ACCEPTED 1/19 This is for us……

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    Hello all. This is the forum for all who were accepted 1/19/16 so we can update each other on our progress.

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    Hi guys,

    I filed using TT on 1/18/2016
    Got Accepted on 1/19/2016
    Tax Topic 152 WMR 1 bar

    Last year I filed and was accepted on 1/23 and got a DDD on 2/4



    Filed 1/15 TT
    Accepted 1/19
    SBBT DDD of 2/9
    Tax topic 152
    1 bar on WMR



    Filed 1/19 5:23 PM EST
    Accepted 1/19 5:49 PM EST
    TurboTax Free Edition

    So far still 1 bar on wmr with tax topic 152. I tried to see if I could get my transcripts mailed, but it said they were not available for 2015. I am hoping we see movement on wmr tonight with ddd for 1/29. I’m basing this on what happened last year. Last year I filed and was accepted on 1/22 and my refund hit my bank 1/30. I’m really hoping it works out as quickly this year. Good Luck All!



    5,159 accepted 1/19
    sbbt says 2/9



    I submitted via tax act on Jan 15th and was accepted on Jan 15th… Still showing accepted as of Jan 22nd but hopefully I get direct deposit for Jan 29th if I’m super lucky.


    Lady Rider

    Filed TT 1/18/16
    Accepted by IRS 1/19/16
    1 bar WMR Tax topic 152

    This is the earliest I have ever filed. Hoping to see that ddp soon



    Filed TT 1/18. Accepted 1/19. One Bar. Topic 152. Hopeful for 1/26 (that’s my guess :-) )



    I filed using TT on 1/19, accepted a few hours later. 1 bar WMR.
    Last year I filed, also using TT on 1/22 and received my refund on 2/1.
    Hopefully it will follow the same course as last year.



    Filed with Taxact on 01/19 around 8am.
    Accepted on 01/19 around 11am.
    WMR updated to 1 bar sometime later on 01/19.
    Thinking it will not update again until Wed. 01/27


    Ree O.

    I was really hoping this year would be smooth….silly me. I filed on the 19th, accepted on the 19th. Finally had my 1 bar on WMR (normally never happens0, AND now this morning…..shocker, NO BAR. SIgh, another year I will not get my return until May :( They make me sick. Anyone else play this little game year after year?!



    2016 Filed mid-day on the 18th, accepted morning of the 19th, one bar on WMR. Hope this year goes better than last year for me!
    2015 filed early 01/08, not accepted til 01/31, then had ddd of 02/13.



    so I filed in 1/19 and got accepted same day only problem was that wmr was not pulling up my information and I started worrying(I had a horrible experience last year with refund) so I called TT and they assured me that irs did accept my return I checked my irs app today and now I show one bar thank God. I don’t know if TT was holding up something or it was just a coincidence



    I filed on 1/19 @ 5:25pm and was accepted on 1/19 @ 5:29pm 1 bar on WMR. I filed using tax act. I tried to look at my status a few minutes ago on the WMR site and App both are saying “unavailable try again later” so fingers crossed they are updating the site and we can get some approval status!!! Hopefully we will be able to see some changes later today



    Filed:1/19 12:00pm
    Accepted:1/19 12:29pm
    State: filed 1/19
    Accepted:1/19 11:30pm

    Wmr updated immediately to one bar & still at 1bar , ddd no later than 2/9. It’s pretty much the same for me every year…



    I use Netspend. Last year my DDD was 1/30 and I got it it at 4:30 on 1/29



    sbbt says 2/4 deposit for me



    Filed : 1/19
    Accepted :1/20 after 12:30 cst WMR- undated immediately with one bar and generic message
    Filed : used TT
    SBBT- updated this morning with account set up info

    now we wait… lol


    Jen mc

    Sbbt is if u pay the fees out of refund…irs sends to sbbt and they send 2 us



    I sent my return on 1/19 via HRBlock – was accepted by the IRS after lunch today. No other update as of now



    Filed @1PM on TT.
    Accepted @4PM for federal
    Accepted @ 11pm for state
    Wmr is on one bar and they gave me the generic dates.



    I filed with Taxact on 1/19 accepted on 1/19 one bar on WMR state also processing



    Filed 1/19, accepted 1/19, not approved yet and only one bar on WMR. SBBT shows no information yet.



    I filed through TT on the 18th and was accepted on the 19th. WMR updated immediately. I also use Netspend for my returns since it’s a day or 2 sooner to see your refund.
    TT says between January 20 and Feb 9 we should expect our refund. I hope this is right! Good luck everybody.

    Anyone else here use NETSPEND?



    Santa Barbara Bank and Trust which is the bank that TurboTax uses



    My prediction is the system will update Wednesday morning 1/27. Let’s hope I’m right



    I filed on 1/19 with H&R Block, I was accepted today 1/21



    Hey, Jen MC

    What does Sbbt stand for? I don’t think I have seen that before.


    Andre Black

    Filed on the 16th. Accepted on the 19th around 10am. Still on one bar. Good luck to all!!



    I filed on the 1/19 and was accepted on 1/19. 1 bar on WMR.



    I filed on the 17th. I was accepted on the 19th. Just accepted, not approved yet.


    Jen mc

    filed 1/14/2016
    Accepted 1/19
    Only one bar
    Sbbt says by 2/9



    I was accepted on 1/19 and have 1 bar, not approved as of yet.

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The forum ‘2016 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.