2019 Reference Code 9001

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    See what happened last year with people who got Code 9001:

    Thanks to our friends at College Investor, here is some more information about Reference Code 9001


    “….IRS Code 9001: “Taxpayer accessed Refund Status using a secondary TIN. Refund Status could not be returned. Get a Primary TIN Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM.”

    The IRS has an entire manual dedicated to errors and problems that they encounter during the course of doing business. Some of these codes are directly related to your tax return, and some are related to you something else. For the most part, codes less than 2000 are related directly to your return. Anything higher (like code 9001), it’s related to something totally different – so right there, stop freaking out…..”

    Read more here:

    Questions about other codes? https://igotmyrefund.com/irs-reference-numbers/

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    What you need a credit card for, transcripta are free on the IRS site. Just set up an account.

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    Filed 1/17 been on 9001 code since 1/19! Verified 2/25 and still on 9001! Haven’t been able to get my transcripts because when I put my information in it has been saying it can’t match it. Tried getting my transcript yesterday and it finally lets me! Does this mean mine are done processing? I can’t see the transcript because I don’t have a credit card or anything but atleast it’s letting me get past the first page where I put my name and info! Can someone tell me what this means now that my transcripts will pull up?

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    I have no idea, but ass you can see a great deal of people’s have been flagged for some reason.

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    Erik Gutierrez

    Hey guys!! good morning…

    here is my time line…

    file 1/28
    accpeted 1/28

    code:9001 since feb 1

    verifyied 2/21
    finally got a dd this morning of 3/25

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    Why is it that everyone is being put on this 9001 status is it a glitch has anyone updated without speaking to them

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    Filed 1/25-Accepted 1/26 with EIC and ACTC
    week later 9001 appeared
    Verified 2/19 by phone, approved verification
    9001 still
    called IRS 3/12, was told everything is good, no letters or any type of notifications have been sent, he told me that it was in the processing stage, to give it about 2 more weeks. Not under review etc..
    Next day BARS came on with return received highlighted, last four of my social, filing status and my amount on left.

    (NOTE: …it is being PROCESSED, not PROCESSING)…..

    *We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    If you filed a complete and accurate tax return, your refund should be issued within 21 days of the received date. However, processing may take longer under certain circumstances.

    Please check here or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go, to check on your refund status.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

    So what do you all think? I wonder why it came back only with one bar, and not with a DDD…You all think ill update with DDD Saturday morning?

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    Why is IRS putting all these returns on 0001 status and has anyone updated without calling or verifying

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    Updated with refund date of March 20th! So excited to see this change! I verified on 2/25.

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    I have bars againn on WMR.

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    Erik Gutierrez

    @Traci,, i cant access my transcripts online…. i ordered them.. waiting for them to come in

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    Did you check your transcript today

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    Erik Gutierrez

    It will be a month for me next thursday… i verified on the 21st of Feb

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    Next week will be a month for me with no DDD …I I.D verified on March 25th…hopefully I see a change in the morning

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    So I just got A5071C letter and I call to verify my identity. The phone number to the WMR is only for customer service and that there was no point in calling them because they can’t do nothing until you get a letter stating that you have to verify your identity After I spoke to the lady that helped me she said that she was going to release the hold that was on my refund and that I had to wait 9 weeks or sooner. The WMR customer service number will ask you the same question that Integrity and verification operation askes.However it’s useless to call that number until you get a letter. Hope that helps somebody. The number is 1800-830-5084

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    Don’t know what it means, but at first mine was March 18th, then changed to March 25th. Might be when you will be finish processing.

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    Does any one know what the as date means??? Mine has changed twice, it was as as of March 25th, but today changed to April 1st. I still have no transcripts and no DDD. I filed back on February 8th, accepted on the 11th. got letter to verify ID on March 2nd and verified on March 3rd. No updates on transcripts or WMR. Anybody have an idea what’s going on?

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    @PrettiPisces5 no change on WMR I’ve had the same message since 1/14

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    So you guys with transcripts there’s still no change on wmr??

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    Does any one know what the as of date means mine has changed 3 times now it says April 1st I still have no DDD and it says no transcript uggggh I’m getting so frustrated

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    Return accepted-1/14
    WMR-no path
    I.D. Verified-2/25
    Transcript-updated 3/15 with codes-150,806,766,768 & 570(account action pending) with a process date of 4/1. I can see my refund amount but no dd date yet.

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    I had to verify my ID, online. Did it on Feb 15th

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    Traci did you just id verify and nothing else and when if so

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    I got a transcripts, with ddd March 20th. Thank God!!!!

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    hopefully we can all check our transcripts in the morning and they have a ddd!!!! *fingers crossed*

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    Any updates ?

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    Filed2/1 received letter 2/25 verified on 2/26 online. Called IRs today spoke to agent she said my refund was processed she did not see any other hold. But she couldn’t see a ddd. I would have to wait 9 weeks from 2/26 meaning 5 /25 ! this is torture!!!

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    @Jessica, they really all need to to be on the same accord. Because it seems like each person that answers the phone gives a complete different story.

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    I ID verify on February 11-2019
    Am I’m still waiting the irs been telling me April 15-2019

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    Just wanted to share what I was told today by IRS. I verified in person on 2/15. As of today, WMR still says reference code 9001. The IRS agent said I wouldn’t see anything on WMR and that it won’t update after verification. He saw that I was indeed placed back into processing on 2/15, that it could take 9 weeks, etc., but that WMR won’t show anything, I will essentially just get my money…

    Not super helpful, but thought I’d share.

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    How do I know if the hold has been lifted after I ID verified on the 26th? I’ve called twice and both times the rep mentions that I successfully confirmed my Identity yet the wmr page has not updated yet. Reps continue to tell me to just wait it out, but I’m extremely impatient at this point.
    I filed 2/5 Accepted 2/5
    Received ID Verify Letter 2/25
    Phone Verified 2/26
    How much longer for the hold to get lifted and for me to see a DDD???
    I still show code 9001 with Topic 152…

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    It will be a month for me this Friday.

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    Their fee for filing my taxes, but when I get my money they will get theirs.

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    Kari Cooper

    I had to verify my identity two weeks ago about and still haven’t got a date yet? How much longer

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    @traci a bill for what?

    #4312815 Reply


    Well Turbo Tax, just emailed me a bill

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    @ Shannon, did you have EIC and ACTC? Just wondering if that would make it take longer?

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    If the screen doesn’t change where does the ddd show? Verified on February 19th called today the lady stated it was just added on the 7th but when I called on the 19th I was told it was back in processing that day. Every time I call it’s. Different story now is he saying it will be 45 days from March 7 but I verified on February 19 this is confusing and nerve recking.

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    @Shannon if we verified by phone do you think we should still call to verify if we were put back in processing?

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    @kimberlina no you will remain on 9001 your only screen change will be your ddd. Call to find out if the hold has been lifted and did you go back into processing. It doesn’t happen immediately. I verified on the 19th the system did not put me back into processing untill the 20th.

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    Does anyone know if I ordered my transcript and it’s mailed to my old address does that mean they haven’t made any changes to my account?

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    @Shannon and for everyone else. Hey guys so my fiance.

    Filed: 2/13
    ID verify letter mailed out on 3/4
    ID verified on 3/8

    Did you guys WMR update to reflect that it went back in processing? He verified over the phone. It is still saying they can’t find his information. I see @Shannon said they only process ID verify on Thursdays, so is that when we will see a change? Sorry guys this is frustrating.

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    Brittany Cunningham

    Did anyone have to wait to hear from an advocate after requesting? I’ve been waiting 3 weeks now.

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    @hope i cannot access my transcripts. I selected to have it mailed. Still have not got them yet my ddd came before them.

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    Nikki Elias

    I received a 5071c letter on Saturday verified online wished said congratulations you’ve been verified. Did a follow up today with verification department was told verification didnt go through had to verify again said she was sending back into processing today….who knows… But if you verify online follow up at verification number also so you want have an even longer extended wait time

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    Ok so I just got off the phone with the irs and I called and verified on the 2/25 it was completed until 2/28 she said that march 25 it should be done processing and I should get it by March 28th fingers crossed this is what actually happens

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    at shannon

    what does your transcript date of show? mines is still showing the 18 of march and i verified myself February 19 as well. so hopefully it doesnt change and i update this Saturday because march 18 is this Monday coming up

    #4312211 Reply


    @Yates i filed and got accepted on 1/29. Got the 9001 tax topic 152 screen i believe a day after. Received id verify letter on the 15th. Had to wait till the 19th to call and verify because of the holiday. I updated this past Saturday with a ddd for 3/13. They are backed up so it will be maybe 2 to 3 weeks. I did find out they only process the id ppl on Thursdays. So your transcripts won’t show anything updated untill Friday. And your wmr will update Saturday.

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    I filed on January 28th, it was accepted the 28th and the week after changed to 9001 ext. 362. I got letter 5071 to ID verify and I did that on February 18th. I still have 9001 so I called IRS. The agent I spoke to told me that there was nothing else wrong that it was tied to the ID verify and it takes a coupe of weeks for them to catch up with each other. As of today, there are still no changes to my WMR page. Has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone with 9001 been updated yet or received a refund?

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    Amber Nichole

    Filed January 17th, received code 9001 2/3. Called the IRS, she said it was a glitch. Two weeks later still no changes. Called the IRS again on 2/15, he was trying to give the same excuse. After getting an attitude he said my letter is on the way. 2/18 letter came said I needed to turn in my 1095 & an 8692 form to reconcile my insurance. Sent everything in. Called 3/4 he said it was received and everting was fine, is no refund call back in 8 weeks. And as of today 3/12 I’m still showing code 9001 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    I have the 9001 code since 2/21 I called 2/25 and they told me my return was being reviewed because of my last name change. Has anyone had this problem ? My return got accepted 2/3 and for the code 2/21 called 2/25 and still no update. Every time I call they just tell me they have 6/8 weeks to review and 6/8 weeks to process. I’m so frustrated.

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    Called today after being told last week verified was done and it was processing the nice guy today looked and said it was verified but never reversed the code so had to call the number and have them remove hold today now waiting see if anything changes by Saturday

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    @karma you have to call first. You’ll need your previous and most recent return. If you have to verify request that they resend you a letter if they haven’t already. The letter will have a personal control number for you.

    #4311817 Reply


    Can we just go to the local irs office with our id and verify? I never got a letter but my code is 9001…I know that the lady that did my taxes left off my apt building number and just used the apt number which could be like 12 different buildings so everything must of gotten sent back.

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    Hey I did my tax on the 01/31 its been haven the 9001 the next day after. I call they said they mail out a ID verify on the 02/14 I got it on the 26 I call to verify on the 02/28 and my still have the 9001 no update

    #4311695 Reply


    My transcript is still unavailable and wmr still has 9001 code. I verified on the 19th. However my transcript still has date of march 18, 2019. Thats next monday. is anyone else seeing this? i know that some people date of on the transcript changed to March 25.

    #4311659 Reply


    Those who have verified on Feb 25-27th and still showing the 152 Topic & 9001 code. And your able to view 2018 Transcript which shows 570 Additional action pending and March 25th date. I would suggest you call 1877-777-4778 to speak with Tax Advocate representative, if you tell them you’re looking to get a hardship and you’re seeing the following information above on your Transcript and IRS representatives are not giving you specifics on what is going with your return. They will look into why you have not receive your refund. The repsentative did ask me questions from my 2017 return. I was told March 25th date means IRS will start reviewing my return after that day and could be 45 days due pending further “Review”. She told my why. Basically try getting ahead of the game instead of waiting if you there is anything you need to do. Just call them regardless if you don’t need a hardship at least you can get someone who will actually ease your mind on what is going on.

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    @Amanda I spoke to someone this morning too. I was told there was no issue and I had until April 25th and maybe before then to receive my refund. So same results I did order a transcript to see if I could see anything that way. Very much frustrated too

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    I believe that for most of use we will wait the full 9 week processing time before we see any funds I talked to a rep just now and she said mine was still processing and no date was in sight I requested a advocate so I’m hoping I get some help but all they do is try to speed the process along no guarantees that will even work I hope everybody else has better luck I’m beyond over this mess

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    I called the toll free number and I asked can I know the process of my refund because I verified and that’s when he told me they didn’t verified me completely and told me to call the number on the letter

    #4311505 Reply


    Did you call the verification number again. Because I been wasting ny time talking to a representative

    #4311476 Reply


    Hey everyone I filed on 1/24 got my id verification letter on the 2/25 verified on 2/26 called a week later just to check and they told they didn’t fully closed out that I had verified myself so I verified again 3/6 now it went back into processing. Hopefully we get an update soon !

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    Has anyone with code 9001 NOT had to ID verify? I know i can’t do it online, have been a SAHM so this is my first return in years and I have no car to even get to my mail let alone to the IRS office. I’m ready to cry!

    #4311462 Reply


    @Shannon did you get a DDD yet? Or has anyone gotten aDDD who just ID verified

    #4311461 Reply


    I was told it depends on how fast the worker who was assigned our returns work. Kind of like any government job some workers work fast and some take their sweet time. I’m really hoping we all see updates this week.

    #4311443 Reply


    @Traci i only id verified. I did my own taxes online with hr block . com. Only insurance question they asked me was, were you covered all year and i said yes.

    #4311432 Reply


    @the people who are getting DDD, did y’all do a ID Verification or just turn in 1095’s.

    #4311419 Reply


    It’s been 3, almost 4, weeks since I verified my identity. Still no DDD and the 152/ 9001 code is still displayed on the where’s my refund website!! This has never happened to me before!! It does make me feel a little better to see I’m not alone but this is still so very frustrating 😩😭😭

    #4311413 Reply


    I verified on 2-18 still nothing. They just keep saying it’s back to processing . Frustrated to see people days that verified after me getting dates.

    #4311307 Reply


    @brandyrenee I agree it’s unfair I had a baby in the beginning of 2017 so missed a ton do work then 2018 made my normal amount and feel like I’ve been punishers:( I’ve seen people who got a ddd and rcvd funds yesterday smh!!

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    I wish they would just reject my return, and let me start all over. Because this process is taking forever.

    #4311302 Reply


    I was told we would be selected to id verify for the next 3 years. Wtf.

    #4311298 Reply

    Brandy Renee

    Thats exactly what I thought! I made more money that’s the only difference! I also verified the 25th answered all questions and was told the hold will be removed. A lot verified same time as me and after me and it took a few days.

    #4311295 Reply


    @bre I’ve never had an issue before this year the only thing that changed for me is I made more money. They lady that I spoke to on 2/25 who verified me just said that my acct had been flagged for possible stolen identification. I did verify and she said I would be back in processing on 2/25 but still in a 9001 code

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    Nikki Elias

    I filed and excepted on 2/15 got code 9001 one week later got a letter to verify today in the mail. Never had to verify before. Was reluctant to believe 9001 was actually a code that affects return status ..yes it does verified today hopefully will hear something soon

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    So does anyone actually know the reason why we getting the 9001 code and why we have to verify like what triggered this ?

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