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2019 Reference Code 9001

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    IGMR Admin


    See what happened last year with people who got Code 9001:

    Thanks to our friends at College Investor, here is some more information about Reference Code 9001


    “….IRS Code 9001: “Taxpayer accessed Refund Status using a secondary TIN. Refund Status could not be returned. Get a Primary TIN Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM.”

    The IRS has an entire manual dedicated to errors and problems that they encounter during the course of doing business. Some of these codes are directly related to your tax return, and some are related to you something else. For the most part, codes less than 2000 are related directly to your return. Anything higher (like code 9001), it’s related to something totally different – so right there, stop freaking out…..”

    Read more here:

    Questions about other codes?

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    Holly Burke

    Mine was accepted on the 14th, still got the 9001 code. Pretty simple return, stays consistent each year. I file as a business owner, and claim eitc, so making popcorn and watching. The message will change accordingly, so with IRS being stressed over their current situation, I agree we should reserve phone assistance for those experiencing urgent matters.

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    brandon g

    people stop calling for this. your tying up the lines for ppl that have legitimate issues. especially eitc refunds, we must just wait and start tracking it after the 28th. simple basic returns may go thru as test batch so be happy with that

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    Originally had error code 9001. Filed on 1/14. Accepted 1/14. As of today, I am now able to track my status again and will be receiving my refund on 1/28.

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    I filed my return on 1/14, was accepted on 1/15 and started getting code 9001 the next morning. Called the IRS on 1/22 and was told not to worry about anything that everything was still processing and that was more than likely the reason i was seeing the code. They said you should only worry if you filed electronically and the 21 days had passed and you had not received your return. This morning my bars were back, estimated DD of 1/28.

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    My return was accepted on 1/16 at noon. As of this morning my status is still showing the 125/9001 message. I know some people have already been approved and are set to get their refunds on 1/28. Is anyone who got accepted on or before 1/16 gotten approved.

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    I’m sure she will get the same message if she checks tomorrow. On the 28th no one should be getting that message. Some early birds are already going to get their refund in the 28th.

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    I too am receiving the 9001 code and I was accepted the 15th as an early bird. My friend at work was accepted today and she is not receiving this code. It gives her the bar.

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    Holly Burke

    Ha! Someone spell checked “shit down”🤣 I’m sorry guys, I had no update on my end. Final countdown though, eh….

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    I got this for the first time this year AFTER I had one bar dating accepted (test batch). I’m the primary ssn and this drive me crazy for awhile until I decided to put the secondary ssn in and… Tadaa… One bar is back

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    Tawny M Watson

    I got the same message but was told by proffesional tax lady not to worry its not being processed till the 28th. Also all those worried about it being an audit code.. IT IS NOT DURING THE SHUTDOWN THE IRS HAS SUSPENDED ALL AUDITS of course computer can send out letters but they should not be taken in consideration during shit down they are automated the only irs working offices or departmemts as of now are tax theft devision proccesing and very very limited call reps. You can view the operations contingency plan in full here

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    Just called it’s and spoke to someone, showed my refund has been received but not processed until 28th…. was told to ignore code 9001 as system glitch….everyone stay calm and have patience

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    Thanks Nicole.

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    After the first time to get an update saying they accepted the return you went to able to see another update until january 29 2019 , as they autual start processing them

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    I just spoke with IRS. The only reason people are receiving 9001 is because refunds are not being processed until January 28th. They instructed me not to worry about the code.

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    brandon g

    just so u guys know. these haven’t been sent to the IRS yet so they are just stockpiling ATM. right now the codes mean nothing, it’s just a generic message were getting. only a few who gave very simple returns will be test runs . eitc guys just wait it out. we’ve got about a month. granted you get no I’d verifications or any other letters. I expect ddd starting on the 25th

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    Not sure but mine were accepted early and one day after showing accepted I got the same error.

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    It’s an error or a glitch that can happen on batch runs. You just gotta wait and not worry.

    I’ve been filing for years too with the same info…i got 9001 bc I was I was in an early test batch. Most likely will be cleared when things are actually running. Everyone be calm. Gonna be ok.

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    Monica brown

    Re 9001 152

    If you filed and received a refund with EIC, you will not get an update or refund notification until mid Feb 2019. The same thing as last year. 152 code for people who filed with this code can expect refund updates beginning Feb 10 thru 14

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    brandon g

    God these forums are annoying. read people. for Christ sake read

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    Tashara, as long as the government shutdown continues, it will be hard to get someone on the phone. The error code should be fixed on 1/28 when IRS officially starts processing returns. I’m hopeful the early birds will be refunded on the 29th or 30th.

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    Yes … I do know I agreed w everyone else..

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    brandon g

    I believe everyone has it. it has nothing to do with checking it bc that doesn’t even make sense. it’s just an error nothing more. also most websites have incorrect or generic info.. so just take a deep breath everything is fine

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    Debbie T

    Rhonekia, I don’t believe so…I filed on the 11th and only checked the mornings of the 12th, 13th, and 14th. On the 14th, my return had been accepted and I had one bar. The next morning (15th) I had the 9001 message. I have checked too often in past years and I got a very simple statement that said I had checked too often. Also, this explanation of the 9001 message talks about using the wrong SSN or TIN to access their refund status. I only have one SSN and have been filing returns for 52 years without ever a problem so I know I didn’t access my refund status using the wrong number.

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    I believe it’s when you check the website to much. They can see how many times you check and they starts to think why is this person checking so much and that raises flag and they stat to think maybe it’s identity thief so then they give the 9001 code so that you can call and verify it. That’s what I think.

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    Same thing happened to me i filed last week one day after i check saw the box as normal next day got the 9001 code. And IRS is closed.

    Must be an error

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    Holly Burke

    There IS some good info within the thread. Worth skimming over at least. Others are experiencing the same and have posted their findings.

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    brandon g

    Kristina ya know this thread is dedicated to ,9001 right?

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    brandon g

    have you not read a single post Kathy…..

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    Kathy Harris

    9001 what does it means?

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    Same as everyone else accepted on 14th now saying 9001 ref. I hope it’s just due to shutdown and overload

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    Yes! Filed and IRS received on the 1/14/19. Changed from received/acceoted to 9001 code. Lets wait and see 😀

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    The same thing happened to me. I filed on 1/10 and was accepted on 1/16. One day I check the status and my return is on the first bar. Then a day later get the 152/9001 message. It must be a computer glitch.

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    Same here. I was accepted 1/14 and had one bar for a few hours. The next day, code 9001 appeared and has stayed since.

    There is nothing we can do at all, until the IRS opens. And even then, due to the shutdown, getting hold of anyone will be a nightmare.

    Hopefully, crossing fingers, it’s a computer glitch and we get updated when the IRS opens.

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    Holly Burke

    Spoken like true G, brandon g!🤑 Good advice, and peace of mind. …..still sucks waiting to make sure everything is good

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    brandon g

    stop worrying so much. dad is still about 40 days out for us eitc peeps. and your state refund should be in weeks before that. patience ppl the software is kicking off normal reference numbers. so just buckle in and when they turn the lights back on, we’ll have a path act message for a few weeks and then our ddd. I’m guessing the 27th for us super early filers. I was accepted on Monday the 14th.

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    Holly Burke

    At least you are all researching and have seen other folks with the same experience. It’s the most info you’ll find until IRS has the handful of people answering the phones, soon, they say. They thought early filers were overwhelming this year, just wait to see the call volume that’s about to begin. With everything kicking off the new year so negatively, let’s cling to some faith and hope it’s all changing for the better as we wait. Too easy to go to the dark side, battle it with joy.
    #easier said I know

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    Tay Tay

    I filed on Jan 13, my return was accepted on the 15th. I checked the status yesterday and it said it was accepted, I checked it today and seen that message with reference number 9001. At first I was concerned but after researching a bit I have seen that this was a common technical issue last year. However, its going to be much more difficult to get through to speak to someone because I don’t believe they have any live assistance due to the shutdown.

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    Holly Burke

    Correction: the link states to have your info for 2017 ready when checking the status of your refund through wmr. It is not yet being updated until kick-off.

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    Holly Burke

    Sorry to blow this forum up, but I did also want to point out the fact that, the link for topic 152 is outdated. That probably means nothing, other than the IRS is not currently involved with updates to wmr. The link is still instructing you to have your current tax info, for 2017, available when you call. I believe this will automatically update, just before the 28th.

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    Holly Burke

    I have thoroughly researched the possibility of a system error, and I’m confident this is the cause, for the majority. Based on my own current experience, as well as the fact that it has happened in previous years, I’m leaning toward an IRS “system over load” error. After all, when utilizing any testing method, there will be a chance of producing ‘bad’ results. Please keep your faith in their ability to make necessary corrections. (Or this will suck more)

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    Holly Burke

    Filed 1/4/2019, and was received by IRS on 1/14/2019. Checked wmr and it changed from showing “received” to “no info, code 152/ref#9001”. I checked it twice, through IRS app, and it auto-filled my correct info. I did NOT at any time, enter my info incorrectly.

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    Veronica P

    I filed January 12, 2019. Was accepted on January 13th, 2019. It was saying processing and did the WMR today and it gives me Tooic 152 with reference code 9001. What is that???

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    I got the same message…on the 14 it said it was excepted now is get the 9001..what should I do? I called but their not working right now..

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    brandon g

    I’ve read many different sites. few agree upon what it actually is. most lean with the generic irs answer, entering SSN wrong or something which doesn’t make sense. this is the first year claiming my daughter, usually her mom does. but she lost that privelage this year! and of course no one is home to answer at irs . classic. hope we get some info soon

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    What if WMR says ‘no information’ and then has ”Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.” below?

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    IGMR Admin
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    IGMR Admin

    See what happened last year with people who got Code 9001:

    Questions about other codes?

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