? I see some people say that they were accepted on the 30th and will get a refund on 2/4 and 2/7. Is this really true?



    Mine not processed yet. Spoke with a very nice man, said that if you can print your return transcript your refund is up to be processed to you. Confirmed Where’s My Refund (WMR) & 800-number update nightly, including weekends :)


    Ms. Joy

    I used the TT and my education expense and got this immediately after submitting. Anyone else? :(
    mportant Information About Your Tax Return
    Your federal return is delayed
    The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them – like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they’re ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours – no matter who prepares them.

    Next step: Keep watching your email
    We’ll send you another message when your return has either been accepted or rejected by the IRS.



    ok so I was able to request both an account and the return (dont know what the difference is) so does that mean they are done processing it or does that me they are returning it to me?



    IRS web sit



    where do you order a transcript at?



    Glad to be back this year! Filed: 1/26 with HR Block on Emerald card Accepted: 1/30 Received: 1/31 Approved: 2/1 Where’s My Refund (WMR): Your tax refund is scheduled to be deposited to your bank on 2/5. Check bank if not received by 2/10



    Will my state refund beingreviewed effectmy federal refund



    Does anyone who was accepted 1/30 have a DD yet?



    Hope this helps… I filed on 1/28 and got email from Hrblock on 1/30 that the irs has got my tax return and is now processing. I been lockd out of wheresmyrefund since yesterday. few mins ago i got a text message saying the irs accepted my return. still locked out of wheresmyrefund. i ended up callin the automated number and it was fast not even a minute and they said i have a DD on 2/5.



    jaimie68005 I was wondering the same thing….

    Still nothing on my end…filed and accepted 1/30…not able to order transcripts yet (either one) and WMR still says processing.



    Awesome! Now whats the difference between a “return” and an “account” transcript?
    I ordered the “return” transcript sucessfully. I didn’t even try the account one.



    The ability to order transcripts implies that the return is done processing.



    Filed: Taxact

    Accepted 1/30

    So far “Processing” and not able to order transcripts :(



    What’s the point in ordering a transcript? What does it mean if I am able to order my transcipt?

    I filed 1/18, accepted through H&R block online 1/30 – WMR and irs hotline still says processing but I went and ordered a transcript for 2012 and it worked just fine and said it was successful. Does that mean my return was accepted? and it won’t mess or delay with my refund by ordering one hopefully!



    Accepted 1/30 stuck in processing can’t get transcripts am I screwed?



    I filed and was accepted on the 30th with HR. Called for update and still in processing with no DD yet.



    I also heard that a lot of 1/30er’s that are still in processing if you call the IRS they will give you a DD date of 2/6 even if WMR says still processing. I can’t personally vouch for this since I refuse to call them. But give some people a little hope :)



    I was able to request a transcript today! Hopefully it’s almost done! Still don’t have a DD date. WMR still says processing.



    I filed with HR Block on the 28th. My return was received by the irs on the 39th. I can’t get any information about my return as of right now.


    Heidi D

    I filed 1/26 got accepted 1/28 and got my dd 2/5 first thing this a.m. used TA had fees taken out and RB already has the acct set up to receive :)



    I was able to order transcript so what does that mean? WMR still saying “processing”



    I filed myself with hr block. I also filed free for my state WI.



    When did you guys file? Who did you use? If you don’t mind me asking, lol



    I just true to order a transcript and was successful. It said that would arrive in 5-10 business days. But the wmr still shows processing and confirmed with the phone automated system dd of 2-5


    Heidi D

    For those of you stressed that you cant get info on wmr….that is actually a good thing. It did that to me yesturday and today I have a dd of 2/5. So breath easy and look on the bright side!!!



    I can order my return transcripts for this year and also the account transcripts. I am hoping that is a good sign. The WMR site tells me I am still processing and so does the 800 number. I was hoping to get good news when I logged on this morning. I called the IRS and was told that there is no way anyone has a DD yet because they just opened on the 30th. She also completely refused to look up my information for me because it takes three weeks to process. I was hoping she could give me some kind of information and the only thing she told me was that Thursdays are when WMR and the 800 line update.




    Here is the link for transcripts.



    Josh can you order a transcript?



    Filed on 1/29/13
    Accepted on 1/30/13
    WMR still has the processing screen up.
    Ordered my transcripts today and was able to do that but still no DD date.
    Will get paid DD through SBBT so I’ll keep everyone posted. I’m hoping I get DD on Monday or Tuesday. But since I’m in Ohio and SBBT is in California I’m guessing the time difference may delay me a day :(



    I filed 1/20 got accepted 1/30. Checked this morning on wmr and it said processing. Called the 800 number and said dd of 2-5. We will see if it comes in then!



    I’m getting so peeved off! I filed on 1/12 and was accepted 1/30 and all I am getting is the processing status! No status bar or anything! I AM SO MAD! UGHHHHH



    @Sctt-same scenario here, dates and all lol.

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