2019 Reference Code 9001

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    See what happened last year with people who got Code 9001:

    Thanks to our friends at College Investor, here is some more information about Reference Code 9001


    “….IRS Code 9001: “Taxpayer accessed Refund Status using a secondary TIN. Refund Status could not be returned. Get a Primary TIN Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM.”

    The IRS has an entire manual dedicated to errors and problems that they encounter during the course of doing business. Some of these codes are directly related to your tax return, and some are related to you something else. For the most part, codes less than 2000 are related directly to your return. Anything higher (like code 9001), it’s related to something totally different – so right there, stop freaking out…..”

    Read more here:

    Questions about other codes? https://igotmyrefund.com/irs-reference-numbers/

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    What if your processing date and cycle date is the same ? Mine is March 25 for both

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    I think the date I starting processing is your cycle date but at this point I just don’t know any more I’m just praying that I don’t get a second letter my cycle date is March 25 and my processing date says April 8th 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I wish someone could tell us all what’s going on I guess we will all be having a good summer if nothing else’s

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    @ Hope processing dat was March 25 but no change . Was that the day they actually starting working o it?

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    My process date is 4/1 also & I used TurboTax , but I’ve always used them never had an issue before. A couple of ppl I know filed through them with no problems so I just don’t know what to think anymore. I requested a TA yesterday as well…….

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    Hope my processing date was April 1st and I used turbo tax also

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    Did all the ones that received a letter have the same processing date of April 1 ? Mine is April 8 I’m praying I don’t get a letter now !!! I just can’t believe this I will never never use turbo tax again

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    How do I get a tax advocate ?

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    Omg I hope I don’t get a letter I’m freaking out now uggh what is going on!! I guess I’m going to go ahead and call a tax advocate in the morning

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    @ Bri I totally agree with you! It’s very odd we all got letters today. I verified the 25th of February and still nothing except this wonderful new letter today. I’m currently waiting the 5 days for a tax advocate

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    Carolyn I still have code 9001 and no bars

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    Did anyones WMR update or do you still have 9001 code ? This is frustrating

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    I also verified on 2/25 and now have an additional 60 days pending letter as well 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Ive been able to view my transcripts since 3/8 mines updated 3/15 but nothing since then

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    Did anybody received there refund after providing there ID cause I filed 2 17 19 and accepted 2 22 19 now I didn’t here about a code 9001 until about March 25 or something I went in the office to provide my ID now how do I wait? The whole 9 weeks?

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    Can any of you all that received the new letter view your transcript online? Just wondering if I should expect another letter or not

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    I think it’s weird we all got a letter today on our processing date I filed 1/28 id verify 2/26

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    After over 6 weeks of the 9 I was originally told after verifying my ID, I received a new letter in the mail today GRRRR. Just waiting on them and hopefully I will be paid by May 16 (45 days from today) if not I will receive another letter!!! What the heck is going on this year?!! I’m beyond frustrated

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    Zee I called an advocate and after being on hold for over 2 hours a nice lady finally came on the phone. She asked what was my hardship (because you have to have one to qualify)and why I needed an advocate. I told her I was behind on my car payment and rent and my son is fixing to have surgery. She said an advocate would contact me within 5 days! I’ve seen several people on another website have the same problems we have and they got an advocate and had their money back in 2 weeks. I’m praying they help me something has to give! Never ever ever will I file again in January!! Good luck to everyone this tax season makes me wanna just live off the government and screw them how they’ve done me this year🤣🤣

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    This is some BS!!! I was basically told that my I.D verification is one thing which can take up to 9weeks! My 9 weeks is up 4/29! The letter I got in the mail today is saying I’m under a 60 day review and nobody can tell me why the lady from the IRS didn’t even know 🤣! Besides that she said it’s separate from the I.D verification so I’ll be waiting another 60 damn days from my letter date! She also said it may not take 60days at this point i give up 😩

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    me too I’m so frustrated I’m on hold as we speak!!!

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    I received form 4464c today for 60 day review! Currently on hold waiting for a tax advocate this is ridiculous!

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    my process date is today so I’m hoping for an update soon -_-

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    @ any body help confused
    Filled 1/23 excepted the same day
    ID verification on 2/19
    As of date 3/25/19
    Return due date or return received date whichever is later 4/15/19 3/25/19
    Code’s 806,766,768 all with 4/15/19 dates
    570 3/25/19
    150 tax return filed
    Cycle 20191005 date 3/25/19
    I am so confused on a this just really frustrated and frustrating

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    Okay so I called the IRS and was told my issue was resolved 2/19 I filed 2/11 a joint return accepted the same day then was told on 3/4 I needed to verify After my husband verified and now I’m being told I won’t receive my refund until April 23 but I was told April 18 then April 10 NOW they saying April 23 🤦🏻‍♀️ I never had to deal with this issue before at all and I’ve been filing since I was 19.

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    Hope I verified feb 25th also and still have 9001 code on wmr. I can’t see my transcripts online though but I can have them mailed. I filed in January smh this has been the worse tax season ever!

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    @Hope I have processing date of4/1 on my transcript but also got a letter saying I’m under review and it’ll take another 45-60 days

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    Omg I verified on2/25 and still nothing the only thing that has changed is I can see my transcript as of last week so it looks like my return has been processed but nothing else … am I the only one that hasn’t got there money yet I’m getting so aggravated….. can the ones that got there money this weekend please tell me what there processes date was on there transcript please

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    I verified 3/4 still no update the only thing that has changed is WMR changed on 3/20 from the 9001 code to we have received your return and it is being processed with one bar. I still can’t request transcripts by mail with new address on this years return only can request with old address. So I’m assuming that means this years is not processed . This sucks I see everyone that verified after 3/4 got their refund already . Hoping for a change this week but who knows.

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    Filed 02/16 5017c letter 03/9 verified by phone 03/11 still no update as of today filed with freetaxusa usually file with turbo never waited this long for a refund

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    What was your processing date on your transcript

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    Good morning

    I filed 1/29
    received letter 5071 c 2/25
    verified 2/25
    DDD 3/30

    After all that wait I get my refund thank God, I hope and soon all get their money.

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    Just wondering if Anyone with the processing date of April 1 seen any movement ?

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    Just curious if this is a problem that seems to be from using a certain company to file. I used turbotax and have seen several others say that’s who they used and are having this code 9001 problem. If that’s the case I will be using someone else next year when I file.

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    Shanell Lanier

    Went to verify in person and was told to wait 30-45 days if Don’t rec it to come back after that. They said nothing to me about 9 weeks he said they had my check since March 7th it was a hold for identity because I’ve moved since last year claim they mailed my PIN number to the old address

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    Hello ALL,
    I have been using this site for YEARS now and finally decided this year to post. I normally don’t have a problem with my refund but out the blue this yr most like many, I received the God awful ref code 9001. He is my timeline and I need HELP HELP:
    I filed on 1/28/19 and was accepted the same day
    I lost my bar somewhere between 1/30/19-2/1/19. I kept calling the IRS and being told it was in error, it should change, do nothing…etc..etc….etc.
    I called back on 2/19/19 and was finally told a letter was sent out on 2/14/19.
    I recv’d the letter the same day and verified and passed online on 2/20/19.
    I have called them I don’t know how many times and EVERYTIME I am told something different. I have been told; nothing has changed, I see where you verified but there is no date on when it was done, I don’t see where you verified call the line back, ALLOW 9 WEEKS, ALLOW 9 WEEKS, ALLOW 9 WEEKS.
    I called the IRS yesterday and was told I don’t see where you ever verified, call and verify again. I called the verification ppl b/c they were the ones that said they see it but no date. The lady said I don’t know why they said that b/c I see where it was verified and the hold was removed. She said let me see why you haven’t gotten your money and then said oh I know what happened. She didn’t tell me what happened but assured me after she “did whatever she did” that I will receive my refund within the proper timeframe.
    I don’t know what she did but I think she may have JUST put me back into processing.

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    Thanks for the information Luke. I can finally view my transcript now and it has code 20191305 so hopefully I do get my refund in the next couple of weeks. Just glad to see some change on it finally.

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    Thanks for the information! Now I’m just praying to see some kind of movement bc this is ridiculous! 🤬

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    Filed/Accepted 2/5
    Received ID Verify Letter 2/25
    ID Verified by Phone 2/26
    Has been showing a “We cannot provide any info” with topic 152 and topic 9001 ever since i was accepted back in 2/5.
    Have called 3 times since and on Monday 3/25 I called again and was told I was placed on a 45 day review and I should be receiving the CPO5 letter in the mail soon yet I still haven’t till this day.
    About 3 or maybe 2 weeks ago I wasn’t able to order my account transcripts by mail since I’m using a new address which i also used for my 2018 refund. Just this week I was able to actually order them to receive them via mail. Does this mean my return is being processed? Do i really have to wait all 45 days?

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    @Zee & @Laura

    I’m in almost the same boat…
    The Cycle Date 20191105 is when they actually received your return, from what I understand. Cycle date 20191105 = 3/14/2019
    201911 = the 11th week of 2019
    05 = Thursday
    So, Thursday of the 11th week of 2019 = 3/14/2019.

    I’ve read that people are receiving their direct deposits within 2 weeks of the cycle date, so I’m hoping this weekend.

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    I did id verification in person for 2017 tax return on march 13 2019. I was told wait 9 weeks .he said i would be able to track refund on wmr.com within 48 hrs.so wmr still says no information avail.i just got my transcript which says no return on file.but i spoke to a live rep lastweek and she said im being processed .im so confused to when i will recieve my check inthe mail .and yes i efiled .

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    This is ridiculous. People who verified after me has gotten their money. I haven’t received my state or federal. Filed 01/23 verified 02/21. Just nothing. My transcripts are blank… At this point I’d rather them reject my refund so I can redo

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    This by far is the worse tax year I’ve ever experienced.

    #4320516 Reply

    Ashley Patrocinio

    I did my taxes feb 28 and I verified on March 11 and they said I have to wait till 9 weeks and still no update yet any one still waitting for both refunds

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    I went ahead and requested a paper copy of tbe transcript be mailed to me since I can’t view it online. Don’t know that it will give me any information to help but figured it wouldn’t hurt. Hopefully it doesn’t really take 9 weeks to process the return though.

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    Does anyone know when the next up date is

    #4320218 Reply


    Yes Cory, I can order mine online but they are blank with an as of date of 4/8 that recently updated.

    #4320110 Reply


    We can only hope right lol I’m tired of waiting!!

    #4320090 Reply



    Mines is exactly like yours I’m guessing we wont see any change until 4/1 or maybe this weekend hopefully…..

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    So I got my transcripts today in the mail. I only have code 806,766,768,and 570! Beside all of them it says 4-15-19 except on code 570 it says 4-1-19! My cycle code is 20191105 with 4-1-19 beside it! Then it says return due date or return received date 4-15-19 and below that it says processing date 4-1-19! Can someone please explain what this means to me I’m so lost

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    Waiting * sorry about that

    #4320018 Reply



    Nope I can’t view them online airing for them in the mail when I do request them though it only allows my old address to be put in not my new address on this years return. Not sure what that means? Also I verified on March 4 wmr did update last Wednesday from the 9001 code to we have received your refund and it is being processed. Again not sure if that’s a good sign

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    Laura I recieved my state refund a week after I filed back in the beginning of February. Unfortunately I am still waiting on the federal return after I verified 3/6. The two returns are not connected.
    On another note has anyone that verified around 3/6 been able to even see their transcript yet?

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    Has anyone received their state refund or got an approval and still waiting on federal? I know they come from two different places but my state was approved this morning! Still stuck on 9001 with federal! Today is 4 weeks since I verified over the phone! Hopefully with my state getting approved federal will come soon! Fingers crossed

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    I filed 1/28 was accepted 1/29
    Received 5071c letter 2/14 called and verified my identity 2/15 w tax advocate. No update still. Been reading this form .trying to be patient.. so I called this morning it has been 6 weeks and the tax advocate never put me back in the processing que. So of course this one supposedly put me back into processing 😭 so supposed to wait the 9 weeks. But I’m going to call again next Monday to make sure I’m in the processing que 😡

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    Not sure if this will help anyone, but here is my story.
    I filed 01/26, accepted 01/28. I went from processing to still processing and then I received the infamous error 9001 and my one bar vanished. I called in and was told it was a system error and to ignore it. A few days later I called in again and was told it was due to incorrect wages and I would be receiving a letter in the next 6 weeks or so with the “next steps”. My letter came and it was a 5071C. I verified 03/11 online and that following weekend I updated from and as of 2/25 that was stuck to a 04/01. Apparently when your as of date starts moving again that means you are back in processing. I called in just to make sure and the phone rep said my verify was good. Next week came and my as of pushed out to 04/08.

    A few things I’m noticing. A lot of people flagged for this either filed early or with TT. Secondly, people who verify in person hands down are getting much faster refunds. Lastly, those who keep calling seem to get theirs flagged for additional time.

    I wish everyone the best of luck as this truly sucks! I would just keep an eye on your transcripts as that normally gives you more up to date information over WMR.

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    Janitza Irizarry

    I e filed on 3/7/19
    It pass 1 week then it says on wmr we cannot provide any info at the moment topic 152
    Ref code 9001 i call the irs guy told me it was processing to wait the 21 days but didn’t mentiond the ref code call today and the lady tells me i have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for processing because it says on the system there’s some errors on 3/28 is my 21 days so i dont know what to beleive

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    March 22 my transcript finally showed but no ddd date yet it does have a processing date of April 8th but I was told that date means they have until that day to finish processing my return my cycle date says it was put back into cycle March 21st the irs rep said normally ur refund will deposit 2 weeks from cycle date so that would be the first part of April 🤷‍♀️ Hopefully that is true

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    Quiet observer

    I filed in January and was accepted in January I assume. Kept getting error 9001 when checking WMR. SO on March 1st or 2nd, I contacted IRS and they informed me that I was flagged for needing to be verirified. I never received the letter because I moved. I Went into local office on 3/6 to verify identity in person. 2 weeks went by and still didn’t have any update on WMR and my transcript was still showing N/A. On March 19th I called again and spoke with a tax advocate. They informed me that my identity showed as verified but the agent forgot to put me back into the processing queue. On March 22nd my transcript finally showed up and on March 23rd, WMR finally updated with DDD of March 27th.

    #4319729 Reply


    my transcript cycle code says 20191105 dated 4/1/19 which is 11 weeks. So I just decided to try to figure out where the 11 week part came from and I went back to the day I was accepted 1/14 and my 11 weeks will end on 4/1. So I’m guessing I wont see any movement until 4/1 which is my process date on my transcript……

    #4319716 Reply


    It seems like all of us who verified on 2/25 are having this issue smh

    #4319686 Reply


    @nene I’ve ID verified On 2/25 still no update or ddd yet!

    #4319681 Reply


    I also have code 9001 with tax topic 152 i went to local irs office 3/1/19 to verify a and said it will be processing i called two later cause same code is showing rep said nothing is wrong just to wait my 9 weeks but i have seen people get their return back the same day or a week later after verifying every case is different but does it really take 9 weeks

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    I filed 1/30 I’d verify online 2/27 told processing again called back 3/11 told reversal code was not entered had to call id verify number and have code reversed called back 3/14 told had to wait so requested tax advocate called back 3/21 told could not get any info because assigned to advocate and transcripts did not update but WMR updated today with DDD so i would recommend making sure hold code was reversed by calling verify number again if been longer than 2 weeks

    #4319521 Reply


    Got my transcript but I don’t understand it.
    Account balance the amount I’m getting as of March 25
    Return due date or return revived April 15 2019
    Processing date March 25
    Additional account action pending March 25 don’t understand it

    #4319495 Reply


    Hi guys! I finally got my DDD! Here’s my timeline:

    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    9001 sometime in Feb
    Rcv’d letter 3/4
    Verified ID IN PERSON 3/13
    WMR updated today with 3/27 DDD

    #4319436 Reply


    This is so frustrating. My apartment just filed eviction. Ugh I really need my money ASAP

    My timeline
    Filed 2/11
    9001 code 2/13
    Got ltr to verify ID 3/4
    Verified online 3/4
    Was told it went into processing 3/5
    Yesterday was able to see my transcripts for 2018

    Checked WMR no update and I dont see a deposit date on my transcript. I’m frustrated and don’t know what to do.

    #4319398 Reply


    @Zee I got my state refund way back on Feb 12. Still no update this morning for me:/ I did hear that all of us waiting will be paid interest daily? Anybody know if this is true?!

    #4319378 Reply


    No update for me still stuck on 9001 code

    #4319374 Reply


    @Bosslady thanks. I’ve gotten multiple letters at this point so I’m just taking it day by day. One said I can get 6K more the next saying I owe. Each rep I spoke to told me no everything’s fine we don’t see any hold up on the refund 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    #4319342 Reply


    No update on WMR for me still says being processed 😥 anyone get an update overnight ?

    #4319275 Reply


    @ Amber yes she say it’s under review. That it’s being checked for accuracy 🤷‍♀️ My refund it self is processed from I’d verification but being held until the review is done some say 45 days some saying 60 days never the same story always different

    #4319196 Reply

    Robert Gallegos


    Yea hopefully soon. I’m hoping the WMR will update in the morning because seems like it happens a lot to other people. Fingers Crossed.

    #4319185 Reply


    Well Robert mine says the same thing as your so let’s hope and pray together that this mean we’re fixing to get our money I feel that it’s atleast one step closer anyway

    #4319170 Reply


    Anyone else get their state refund? I just got mines

    #4319051 Reply


    i filed 1/28
    accepted 1/29
    error code 9001 2/01
    verified 2/19
    update this morning ddd 3/27

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