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2020 stimulus payment for Jackson Hewitt / American Express serve

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    Any information if we will be getting the deposit into the serve card ? I got an email from them saying to be prepared but I looked on my 1040 and my routing and acct number are not on there ?! Jackson Hewitt claims they have no information but come on now they’re doing deposits already someone has to have some type of information?!!

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    Why does my jh serve card say $0.00 was deposited april 10th 2020?

    The 0.00 is a monthly fee waived it shows up every month on mine when I check past transactions

    Wouldn’t a waived fee show up under debits, rather than credits?


    Hello does anyone know if we get ours on the serve card??? Any new info???


    The 0.00 is a monthly fee waived it shows up every month on mine when I check past transactions


    @momof does it say who deposited it?


    Why does my jh serve card say $0.00 was deposited april 10th 2020?

    Devon cornelius


    Richard hopkins

    Is my stimulus check going to go on my American serve card I got from jackson Hewitt when I filed my taxes this year


    Monday is not a holiday…


    Easter Monday isn’t a Federal holiday so everything will be open from the post office to banks and everything else should be open.


    Monday is a federal holiday


    As far as I’ve seen there was only 400 jh customers that got theirs they’re saying Monday some more people will see them

    Mike recore

    I was wondering if anybody had any information about our stimulus checks being deposited on our serve cards


    Anybody gotten the stimulus check on there serve card in California?


    Ok thank you @thicks


    @Bb89: no, I don’t know when. My observations *suggest* that they should land in accounts between tomorrow (if banks aren’t closed for Easter Monday) and Wednesday — if it was Thursday when the IRS updated the Master File. If they did it yesterday, as the information on Twitter suggests, then my estimate would shift to Tuesday through Friday. Hopefully by Friday the Get-My-Payment tool will be running.

    Alyssa Mai

    I got a call from Jackson Hewitt last week and they said I’ll be getting my stimulus payment on my serve card. I also got an advance. I haven’t gotten anything yet though.


    @thicks do you know how soon dd will be coming in


    Ok asome so i already got my stuff on file thank you


    Bb89, the economic impact payment will be direct-deposited into the account you used on your 2019 tax return, if it’s in your name and open. If that’s not the case, then the IRS will wait and send a check later. In the meantime, the IRS is also opening a web app this week to allow filers to check the status of their EIP (aka “stimulus check”) and update their information for DD.


    Lol i didnt mean to ask what day i was just trying to figuer out if its going on my american express serve card from jackson hewitt sorry bout that


    For the people asking when will you get your stimulus money the answer is it’s not a tax refund or pay check we don’t know people who give a date are either lying or looking at the news or Google . So if you can come on here to ask you can Google ur question and get same answer . Some time in the next week.


    What day will i get the stumuis chek i got an american expree seve card i got my taxes on it wll i get them on the card

    Tiffany Houser

    Will I get the stimulus money on my jackson hewitt card that I got from filing my taxes with you?


    I got an American Express serve card but I didn’t do Jackson-Hewitt will my stimulus check still go into my account?


    As far as everyone knows and thinks we should get them Monday but I’ve also heard Wednesday too. So hopefully we get them that way if not the IRS is going to set up that portal for people to add DD and to also be able to track the stimulus check

    Dedra Byers

    So. Will I get my money on my American express serve card or not

    Dedra Byers


    Jeffrey Peck

    So, is it true that the 2020 stimulus payment is going to be sent to my American Express Serve card? I received my last tax return on this card, but I don’t know if I need to do anything else to help with getting my stimulus payment.


    So is the stimulus being sent to serve cards? 2018 I did my advance one the serve card and the rest went to my bank account. While 2019 I wasn’t given the opportunity she put my whole refund on the serve card, so I believe that’s where my stimulus will go


    @Emily, thank you every JH person I’ve talked to gives me the run around. Thanks again I’ll post here Monday when an if it goes in that day. Please everyone and anyone if you get it Monday please post also.


    Tina they do not put the account and routing number for the serve card on your 1040 look at your paperwork it’s not there the money goes to a temporary account at republic bank and the funds are disbursed to your card by the card number from republic bank


    I have an American Express Serve card through Credit Karma Tax and I have received my Stimulus Check at 3am today it all goes by when the providers release them and how long it takes for them to release them, a mass majority of Taxpayers will see the payment in their accounts Monday. The payments will be sent to the account providers in waves, and have been started already, so everyone will start to see the payments within the next few weeks.


    I use my serve card for my unemployment so jh saying that those accounts are closed is incorrect because you can continue to use that account after your taxes for job unemployment and any kid of direct deposit.


    Bunny I have spoken to multiple jh reps and they are saying Monday we should see deposits if we had fees or an advance taken out on our taxes all republic accounts were closed and they have recieved our funds but are working on opening all the accounts again so they will be a little delayed again everyone is saying different things but I’ve gotten this same answer from quite a few reps hope it helps


    I think whoever wrote this is full of it. Just because nobody here can find anything like that then out of the blue they say Wednesday. I think it’s a bunch of crap I don’t think anyone knows for sure.


    @ Ttbabyvakes does it show who made the deposit of 0.00??


    @To All show yourself!! How do you know it will be wednesday.?


    I wonder how legitimate that response is. If anyone finds out let me know please.

    I did an exact-quote Google search, and the only thing that appears is this very thread. If that statement has been published anywhere else, it hasn’t been indexed by Google.


    I checked my American Express serve card and it said 0.00 was deposit into my account.

    What does this means


    I wonder how legitimate that response is. If anyone finds out let me know please.


    Does anyone know who that last message is from saying to ALL?

    One person knows, and that person isn’t telling.


    Does anyone know who that last message is from saying to ALL?

    To All

    Serve customers will receive stimulus direct deposits on Wednesday. You will not receive a deposit pending notification in your transaction summary. The funds will automatically clear and be available on Wednesday.


    @Acrab thank you. I got on the IRS website and they already have it up saying that people would be able to put in DD info next week. Hopefully it will just all go smoothly since Everytime I speak to JH they say it’s going to go on the serve card maybe it will and it will all be taken care of

    Perla M. Quezada

    Is my stimulus check be deposited on my American Express serve debit card or it has to be on my. Ank account?


    @thicks thank you. You would think Jackson Hewitt and Amex serve would be on the same track with each other since JH has used them for years. JH has been telling me that it will go on there for sure I just spoke to a lady at JH and she said it should be sent to Amex serve Monday so hopefully so come Monday if anyone gets that please get on here and let me know. Thanks again


    @Bunny. IRS made statement said they were officially sent

    Mike B

    Jackson Hewitt claims they don’t know if refunds will go to the serve card, and they can’t get in contact with the irs..but to check the irs website with instructions once it updates…They have nothing to do with the emails sent from serve…l


    Talked to a lady today at a Jackson Hewitt Office. She said “They were unaware what is going to happen if they try to send the refund at this moment.” Advised me to change my direct deposit info once the website is up. I’m going to use the serve card anyway but I’m going to enter the info on the website when it pops up.


    Bunny, you’ll be able to update your deposit account information next week:


    @Acrab… who put out the statement IRS or JH I know I looked in my tax papers and there’s no DD info on there where I done the RAL loan. I know back in 2008 when everyone got that stimulus check I received a letter from the IRS saying I was getting one an the amount and I never received it but my husband got his and his family. I just wish someone knew for sure if it was going on that serve card


    It’s just put out a statement saying first round was sent. So hopefully republic does their part and pushes them through fast. On tax return it took them about 5 hours from when they received to when I got deposit.


    The rep I spoke to said yes it would go to republic but they can’t take any fees so they will probably take their sweet time she said Monday we should see the deposits on the serve card but if you got a loan or had fees deducted it could be an extra day or two not sure how true this information is but is what I was told by jh rep


    Do y’all think it will still run through republic bank first? I’ve been checking there but no new info has come up. Just the original tax return info.




    Amex serve does have acct# and rt# because you can have your check DD from your employer. If your refund was deposited on that card then rightfully we as customers should be notified with correct info. This is complete BS! .


    There is no reason why we wouldn’t get our stimulus checks on our serve card. They have an account number and routing number and if you received your refund on that account and it is not closed, you will get your stimulus on there too. It doesn’t make sense why they’d mail us a check. So don’t worry, it’s coming.


    @rhood711 you said you got yours on the card correct


    I live in Northeast Tennessee me and my husband filed with 2 kids and got the refund advance and I spoke to JH yesterday and they told me we would be getting the stimulus checks the same way we received our tax return but I’m not holding my breath


    So has anyone with Jackson Hewitt using serve card and get refund advance received the stimulus deposit yet? Location and income if you don’t care to share. I used all this made 75k married three kids and haven’t received it yet in middle Tennessee. Has anyone yet?


    I read an article last week that stated if you received an advance on your taxes, you would be mailed a paper check. The time frame for this was between July & September.


    I also filed at JH and got a RAL and I’m still waiting. My fiance the same.


    I have been seeing that they are now saying yes you will but still not totally sure

    Helen krages

    Will I get my stimilas check on my server card

    Roger Abraham



    Rhood711 so are you saying you have the Amex serve card and you got your stimulus payment already in that card? I received an email from Amex serve and they said to be prepared and I’ve spoken to idk how many from Jackson Hewitt and they all said the stimulus check is supposed to go wherever I got my tax refund.


    @Emily No I have a Serve card, used Taxslayer, fees went out through SBTPG. SBTPG worked something out with IRS that stimulus payments would come straight from treasury so they didnt have to deal with it.


    Also do you mean fees went through republic ? Jackson Hewitt uses republic bank for their loans and fees


    Did you also file through Jackson Hewitt ?


    And btw my refund went through SBTPG first and had that account info on return but was direct treasury deposit. Just checked now to just look at finances and was pleasantly surprised it was there


    I got mine today. Amex Serve


    Im bumping this shit Getting irritating not knowing if we can even receive them on the Serve Prapaid Cards Do we have to get new cards??? Do we have to just wait extra time we have no info!?


    I wondered the same. I had mine sent to a Serve card but I don’t know how Jackson Hewitt would have known the DD info prior to me setting up an account? I wonder if it was direct deposited to Jackson Hewiits bank and then disbursed to us after they had taken their fees. If that is the case, will they have gotten our stimulus payments?


    I’m just specifically talking about the Jackson Hewitt Amex serve card


    @Emily and except TT cards

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