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    Ok here is a place to combine info and compare info on filing with form 8863…Here is the Irs Offical Info.

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    IRS form that 1040 filers can begin filing in mid-February

    Taxpayers using this form can begin filing their tax returns in mid-February after the IRS updates its processing systems.

    Form 8863 Education Credits

    List of IRS forms that 1040 filers can begin filing in late February or into March 2013

    The following tax forms will be accepted by the IRS in late February or into March after updating forms and completing programming and testing of its processing systems. A specific date will be announced in the near future.

    Form 3800 General Business Credit
    Form 4136 Credit for Federal Tax Paid on Fuels
    Form 4562 Depreciation and Amortization (Including Information on Listed Property)
    Form 5074 Allocation of Individual Income Tax to Guam or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
    Form 5471 Information Return of U.S. Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations
    Form 5695 Residential Energy Credits
    Form 5735 American Samoa Economic Development Credit
    Form 5884 Work Opportunity Credit
    Form 6478 Credit for Alcohol Used as Fuel
    Form 6765 Credit for Increasing Research Activities
    Form 8396 Mortgage Interest Credit
    Form 8582 Passive Activity Loss Limitations
    Form 8820 Orphan Drug Credit
    Form 8834 Qualified Plug-in Electric and Electric Vehicle Credit
    Form 8839 Qualified Adoption Expenses
    Form 8844 Empowerment Zone and Renewal Community Employment Credit
    Form 8845 Indian Employment Credit
    Form 8859 District of Columbia First-Time Homebuyer Credit
    Form 8864 Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Fuels Credit
    Form 8874 New Markets Credits
    Form 8900 Qualified Railroad Track Maintenance Credit
    Form 8903 Domestic Production Activities Deduction
    Form 8908 Energy Efficient Home Credit
    Form 8909 Energy Efficient Appliance Credit
    Form 8910 Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit
    Form 8911 Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit
    Form 8912 Credit to Holders of Tax Credit Bonds
    Form 8923 Mine Rescue Team Training Credit
    Form 8932 Credit for Employer Differential Wage Payments
    Form 8936 Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit


    Please add any additional info and compare info on this subject but please provide a link to where your info is coming from, fact checking is a big part of the puzzle:)

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    Food For Thought?? Something I posted on FB, “I Got My Refund Page.” Comments????

    I am a fellow 8863’r. I filed with turbo tax on the 21rst, and was accepted on the 25th. I finally broke down and called the IRS myself today. The lady I had was extremely cordial. However, she mentioned that tax returns that include 8863 might not be processed until LATE FEBRUARY OR EARLY MARCH. I wanted to cry. I know that all the reps from the IRS are giving us all different stories, but just wanted to share mine!

    I wanted to add one more thing…Like many of you, I decided to file as soon as I received my tax information. Largely I did this because Turbo Tax reassured me that by filing early, I would be the, “first in line to get my refund faster.” When speaking to the IRS rep, I told her that had I known about the 8863 form delay, I would have opted to leave it out since it did not effect my refund by a huge amount. This IRS lady told me that they informed ALL TAX PREPARERS about allowing customers to file early because of the end of the year fiasco. As you all recall, the form was delayed on the 28th. Had I waited until the 30th, opening day, I would not be in this mess. She specifically told me that all of the “big name” tax preparation companies were informed of this. So, I, myself, hold Turbo Tax partly responsible. Last year, I remember that a number of early filers were delayed as well. This will not happen again next year. I will wait until a day or two after opening. Even if it means I wait a week, its certainly better than waiting for a month and a half.

    And just one more final thought….A number of people have commented that it is common knowledge for the IRS to, “accept a few returns early to test their software.” When I filed our taxes, I was told by turbo tax that OUR refund would be submitted to the IRS on the 30th, the first day the IRS was starting to accept refunds. Never in any fine print did I notice anything about authorizing them to submit my return early in order to be a, “test subject.” Again, the news of the 8863 was announced on the 28th. Had TT waited until the 30th to submit our returns, I could have possibly called them and perhaps did something about omitting that form. It was my understanding that even though I filed on the 21rst, my return would be HELD by TT until the IRS began accepting returns. I don’t know about you all, but I think of tax time as my Christmas! I patiently count down the days until tax time as it is the one time of year I am able to splurge on something nice for our family. I would not have CHOSEN to roll the dice basically and be a test subject, especially knowing about the financial cliff crap at the end of the year.

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    I know I was accepted on Jan 26th and I am still stuck with one bar on the wmr site. Does anyone still get that red box on SBBT when you login? Any new news would be appreciated.

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    I am so tired of waiting for no news, please someone post some good news today

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    Anyone get any updates ? So frustrated. Every year they have issues and have to hold returns up for one reason or another. How about getting all your ducks in a row and having everything good to go by January 15th every year. If congress makes changes, they should have to wait until the following year.. good or bad.

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    IRS Calls from Feb 4, 2013:

    IRS Agent name: Dennis Ragen (call 1)
    badge number: 2627475
    Aren’t processing until mid Feb. Don’t need to take addition action at this time. Wouldn’t give any information about return at all.

    IRS Agent Name: Mrs. Rickman (call 2)
    Badge #: 0584322
    Told them I wanted to confirm banking information.
    Accepted 1/24:
    Normal processing time is 3 weeks. If nothing, has to adhere to that time frame. *bunch of bull*
    Do have return, is being processed, refund is $1707.
    What they have on the 8863 issues: if the IRS received before Jan 27, will hold until mid Feb. even though they are “processing” they aren’t really processing. Apparently any dates given (2/7, 2/11 or 2/15) weren’t given by her, and as such, she can’t answer why they are being given out.

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    Did they explain projected date to you? The lady I spoke to last week that told me projected date could not tell me if that’s when it will start processing, finish processing or DD.

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    Club 8863
    2 minutes ago
    I just got off the phone with the IRS and they stated I have a projected date of the 11th for a refund. Lets see how true that is, hope so. If you call the IRS do not tell them that you filed the 8863. And when they ask you to chek online, tell them you cant get on, and they will review your file and let you know what is your projected date. Good Luck everyone!
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    Nope not for me

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    Any good news this morning?

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    I received my state dd yesterday…. Just waitin on my federal … Hoping its sooner rather than later!!!

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    I was accepted on 1/25 with form 8863. My State return finished final processing stage on 1/31. It says my State will be mailed on or before 2/14, so I am thinking our Federal returns with 8863 form will arrive right around 2/11.

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    @CHRISTIE yeah It looks like they are staying from the back and working up. Also from what I noticed in the main forum, SNAPS said her friend that’s a rep or something says the early accepted 8863ers (ones th3at didn’t get rejected) should receive something within the next 7 days. When you scroll up in this forum, a lot of people said they have projected dates for the 11th or irs will start processing by the 11th. If you look at it, 7 days from Monday makes the 11th so Ihave faith that we should be okay :-)

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    Please update if you receive a dd for 8863 filers

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    Auburngirl- No that wasn’t my status that was off the turbo tax forum… I’m still “processing”… :(

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    Im a 8863 filer I filed january 7 and got accepted january 24 mine still says processing my hope is that they are processing ours and will start issuing refunds on the 11 and 15 which would actually be 21 days for those of us accepted early just a hope and a hunch

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    I am in the same boat. Filed on the 10th, accepted late on the 24th (so really the 25th) and still sitting at one bar. All because of this form. :(

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    Christie knapp

    I think they started taking the last in before 1/30 8863s first.. Ours were prob the ones that tripped the error :-(

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    First in = First out. At least that’s how it should be. We were at the head of the line and because they screwed up and was not able to process our returns – we are being punished and have to wait???? Exactly what I would expect from a non-efficient government agency. NOTHING EVER MAKES ANY SENSE!!!!

    I was accepted 1/25 and still no DD. Still waiting…says 21 days blah, blah, blah. We are people who need our money too! Sh*t!

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    I still have the first processing bar

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    I’m also a 1/24 and still nothing. :l

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    Christie knapp

    Ya I get ya. I’m a 1/24 accept and still waiting. I see the ones after 1/24 are saying they’ve received dd dates.. I’m hoping their isn’t a bigger issue with the 1/24 returns. I’m hoping for an update tomorrow morning .

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    How sad for us that those accepted later are getting their DDs. :(. I was also accepted on 1/24.

    Don’t get me wrong i am totally happy for those getting it. Gives me hope. Lol

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    I hope we start seeing more updates for those who where accepted early then we will know that those of us who wasn’t will be getting close

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    Jackie 777…Congrats! Maybe we can finally start seeing some light at the bottom of this endless 8863 tunnel, I have been in since accepted on the 24th!! Hoping for good news for us all within the next few days!!!

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    Just an update here. For those of u who have the 8863 form, if u are on hold and wish to refile w/out the form best to do so with the same software that u used first.the irs only acknowledges the last return filed. Where as if u use 2different programs, the retufn without the form will get accspted and processed. Then the return on hold will get sent when its time…will put you at risk for fraud audit! Hope this helps :)

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    I hope so because I’m still processing getting the 21 day message

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    Bossie- I too was scrolling through turbo tax and just came across this update. I filed Jan 25 still pending husband and I both filed 8863 Edu. Credit. Here is the copy from turbo tax webite:

    about 7 hours ago
    All you 8863’rs (Education Credit) I got a direct deposit date for FEB 6th!!!

    Logged in to WMR a few minutes ago – got a direct deposit date – SO THEY HAVE DEFINITELY began processing and approving EDUCATION CREDITS!!!
    about 5 hours ago
    what date did you file?
    what date did you get accepted?

    22 minutes ago
    was accepted on the 27th – I filed on the 25th


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    I am a fellow 8863 er . I filed 1/10 accepted 1/24. Been lurking non-stop since 1/25. Please see the post I found on TT forums. A person posted an email they received from TT stating they are now processing 8863 forms. You will have to scroll down through many posts. It says she posted it 4 hours ago.
    Username is autumnmeeks314. I hope this gives everyone else the same excitement it gave me. Good luck everyone.


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    heard that if you were not accepted you could go to a different tax prep company and file through them without 8863 and IF that one gets accepted the pending one with 8863 will be rejected. Once you receive your refund you can then file an amended return with the 8863 form for the balance of the refund due you. Hope that helps.

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    Hello, I efiled my taxes online with hrblock on jan 30th with the 8863 form. (because i wasn’t aware of the delay on the form obviously, or i would have filled regular, and amended later for my education portion.) Anyways, I received the email below from hrblock on feb 1st:

    We’ve received your e-filed return. The IRS has notified us that it won’t be accepting returns that include certain forms until later. This delay is industry-wide, regardless of tax preparation method.
    Your return contains 1 of these forms. Until the IRS is ready, your return is being stored on our secure servers.
    The IRS will begin processing returns with this form in mid-February. To learn more, see the IRS Form 8863 press release.
    Form 8863: Education Credits (American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning credits)
    The IRS will begin processing returns with these forms in late February or early March. To learn more about these forms, see the IRS press release.
    Form 4562: Depreciation and Amortization
    Form 8396: Mortgage Interest Credit
    Form 8582: Passive Activity Loss Limitations
    If you prepared a state return, it will also be held. Your federal return must be accepted by the IRS before you can file your state return.
    We’re monitoring the situation closely. As soon as the IRS updates its system, we’ll send your return immediately. We’ll send you an e-mail with the status of your return(s) once the IRS – and the state office, if applicable – processes it.
    ————– end of email

    So my question is… does anyone know if its okay to go to another tax service and file my taxes (without form 8863)??? since hrblock says they are just storing my taxes in their database… and its not officially at the irs yet.


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    Prayer Changes Things

    Has anyone with 8863 gotten a DD or Refund yet? I saw where someone said by 11th and another said 15th..

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    Completed efile through Taxslayer 1/22
    Accepted by IRS 1/25
    WMR 1 bar

    I hope they start processing and do it by alphabetical order since our last name start with an “A” lol
    I heard that if you were not accepted you could go to a different tax prep company and file through them without 8863 and IF that one gets accepted the pending one with 8863 will be rejected. Once you receive your refund you can then file an amended return with the 8863 form for the balance of the refund due you. Hope that helps.

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    Christie knapp

    I was told the same thing by the irs, by the 15th.

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    Thanks for posting. I hope so [email protected] I pray we find out something constructive on Monday.

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    I was also accepted on the 24th and still “processing” Spoke to a IRS agent and he told me its suspended until the 15th..then it will start processing again. I am just praying that they are just allowing a cushion for their-selves and its true that they have started SLOWLY processing the 8863s. Hoping for good news with a DD soon!!!!

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    I was accepted on the 24th and I have one bar on WMR

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    @cassie i can agree. i was rejected the 30th.. fixed it and re- efiled the same day.. (after initially filing on the 19th) now it still hasn’t been re-accepted because of the form..smh

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    Im getting so frustrated with this…I filed 8863 on 1/26 and never even got accepted so now TT is just holding my return…so I have absolutely no clue what to even expect. I would be content with just an accepted status at this point! Grrr….guess thats what I get for being organized and filing early :/

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    gm.. found out as an 8863 er that my efile won’t be transmitted to the IRS even though H and R has it until the IRS gives the okay that they are accepting that particular form. Got an email from H and R this morning.. ugh

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    The Best Ever

    Mine was accepted early on 1/26, 8863 of course, still showing orange bar with return accepted and process, 21 days. I just pray this process hurries up this is just not fair.

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    my theory is they are going to take the taxes they have on hold already that they did accept like mine on the 24th(8863 yes)or jarons mothers and use us as test dummies and if they go through we will have our return in 3 days direct deposit couple weeks papercheck.or if you filed later and just held in longo they will tell you a couple weeks.

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    @jarons mother is that a projected date for deposit or processing?? Looking at another post they said the IRS will send them through on the 11th and refunds will go out for them starting a few weeks after that. I truly hope not!

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    jarons mother

    Called a few days ago spoke with a lady she states i they have my return n its being processed and said my projected date was 2/14 I have form 8863

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    okay I guess it is good news that I am able to order my return transcript as of 2:20 est… I have no freaking clue what it means…. but i hope its good news… and yes I am a 8863 accepted 23rd hope this helps

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    When I spoke with the irs rep I was told 8863 form filers should start being sent through on the 11th. If all checks out and there isnt any flags that refunds will go out for them starting a few weeks after that.

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    I efiled on 1/23 and my federal is still pending (of course)….BUT, my state taxes through GA were just accepted about an hour ago!!!! Thank the Lord!
    Now, I’m just praying that they get the kinks worked out for the 8863 to be accepted through federal.

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    hello my fellow 8863’rs nice to meet you all… messed up we had to have a support group for this but here goes

    Filed on the 7th accepted the 23rd (still processing)
    State MI still waiting acceptance
    No info for WMR…(think I got a little too jumpy and checked to much lol)
    I have two question
    1. what is this transcript everyone is talking about? and can I have a link
    2. if the recorded message says you should receive your refund within 21 days does that mean that the only thing holding us up is the 8863?

    I’m trying not to loose my mind here mainly because of my state i knew sunday about the hold up on the form.. but for some reason I haven’t been accepted (filed on the 12th) still awaiting acceptance… I called the treasury dept and can not get passed the automated bs… and it keeps telling me my AGI is wrong? is this happening to anyone else?

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    Yes I did file 8863

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    8863 filer

    ok so all 8863’er called the number listed above to talk to a human…..this is my third time calling first 2 told me nothing..last man i spoke with looked into my account and said i had a projected DD date of 2/11!!!! I filed 1/18 “accepted” 1/25 WMR says processing both online/irs2go app and hotline. But this man said he seen a Project DD date of 2/11 . And of course i filed with 8863 form I did the ex 362 and said i was wondering about how much i owed …she tranfered me…man wasnt willing to look untill i bugged him to death! try it…and Good luck! also still cannot order either of my transcripts also i used TT and didnt use a 3rd party for fee’s i paid up front and had DD straight to my chase account!

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    @mongamari: Did you file a 8863

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