ACCEPTED 1/19 This is for us……

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    Hello all. This is the forum for all who were accepted 1/19/16 so we can update each other on our progress.

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    So I filed 1/19 showed excepted same day. Just got off phone with irs because my bars and taxtopic went missing over the weekend. It said still processing.

    She said I wasn’t really accepted till the 21st.
    That my return is now on a hold could take an additional 6-8 weeks. She said it is because last year my identity was used to file, and yes it was. That they are taking additional steps to verify. What those are I do not know. She said I may or may not get something in the mail.

    Hope that helps some.



    What is sbbt?


    .P.S. My bars disappeared Saturday and Tax Topic 152/Ad Date … appeared.

    PERSISTENCE CALL CALL CALL Call an advocate call direct if you are completing a FASFA for school next fall and need your finalized return CALL

    Squeaky wheel……


    Hi everyone we are in a fine mess huh… So much for a jump start & not being evicted…
    I know 2 bits of intel from researching like a librarian and after one HORRIBLE experience that sent me to a supervisor and then BACK to the HORRIBLE creature who HUNG UP ON MY ^&^ and then over to the 1040# and a VERY KIND MAN…get the pic what a nightmare yesterday, DAY 20 ,was…

    IF YOU HAVE EDUCATION CREDITS (American Opportunity) or EARNED INCOME CREDIT your return MAY be delayed one week or two… The DOJ has SERIOUS eyes on these two credits as the SCAMMERS evidently exploit these items.

    The other situation that I THINK may have occurred is that I submitted on 1/14. I thought it strange that the ACCEPT did not come till 1/19 but I got it so just moved on….well after 3 calls to Turbo Tax I was informed that on 1/14 the “SYSTEM” rejected the return(s)? and I believe in addition to Education Credits I was Resequenced because of the REJECT and I am now 1-2 weeks out….




    Thank you. SBBT showed ach done on 2/9. Hopefully my bank gets it soon!



    @kristie Im in the same boat, at first sbbt only said ACH deposit then it showed the routing and account number. My bank still has not recieved it but it could take a few hours. By 3pm you should see it.



    SBBT shows they transferred my money today 2/9 to my bank. but my bank doesn’t show it and I called them and they said there is nothing pending.

    Anyone else in the same situation?? Im worried. :(



    So my ddd is 2/10
    I’ve check Republic State Bank and Santa Barbara and neither of them recognize my information what do you guys think????



    filed 1/14 via tt
    accepted 1/19
    ordered transcripts 2/5
    only one bar on wmr until 2/6
    bars all disappeared on 2/7
    morning of 2/8 refund approved saying I would receive it on 2/10 in my bank account
    sbbt received the money and transferred to my bank today but it has not hit my bank account yet.

    fingers still crossed and wont be able to breathe until its in my account.



    Why’s everyone freaking out, we have DD dates of 2/10. Mines never earlier than the date the WMR tool gives me and its usually that afternoon, yes this year took almost two week longer than the last 10 years I’ve used TT. I saw netspend card holders got theres early but it was advertised that way, they’re probably gov’t cards used for spying ;)



    Earlier sbtg said to call the irs because it was past 2/9. Now i checked and they have taken their fees. Im guessing we all wont see it till this evening. I saw a chart on turbo tax thats says if sbtg takes the money before 8:00 pm they send it to your card same day if they send it after 8:00 pm they send it next business day. They run on cst so us east coasters wait a little longer. However after they do either its up to your bank to release the funds to you. From the reviews im seeing with account now when it comes to tax refunds they might freeze my account because in getting a large amount. I have a three month old daughter and i hope they dont. I have had enough already with this tax season i want my money and i want this over with.



    Waited for like an hour to be transferred to someone else put on hold for over 20 minutes for the lady to tell me they don’t know whats wrong it’ll be 6-8 weeks.



    I filed 1/17 using turbotax was accepted 1/19 lost bars on 2/7 called tax advocate line today and found out I was pulled for a review on 1/29 and that it would be 6-8 weeks and if there are no issues I should have my return by March 25th!! I am pissed same return every year



    I spoke with a very nice man at the IRS today too. It does however appear that their new stall technique is to tell you that they need to verify your identity now that we are past 21 days. I got no letter had no code on where is my refund other than the generic “152” (direct deposit) and suddenly they need to verify my identity.

    Please keep in mind I have worked at the same job 17 years. I have lived at the same house 17 years. I have filed the same dependents for 13 years and I am getting almost to the dollar the exact refund I got last year.

    I have seen other people post about this so i don’t know if they really needed my ID or if they just wanted to use that as the reason for the delay.



    After waiting on hold for an hour and half….I just spoke to a super nice IRS lady.
    I filed and was accepted 1/19, via TT…..she so politely informed me that TT was inaccurate, and they didn’t accept my return until 1/21!!!!
    WTH TT??!!
    The lady apologized profusely that she couldn’t look up anything else on my status, but asked that I call back 2/11 so that it COULD be accessed if my WMR doesn’t update…..
    Fyi, no bars, no movement in WMR since 1/27.



    1/15 filed HRB
    1/19 accepted
    No WMR bars, no tax topic, no return transcripts

    I just spoke to a very nice lady over at the IRS.

    She told me she couldn’t see exactly why, but it’s just taking a while to process. She told me it could be 6-8 weeks from Feb 1st (no idea where that date came from) but that it could always be sooner. She advised me to keep checking WMR and if I had not seen my deposit by March 28th-29th, to call back. *sigh*

    First time this has happened to me.



    So I spoke to someone at the IRS actually two people this morning about the status of my refund and the first one told me I needed to call another 1-800 number to speak to the ID check people to answer a few questions.. well apparently she gave me the wrong number because that lady told me NO I do not need to answer anything about my ID I need to wait until my EMPLOYER verifies my wages so I can get paid and that they have yet to do so. However she did not give me any number for my employer to call to verify so this sounds like the run around to me! Did anyone else get this kind of push back? I guess I will wait until tomorrow and call again. This is BS.

    Info so you know

    Filed 1/18 through Tax Slayer
    Accepted 1/19 before noon
    No DDD and lost status bars on Saturday with tax topic 152.
    I do have to pay penalty for no health insurance but that hasn’t changed from last year… I do not understand!



    Still nothing for me. I got a DD of 2/10 but sbbtpg says we have not received any money from the irs and your date of 2/9 has passed. This sucks so bad. I lost my job 2 weeks ago and was really counting on this as I am a single income home and have 3 kids. Why is this happening to me now of all times




    SBBT has updated this morning!!

    Filed through TT with fees taken out
    2/10 DD
    SBBT transferred ACH to my bank account sometime between 5:00 and 7:00 CST this morning.
    The rest is up to my bank!
    This has been the most stressful refund cycle EVER. 10 years or better of filing my own taxes and never has it taken this long.

    Good luck to all of you! Hopefully SBBT has updated for everyone today.




    FILED 1/15
    ACCEPTED 1/19
    Could finally order TRANSX 2/3
    DDD set on 2/4 for deposit BEFORE 2/10




    Sbtpg just updated! They took my fees out already. They are sending it to my bank 2/9 with a DDD of 2/10. So maybe I’ll get it later today or midnight tonight.

    Just checked them 30 mins ago and it was not there. NOW IT’S UPDATED! Go check yours out.


    Bank: usaa
    Turbotax: deluxe with fees taken out



    DDD of 2/10, still no deposit, still on 2 bars….I’m so over this year. This has been such a joke. I filed with taxslayer and I was having them take the fees out of my return. But the fact that they haven’t even sent it, makes me furious! Ugh!



    I still havent got my dd yet either.No pending deposits. I had tt take out fees so i might not get it today. I’d like to but, its only one day. However deposits can come in at multiple times during the day. So its just a waiting game at this point. I also have account now and i read they steal peoples tax refunds. I had them for almost two years for my job dd. So i hope they dont screw me over. Im done with taxes.



    Getting annoyed its 5am and still no direct deposit but most of you already got yours early. Dont get me wrong im thankful to have a DDD but im so over this tax season I just wanr my refund and i want to put this tax season behind me!! Any chance it could deposit later today?



    Anyone that received a DD on 2/8 did you buy the deluxe TT and if so did you take the money to pay for it out of your refund? If not, that’s good and still gives me hope for 2/9 since it has to transfer to another bank on 2/8 to remove the money to pay for Deluxe TT then should get a DD on 2/9…I hope.



    Ironically I have been locked out of WMR. I checked only once today. lol



    Nothing is wrong with the majority who flied on 1/19. The IRS messed up and wont admit what really happened.

    Just in case anyone is planning on calling tomorrow, you are going to get the following answers:

    A. Your refund has been approved, we cant give any more information.

    B. Your return was selected for additional review and this can delay it up to a week, which has pushed back your 21 days to 28. Please call on the 16th for more information.

    Good luck!




    Accepted 1/19. got my second bar 2 days ago and said DD date 2/10. so frustrating, i filed on the first day they get accepted and literally everyone I know that filed a week or more after me has their money by now. is something wrong with the returns of people who filed on the 19th?



    Our daughter filed with TurboTax on 1-22-16 and she also got her direct deposit today on netspend card and was not scheduled for DD until 2-10-16.



    DDD 2-10-16. Filed through TurboTax and got the money on a Net Spend card today on 2-8-16 by direct deposit. Good Luck EVERYONE!!! Until next year!!!



    I have b of a still waiting on my dd scheduled for the 10th. I’m soooooooooo impatient this tax season just won’t end, hopefully tomorrow I get it but it’s not due till Wednesday so whatever I guess! Good luck everyone :)



    patiently waiting for my direct deposit after two weeks of stressing…



    Filed 1/14/16
    Accepted 1/19/16
    Ordered return transcript 2/5/16
    Received DDD 2/10/16 on 2/6/16

    I see many people got their deposit early with DDD of 2/10 on their NetSpend cards. Hopefully those of us who chose direct deposit get ours early too!



    @me again: Yeah, it can take longer for them to mail a check. I don’t think it would be 3 weeks. They probably just say that to cover their butts. I would expect it within a week from 2/10


    me again

    So what if u didn’t get direct deposit? I was approved 2/6/16 and they said I’d receive it by 2/10 but the tax place I filed at said it might take 3/more weeks is that true or does anyone know



    I live in Louisiana and i got my DDD for the 10th
    I never got my DD yet and I’m reading that mostly everyone
    got theirs Sunday and Today

    I wonder if mines will post early also, It posted on the 4th last year
    and my DDD was for the 12th.

    I’m using Netspend just like last year.



    Filed 1/18. Accepted 1/19. 2 bars on 2/6. DDD was 2/10…$$$Money received 2/7/2016. So 20 days from filing.



    The Right to Quality Service
    Taxpayers have the right to receive prompt, courteous, and professional assistance in their dealings with the IRS, to be spoken to in a way they can easily understand, to receive clear and easily understandable communications from the IRS, and to speak to a supervisor about inadequate service.

    Tax Payer Bill of Rights…..



    Now the IRS will not even let you hold to talk to someone. It simply says call volume is to high and hangs up. Nice really nice.


    DebbieT in Oregon

    @sara and others. As I stated in one of my earlier posts, most credit unions and a very few banks will release your direct deposits as soon as they get them. Fortunately, I am a member of one of those credit unions. My direct deposit hit this morning and my cu deposited it to my account at 8am. Funny, though, that WMR doesn’t show the last bar saying my refund was sent. So, some of you, if you don’t have eAlerts for direct deposits, might want to check your bank account balances instead of relying on WMR.



    Asked by jrstars ProSeries Professional 2015, United States 3 days ago
    why are returns transmitted on the 20th of january 2015 not being processed?

    Return was transmitted and accepted by the IRS on the 20th of january, 2015. The Where’s my Refund says it was accepted but still has not been processed. What is the hold up? Any ideas?

    I have transmitted a dozen other returns starting on the 25th of january and they have already received their refunds.


    POS …In 1/2 the time it took the NO CUSTOMER SERVICE GOVT MAN to tell me all about IRS.GOV LAME web site & TOMORROW NOT TODAY, even though TT FAILED to tell me returns submitted on 1/14 were rejected once and resubmitted, is day 21

    he could have looked it up told me (what I already know I am sure…) I could have gone out for cigarettes and a drink, smoked one w/ my drink and been back on the phone…WOW


    “SCREW YOU” THE MOTTO OF THE CURRENT UNITED STATES GOVT….It doesn’t matter what was said about your refund because you don’t matter…I mean, what recourse does a TAX PAYER REALLY HAVE?

    Look up American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE Union…SUPER PAC)




    Same boat Joel…WTF!

    1/15 filed
    1/19 accepted
    No return transcripts
    No bars
    No info…



    I have a DDD of 2/10 and i called my bank (Regions) and they have the refund but i was told it won’t be credited to my account until the 10th. I hope that helps.



    Filed 1/16
    Accepted 1/17
    Prepared via TT

    Had 1 Bar until yesterday they disappeared completely.
    Tax Topic 152 still present.

    This has been grueling, I’m never filing early again.



    Just a little advice for you guys in the future. Always have the $$ loaded onto a netspend card (you get it way before the actual refund date) and then do a cash advance at your own bank and deposit into your actual bank account.



    I’m still at 2 bars. So there is still hope for the people who have not had a direct deposit today with a DDD of 2/10 on WMR. I have netspend and it was deposited on 2/7 @9:44pm.



    1/15 filed
    1/19 accepted
    No transcripts
    No DDD
    No info on WMR
    Over it!



    Thank you @bridechaotica…also those that have received there money did your wmr go all the way to the 3rd bar

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