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    I know this may be jumping the gun as we were just accepted today. I have filed through H&R Block and do not have a DD as of yet.

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    filed 1/30 accepted 1/31 ordered transcript 2/2 dd 2/7



    Filed 1/30. Accepted 1/30. Just got DD of 2/7!!!!!



    Filed 1/30. Accepted 1/30.
    Was able to print out both on Transcripts 2/1. (Yes, the Transcript Theory is True). Did much research on it.
    Where’s My Refund (WMR) updated with a DD on 2/3 sometime after midnight.
    DD Sched for 2/7.

    After lurking on this site and investigating others, I realized that this is the pattern if you just have a simple return. (No 8863, offsets, reviews, audits, or other delayed forms.)

    So this should help others to stay strong and hang in there. This is the pattern.

    B Blessed Every1!



    @RLP I think my husband is using our refund for divorce lol j/k he’s so tired of this staying up until 3 am PST and watching this site whenever awake



    Does anyone have the its app?



    Hello all,

    Wanted to give some of my input also, as I have been checking the IRS website daily for any updates regarding my DD. I filed through TurboTax on 1/29 , accepted 1/30 , checked the IRS refund status and it is shown as approved , DD is scheduled to be sent 2/7 !

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :)



    Haha, thanks! My husband is relieved that now I might stop hemming and hawing over our refund… I have to admit, I was a bit anxious considering we had somewhat of a complex return but am happy to know we’re in the clear.



    Looks like the WMR site has also been updated for those of you night owls anxious to know if your refund was approved. ‘Night. :)



    @RLP congrats! Hope I’m one that just gets it in my account without it updating :D



    Just checked the status of my return via IRS2GO app. Filed 1/29, accepted 1/30, DD of 2/7.


    @kristinar Use this link to see when the system is down. Down until 2/3/13 at 11 am (Sunday) EST



    I filed on the 21st with HRB the free online one. My friend filed with one she found online (not sure of the name) on the 24th. She has a DD date of the 5th and mine still says processing.



    Everytime I log on its down so I always have to call the 800 number



    look like WMR and 800# are down :(



    @mel .
    Nope not yet hopefully we get dd dates monday



    Anyone hear anything yet?



    jazzy…I think it all depends what order you are in..I filed Jan 14th but it sat waiting on the H&R bank server until the 30th then was sent in. A lot of ppl did it early and it sat until the IRS started accepting them.
    Marsha, from what I have seen ppl are getting a deposit every day of the week, also if they “can’t find you ” on the WMR site it is because you have checked more then three times in a 24 hour period, so you have been locked out. You can still call the 800#. WMR does not update on Sundays just an FYI.



    Same here filed on 1/29 accepted by irs1/30 but wmr says still processing also other ppl that filed the same day asbme has already got there dd date. Does anyone know whats going on?????



    Marsha, WMR is WAY off this year. They probably did that on purpose for people like me who like to know exacts. So don’t worry! Also, last year I got my refund on a wednesday :)



    Since when does the IRS do DD’s in the middle of the week i am really curious to see if that really happens.. mine is now saying that they cant find me.. why does this happen? Getting upset accepted 1/30/2013 with no updates!



    IRS accepted return on 01/30..update this morning DD of 2/6..EIC and self employed..from what I have seen it takes 3-4 days for the WMR to update for most..Six days from accept to deposit. I would say IRS is rocking it this year!



    I don’t see a feasible connection between ordering transcripts and having your return pulled forand you’re ri review. I think a lot of folks buying into this don’t realize that the combination of filing status, credits and deductions claimed are enough to draw attention to your return. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of those returns were claiming the EIC or CTC… both of which are notorious for being abused.

    And you’re right about it feeling like an entirely, particularly to those anxious to have money on hand for whatever reason. Here’s hoping for a status update by Monday.



    I filed on 1/30 with HRB Online, I was accepted later that day early am on 1/31 wmr updated to say my return was being processed and early am on 2/1 it has updated to my refund is being processed on the IRS2go, it has been a hit and miss with the wmr website sometimes it will not find my info but the hotline has the same info as the app.


    Ms Black

    @RLP..I wouldn’t worry, were only 2 business days into the “actual opening of the tax season”. A lot of people who were filing the 1st or 2nd week of Jan have been waiting yes, but knowing that the processing didnt start til 1/30. So it seems like ages which is why it sucks when we read post from people who say filed 1/23 accepted and now it 2/2 and they don’t have we assume its a’s not really. And ordering a tax transcript shouldn’t affect or delay the processing of your return, an transcript is complied of papers that has all of the money that your were paid from your employer or other entity that can be taxed for the previous year, that info is set in stone, it has nothing to due with the return that you submit for a refund.



    Ms. Black, my thoughts exactly! I keep reading that “a lot” of people are being pulled for review after requesting transcripts, but I have also read instances of people still receiving their refund after the fact, and even one occasion on which a poster was told by an IRS rep that if they were able to order transcripts it meant their return had been processed. What would make them so suspicious they’d decide to revisit it?



    I filed the 25, accepted on the 29th. Still processing no dd!! Hr block free online edition.


    Ms Black

    I wonder how or why would it be considered suspicious if someone is pulling “there own” tax transcript info..I know people who have had to order this info due to being a student for financial aid verification. Which is not uncommon. So I’m not sure where that info is being dished out. I’m just like everyone else here I would like my refund as soon as possible, but logically thinking I filed and it was accepted on 1/30, meaning they didn’t probably get to it to process until 1/31 and it’s 2/2. I’m sure I’ll have it by next Friday 2/8 the normal 10 day IRS turnaround.



    Shawn, could you provide a link to that forum post?



    Filed: 01/29 Through TT
    2dependants, EIC, and Child Tax Credit.
    So hopefully we hear something Monday right?



    Same here. Still nothing=(



    Yeah, I just read on another forum from someone who “claims” that they work for the IRS and gave specific details related to pulling transcripts and delaying your return. He said is is considered suspicious behavior to pull a transcript before your return is complete.



    filed the 21st accepted the 30th. The first day I had a status bar now I have none and WMR and the hotline both say my return is still being processed and I will get a date when one is available. I tried all day yesterday to order transcripts and I couldn’t but I finally could this morning. Now I am nervous because it seems alot of people being pulled for reviews after ordering transcripts.



    I filed on the 29th but was accepted just before midnight on the 30th. I have no date yet. I did however had a orange bar that said my refund was being processed but when I logged in this morning it says info cannot be given at this time. And when I tried to order transscripts it say im entering the wrong info. I kinda flipping out here. I called the IRS hotline…they are closed on the weekends so I guess i have to just wait and see. I think we all are looking for a sy of relief here.



    Filed with Taxact on 1/30/13. Accepted 1/30/13. Still processing as of 2/2/13. Cannot order transcript over the phone or online. Anxiety!!!



    Filed and accepted 1/30. WMR gives standard one liner but I was able to order a transcript today. Sched C, EIC. No DD date on IRS2go either. Some posts say that an IRS rep was able to give a dd date once transcripts were available, but they are closed on the weekend so won’t know.



    @Wendy, enter your address with no commas or periods. This happened to me
    & it worked when I entered “ave” without the period.



    Filed thru taxact 1/29…accepted 1/30, never received a dd, webiste & app & 800# all say processing, currently locked out of website i guess, app says amt.deposited/sent with my refund amt but no ref # beneath it, was able to oFarrder transcripts last night but not online i had to call…wut do u guys think is goin on with mine and has anyone accepted 1/30 received a dd??



    I was trying to do it so I would have our transcripts on file. Boo on them. I might call Monday and see what the issue is.



    I had the same issue Wendy, now I’m paranoid about even doing it lol…thinking my best bet is to grin and bare it till Monday and check sbbt to see if they got their cut then I’ll know it’s soon on its way to me lol



    Used TT W/ Child Credit and EIC. Filed: 1/29 – Accepted: 1/30

    As of now WMR still shows “processing” and I can’t get my transcript.

    I usually get delayed for one reason or another so I am expecting the same this year. However, people seem to be getting their returns pretty quick this year so there is hope.

    Will update when I get more info.



    Everytime I try to order our transcript it says my address is not correct. I put it in exactly how it shows on our taxes.



    I wasn’t able to order last night but was able to this morning. No update on wmr yet. Hoping to see something soon. Last year I filed early, accepted on jan 17 (tues) and had dd on the 24th (the next tues). Crossing my fingers I have it by next week. Btw, I use a credit union which tends to deposit earlier than traditional banks.



    I didn’t use sbbt I from mass. The wmr site is saying no info now b4 itsaid within 21 days but the irs2 go apparently says my refund sent and direct deposited I gotta get ahold of my sis and see if $ if there anyone ha e this happenw



    I was just able to order my transcripts late last night (2am eastern time) so I’m hoping to be in the next group of DD on 2/7. Wishful thinking.



    Was just curious to know what time of day you received your accepted that have dd dates? I submitted (through TT) at 4:30PM on the 30th and was accepted around 8:00PM.
    was able to order a transcript last night, but WMR still shows processing.



    I filed 1/29 with taxact. Got approval on 1/30 at 9:20 pm. Wmr isn’t showing any info says they can’t find it. Called 800 number have the same 21 day time frame. I was able to order return transcript last night. Praying I’ll get a deposit this coming week!



    I filed on 1/29, accepted on 1/30 and still processing…I used TT, no new info on WMR or the hotline and sbbt has not gotten anything either. I was ,really hoping I’d be in the wave that got some new info this am but no luck :(



    Filed 1/29 in office with HRB, Accepted by IRS 1/30, Able to order transcript 2/1
    WMR currently says “entered wrong info”
    800# currently says dd date 2/5
    Funds going to EC



    Maybe this means ours will show approved and a date by tonight.



    Hi all:

    I just got an update on deposit set for 2/6. They are moving. I ordered my transcript 2/1 and wand was processing. Be patient they are coming

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