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    Please update here if you have a 570 in your transcript and have processing date of 2/26, 3/5 and 3/12. Thanks!!!!!

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    I have 570 no tt still processing filed 2-8 date on transcripts is 3-5



    Everyone is saying something different and different reasons this is happening. Of course all our taxes are different but I am starting not to believe what anyone is being told or relaying back here. Bottom line is its the government and they’ll do what they want. I guess the only good thing is, my refund would already be half spent by now!



    So do any of us think we will see some sort of progress or update on 3/5?



    I saw this post on igmr fb page

    Do some research into last years comments. Of course we werent aware of the dreaded 570 then because most of us had no issue last year (other than the path of course). However in 2014 I did have 570 and am back there again unfortunately. I know what to expect so I guess it makes it easier. Some quick Q & A’s regarding 570
    You Don’t Have to Settle for Average
    It’s not easy to beat the index, but results for our equity-focused fund…

    What is it?
    A hold on your account could be anything and has more than 700 meanings….

    How do I know?
    Your account transcript will display this information.

    What do the dates mean?
    Of course we dont know 100% but upon speculation and doing search of last years comments there was a trend.

    WMR is “stuck” what does that mean?
    – From my experience there are several scenerios… one being ID verification. The ones I have seen have to ID verify will have a message displayed as “we are STILL processing your return” with NO tax topic 152 message.
    The “We have received and it is” message; as well as the “still processing” WITH tt 152…. appears to be a clean hold and will be released once cycle completes. No action is needed.
    And of course the “take action” messages will give you further instruction on what is needed.

    What is a 971?
    Its described as a code to tell that a letter has been sent out. Me like many others never received a letter and probably wont.
    In my opinion it is just an additional hold code.

    How long does it take.
    After doing research I came to approx 5 cycles (weeks) from date of being accepted.

    A comparable scenario if you are able to view your transcripts goes as follows:

    Week 1 – 570 code
    Week 2 – 971 code
    Week 3 – 571/846 code (refund release)

    Then of course add 2 wks for the path.

    Im a weekly so they all tend to happen on a Fri morning update to my transcripts

    What does all this mean?
    If you have a clean hold you will more than likely update this weekend with a direct deposit date for Wed. 3/7




    No changes for me either


    Jaci Jacobs

    No changes AGAIN this morning *sigh* I’ve never had this happen so I don’t really know what to expect for how long it will take for them to release….we do married filing separately. I filed my hubby’s minutes after mine and he got his refund 2/22 without issue. I got my state refund 2/23. :( Annoyed…..


    Jaci Jacobs

    No changes AGAIN this morning *sigh* I’ve never had this happen so I don’t really know what to expect for how long it will take for them to release….we do married filing separately. I filed my hubby’s minutes after mine and he got his refund 2/22 without issue. I got my state refund 2/23. :( Annoyed…..



    I believe it totally depends on who you get. One guy immediately told me there was a code on mine but didnt know what the code specifically referred to. The next lady simply said call back in April. Keep in mind this was AFTER I told her I had already waited 5 weeks. Imagine the interested they are making off the millions of returns they are holding.



    dont believe her she didnt even pull up your account and they are reading up scripts



    I have cycle code 0605, code 570 with 3/5/18 next to it. I called today and before anything the lady asked me what did my WMR say. I told her that it says processing and ddd will be given etc. She put me on hold and came back and told me that my return is already processed but that they need to mail me out a later.. in the letter it will say I either have to wait an additional 30 days or to send in information(I’m not sure why she couldn’t tell me) . All of this frustrating, nothing has changed on my return in 9 years, I don’t know why it would take that long.



    How often are transcripts updated? Is there any point in checking them daily?



    Same here! have a code 570 and my processing date is 3/5

    My cycle is 20180705. Haven’t gotten a letter yet. Accepted 0/23.



    I have a code 570 and my processing date is 3/5. Filed and accepted 1/29.

    My cycle is 20180705



    Jaci mine is same as yours except the letter came yesterday. But the letter didnt ask for a single thing. Just told me that its being held.



    So i just called back and they said they same thing and also she told me that there is no way to tell exactly when the review will be over it can just be between now and march 31st…. so i wont be calling anymore i guess im just going to have to wait it out ugh! Good luck you guys keep me updated!



    Yeah im dealing with the same exact thing. But im not sure what the processing date of 03/05 means i was hoping it means we will get our money by then or something in calling back today. Im going to call them every single day!!!!!!



    Same here..570 and some others. Processing date of 3/5 on my transcript. Had the bars for the first week or so…then they disappeared and went to the”being processed message”. Called twice..first rep said no issues….it was just taking longer. 2nd rep said “under review” and to call back in 45 days from 2/15 if I didn’t get it. I have no significant changes from last year…I moved and took a higher paying job. I have not received any letters in the mail asking me to ID verify or anything. And still shows processing msg and has all my info on the side including the refund amount…..very annoyed.



    Right im sure majority of the people who files early arent under review im just hoping it updates by itself.



    Were all hoping to get money soon unfortunately we don’t know what the Irs is doing at this point let’s just keep each other updated



    Well I filed 1/29, accepted 1/29 and still 570….They said i was randomly selected for a review and it could take up to 45 days from the 15…. Still have code 152 and it is still being Processed. No bars…. My friend filed the exact same day maybe 2 hours before me and already received theirs! I have codes 570,766,768, on my transcript smh i just wonder if it will just fall off. I have a cycle date of 07/05 and 03/05 as another date… Someone Help im just hoping i can get my money atleast Very soon



    I have a code 570 and my processing date is 3/5

    My cycle is 20180705



    A week



    How long is a cycle?



    So u have the infamous 570 like many of us do lol we hate that code because we don’t know why we have it is very hard to figure it out because is very vague and can mean many many different reasons i been in the manual so much reading about that refund freeze code and cannot pin point it yet however it does say is usually place and resolve within 3 cycles and if u don’t have any issues that arise within that time is lifted and then finds are released



    806, 766, 768, and 570



    What other codes do u have?



    I’m new to this whole thing. Filed 5 weeks ago. Got my letter today. Pulled my transcript. It says cycle 20180605 Date 02-26-2018. But under that, beside code 806 it has a date of 4-15-2018. What does that mean?



    I have the 570 code with processing date of 3/12. I thought mine is because I filed injured spouse form.



    Uggh this needs to be over this is horrible



    I read somewhere that’s when the IRS will look at ur return again to c if they will process it or send a letter. Not sure if it’s true. But mine have the 3/5/17. Had processing message since 1/27/18 . Able to c all transcripts just got the 570 on the account transcript



    Yep, I have a 570 with a 3/5 date. Does anyone know FOR SURE that the date is when it will fall off if no 971 code gets added? I need to know for sure because I have a pending car repair I have to pay for.



    a bunch of codes, one being 570 w/processing date of 3/5/18 but a return recieved date of 4/15/18 … not too sure what it means?






    Awesome. So I assume just checking the transcripts is the only way to really know?



    yes that is what is being said that it will fall off by then.



    I Called this AM. Lady was nice as could be. She took several minutes to look at my file. Said I did my ID verification, and that was for validity of my account. It then updated to a 570 aftEr that which means review. Should know something by 4/24



    So you’re saying If I don’t have a 971 code, the 570 will fall off and expect return after 3/12/18



    if no notices isssue 971** they should fall off by then



    Filed and accepted 1/29

    Transcript has a 570 and a processing date of 3/5



    I have 570 3/5/18



    i have 570-3/12/18 It should fall by then if no notices or any other craps comes up



    I am on the same boat, File on 1/19/18 accepted the next day, EITC/CTC WMR shows take action there is a delay on your tax return, my transcript shows the 570 , I call the IRS the rep stated that this could take up to 45 days.. the Rep did not explain why I have the 570 code.

    This is incredible, when you owe the IRS the do not hesitate to collect their money, and now all I can do is wait..

    Good Luck everyone.



    mines went back to N/A



    Date 3/12. What’s that mean

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