2018 EIC / ACTC Filers

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    OK, we know were are among the ones that will be Held again this year! Lets keep each other updated and supported through this LONG ordeal again!

    Who has Filed already?
    Who will file Soon?
    Who isn’t in a rush?

    I haven’t filed yet, not in a rush but I will file as soon as I receive my last W2. Not chasing the FB groups like last year lol

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    @jenny youngs
    Actually it’s a relief to hear that you’re on still processing and accepted on 1 29 cause I’m the same as you I do recall last year mine sat on processing and then just popped up ddd out of nowhere



    Thank you Johnny Tombstone. Hope your right…with bills piled up and a family, each day that goes by without the funds really hurts. I know many are in the same boat. I’m using Netspend with fees paid up front next year. We cant go through this again. THANKS AGAIN.


    Jonny Tombstone

    @RayC there is a good chance.



    As much as we all want our refunds and don’t have them yet, I find it funny that there are people who are so insistent on telling those that do have their monies already that they DO NOT. It’s as if you know exactly how they filed, who they filed with, what type of filing they chose to do, etc.

    Unless you sleep with these people and pay their bills, please stop telling these people information about their lives that you do not know.

    This forum has turned into one heck of a joke.



    I have a 2/22/18 DDD .What are the odds I see a DD Come Tuesday? I used my Credit Union.



    Let me also add that I used Turbotax, bought the downloadable program, and did no type of loan. It is a direct deposit from the IRS. My credit union shows:
    Deposit ACH 916 IRS Treas 310 (tax ref) +$5,837.00




    I am not advertising for anything. I updated you all on 2/16 on this thread because my deposit is available in my credit union account as of 2/16. My credit union releases money the day it hits the bank. It’s a credit union from Georgia and I haven’t lived there in 10 years. I now live in Tennessee but I kept them for this very reason. I’d gladly show you a screenshot of my deposit. It’s really in there. It really just depends on when your financial institution releases funds. Most will wait till 2/22. Just fyi my WMR status currently states “We have received your tax return and it is being processed….” Yet I have money in my account.



    No- she didn’t.

    If someone is *actually* getting their refund early, it’s because they chose to get what is essentially a LOAN against their coming refund through the tax preparer. That company is giving the person a LOAN for the amount of the refund, less the fees and interest, that will be paid back when the refund ACTUALLY arrives.

    So if her refund was $4000, they might say that they’ll give her $3600 and will just keep her refund when it does come in.

    It’s a cash advance scheme. Some people feel it’s worth it. But no one’s refund is actually a week, or several, early.



    Never thought of it that way,
    But some people did, I know this is exactly what u just said lol but my neighbor used Jackson Hewitt and got hers yestetday


    Jenny Youngs

    Is there any more big updates supposed to be coming? I have the message we are processing. That is the only message I have had. Filed 1/29 accepted same day. ETC, ATC, adoption credit.



    People – these flurry-posters who say they’re getting their DDD 2/22 refunds already are marketing for their company. “I used to use BlahBlah bank (their competitor) but it was such a HASSLE. This year, I used what my best friend’s mother’s boyfriend’s accountant step-daughter uses: BlipBlop Bank’s RainbowDazzle card. And I got my refund already!”

    They’re trying to convince you to use them next year. Don’t get worked up about people having those refunds already. They don’t; it’s BS.



    Filed and accepted 2/01/2018 still no progress
    2 bar tt152 since forever. Eitc ctc and had turbo tax take fees out. Normally i dont pay attention to the process but man this year different. Should have paid fees up front.



    Filed 1/24 accepted the same day! No update with the BIG update. No bars tax topic 152 still able to see expected refund generic processing message. Just want to know what’s going on! Never had this problem before.



    I use Tax Act and opted to pay my fees with money from my refund. In the years past, Republic Bank did not show my money being received until the day before and did not send mt refund to my Amex Serve card until the day It was supposed to be deposited. I felt like I was cheated because the only reason I opted to get my funds on the Amex serve card was the fact that they said “get your federal return 2-3 days early with Amex serve”. I now will pay my fees up front and save money and get it 2-3 days early. Republic bank charges $35 just to send my funds to my Amex Serve card. What a racket! They are making millions of us who chose not to pay the fees up front.



    for people that used the emerald card
    i have used hrb for years and always got my money the day of or a day before also they dont hold funds whenever irs release them the bank load them onto ur card within an hour . it just depends when the irs lift the hold off your account .. heres a link from the bofl bank

    The Bank does not hold funds from Tax Returns. We invite you to determine the date your tax refund will be delivered by checking the status of your return online at: https://www.irs.gov/Refunds.

    You can contact an H&R Block agent that would be happy to help you identify the date you will receive your Tax Return at (800) HRBLOCK or (800) 472-5625



    Does netspend give funds before the DDD? Not in a rush for our refund just curious as this is our first year using a netspend card. Our old bank we got our refund the day before our DDD usually.


    Adrian Williams

    just pay me please I’m at Chase also. I hope you’re wrong. I’m thinking the 20th.



    So I have a DD of 2/22. Does anyone else show a tax topic 203?? I called the hotline and they said nothing is showing up for me and honestly idk what could possibly cause me an offset.



    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 1/30
    Just updated today to DD of 2/22

    Thursday can’t get here fast enough



    Checked WMR this morning updated to a 2/22 DDD!!! Should have it by next week yay!



    Filed 1/20/18 Jackson Hewitt
    Accepted 1/22/18
    Path message 1/24/18
    Updated to processing message 2/16/18
    Updated to return approved 2/17/18
    DDD 2/22/18 2nd bars around 6:45 CST approved with Topic 203 (offset for unemployment over payment)
    Money deposited to my american express serve card at 5:45am 2/17/18
    Claimed both EIC and ACTC

    Hope this helps, thanks for all the great info.
    Good luck everyone…See you all next year!!!! the wait may be over for some but to those this waiting its on its way trust that!!



    @Crystal lol ikr the magically piscean they’re!!!



    Filed Fed and state with Tax Act on 1/15. Fed accepted on 1/16. Woke up this morning with a 2/22 DDD. My last 6 returns have been in my account on a Thursday morning, so this fits the trend.



    I been using EZTAXRETURN.com for years,almost 6,and having my refund DD into my Credit Union. Last year and this year has been awful however…all the waiting. Either the Tax act/path law needs to go,or I’m going to start having my refund put on netspend. Does anyone know if the new tax code that took affect will get rid of this stupid law? Or is it going to be continued? I simply see no benefit of said tax act.



    Received refund this morning on AmexServ
    DDD of 2/22
    Filed on 1/27
    Accepted on 1/29


    just pay me please


    I filed on 1/26
    accepted on 1/29
    now have DDD of 2/22
    My sister has the same DDD and she got her money at 3:30am on her serve card
    I Bank with chase so it may not be available to me until the 2/22
    I don’t mind just glad to know it was finally approved
    GOOD LUCK ALL !!!!



    Its business days NOT counting weekends!!! So its not been 21 yet.



    I now have updated to refund approved with a dd date of 2/22. I use bluebird American Express and I filed through turbo tax. Does anyone know whether funds are sent out to the banks over the weekend? Wondering if it will post to bluebird this weekend?



    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/26
    Both credits
    SBTB fees
    No ddd, no updates anywhere

    Today is 22nd day since acceptance :(



    Few thoughts…..is the IRS operating today? I have a DD for 2/22. I am using the Turbo Prepaid Card (Thought Turbo used Netspend ) I know I saw on the tread that The prepaid cards would be running all weekend BUT if the IRS still has me on two bars, wouldn’t the IRS have to be on status of sent before my bank could start processing



    Nothing pending yet for HRB card … users who have this, ive read about them holding the funds is this true? I should have used my Penfed account 🤔



    Filed 2/1 approved 2/1 never went to path mess and WMR gave second bar withh DDD of the famous 2/22 . Good luck to everyone still waiting.



    Filed 2/7
    Accepted 2/7
    Approved today 2/17 with DDD of 2/22
    Congrats to everyone who has received DDD and Good luck to everyone else.



    DDD of 22nd, thank God. Seems like it has been an eternity.



    DDD for 2/22 this morning, it’s over! Well almost just need SBTPG to send my funds to my bank…..


    Adrian Williams

    @momx3 I’m betting on the 20th, just because they said “BY THE 22ND”



    Filed 1/30/18
    Accepted same day
    Path message 2/3/18
    Updated to processing message 2/16/18
    Updated to return approved 2/17/18
    DDD 2/22/18
    Claimed both EIC and ACTC

    Hope this helps, thanks for all the great info.
    Good luck everyone…See ya next year..lol



    I have Navy Fed also but for the last 5 years they always allow me to get my refund a day early. So on 2/21 we can call and have funds released




    I have nfcu ….you can call on the 21st to have it released at the earliest. Now as to whether or not they will release it on their own before then. I am not sure but more than likely they won’t.


    Bri S

    I got selected for review have to wait until I get a letter from them…. went to hr block to file paid for peace of mind they’re going to have to handle this



    Filed 2/6
    Accepted 2/6
    DDD 2/22/2018

    Thank you to all of you for your great info. See you next year!!



    Anyone else have Navy Federal Credit Union???

    Filed on 1/27, accepted on 1/29
    EIC and CTC
    Small offset
    Cycle date 20180504

    I checked my acct yesterday evening. My deposit is pending. I called to see if it could be released to my acct. The rep said it was too early. It’s showing 2/22. Has anyone else’s deposit hit their acct. Do you think it’ll be released before the 22nd?


    Jenny Youngs

    Filed with TT and accepted on 1/29, on 1/30 I got the message that it was being processed TT 152. I never had any bars, I still have the same message. I am only able to order my transcripts through the mail. EITC, ATC and adoption credit.



    Just checked wmr app and nothing. Checked irs site wmr and I have a DDD for 2/22. Good luck and see y’all next year!



    Just checked……….DDD 2/22/2018!!! Could it come early even tho we used Jackson Hewitt? And on a Wal-mart payroll card?



    Wife just checked hers. DDD 2/22 also.



    USAA? Anyone with USAA have their money drop yet? I have nothing yet. USAA is usually pretty fast.



    Super excited!! DDD is set for 2/22!!!



    Update-filed 1-29 DDD of 2-22. If the irs2go app hasn’t changed check the actual where’s my refund website . It had updated but the app has not for me anyway. Good luck



    @Crystal IKR what a magical season this has been all entailed through a piscean sign lol

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