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    OK, we know were are among the ones that will be Held again this year! Lets keep each other updated and supported through this LONG ordeal again!

    Who has Filed already?
    Who will file Soon?
    Who isn’t in a rush?

    I haven’t filed yet, not in a rush but I will file as soon as I receive my last W2. Not chasing the FB groups like last year lol

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    Filed on the 27th
    Accepted 1/29.. I’m not expecting anything till around Feb 23rd like last year. ..



    I am able to order 2017 transcripts. Does that mean my return is completed or am I waiting for 2018 transcripts. First year viewing these and unsure what year I should see.



    Filed with Turbo Tax – 1/26
    Accepted – 1/26
    EIC & CTC
    Have one bar on WMR with the topic 152 message as of today.
    Transcript is not showing



    Filed with Turbo Tax– 1/26
    Accepted – 1/26
    EIC & CTC
    Have one bar on WMR Tax topic 152 was the only message as of today


    I finally Filed today. I was Acknowledged and Accepted within 30 min….The Wait BEGINS…..



    I updated to PATH message! One step closer!



    Filed and accepted 1/19 and have been sitting on one bar since. I have EIC and was able to order both transcripts just now, through mail, never can view them online due to mortgage being sold and account number changing which is stupid.

    I’m usually a weekly. Hoping for an update next week at least. 😑



    I lost my one bar last night just have a generic message that states: Refund Status Results
    Print your Refund Results for your records. Take the survey.

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

    IRS Privacy Policy
    File 1/22 accept 1/23 Turbo Tax
    Transcripts not available yet
    I’m a weekly I’m in SC
    Eic but no ctc



    Did any of my fellow PATHers NOT get an update last night? I filed on 1/19 and been at one bar since 1/22. I didn’t update to the PATH message so not sure if something is wrong or maybe I’m just not in the test batch and have to wait till 1/29.



    filed 1/18, had 1 bar on friday, updated overnight to PATH act. im estimating ill receive money 2/22 based on last year. I am a weekly my federal usually deposits on a thursday



    @MrsStingel2016 Yes have EIC. I also have an offset though (Topic 203). Called the number and just says to contact the collection agency that has my student loan, may be offset. Doesn’t give an amount they will take. I really hope they don’t but I have a feeling they are going to take it and I’ll see none of it Wednesday. :(


    cheryl e kendrick

    got path message this morning knew I would because of eic. just waiting now



    @jerrica: You have EITC or ACTC and you have a DDD for 1/31? That’s awesome! Wish I’d slipped through like that! Congrats! I updated to the PATH message this morning so I feel confident I’ll be in the first batch up deposits for PATH. I expect that to be Wednesday, February 21st since I’m a weekly and update on Friday nights. Dailies I expect could see deposits as early as the 15th or 16th, but I’m banking on the 19th. So it’s not two far off. Better than getting it in March last year!



    I’m a weekly. Filed 1/19 accepted 1/22. Updated to the path message this morning. I’m anxious to get my money like everyone else lol but I’ve gone this long, I can hold out a couple more weeks.

    I was able to order my transcript tho. Which is nice. I needed a copy anyways.



    Ordered transcripts this past week, checked this morning and my refund was approved with a DDD of 01/31



    Same. Filed with TT 1/19, accepted 1/21. Only have EITC. I’m a weekly ever since I had an offset about 5 years ago for student loans. It finally updated to PATH this morning. Good luck everyone! I’ll post again when It gets deposited.



    I’m the same as everyone else. Yesterday I had one bar and this morning I’ve just got the PATH message. I read somewhere that the PATH message means that they are finished with you and everything is good, just waiting on the day when they can release the refund…anyone know if that’s true? It would be awful to wait until mid February just to find out that somethings wrong.

    Filed 2/23
    Accepted 2/23



    Mine were accepted on Jan 17 and over night my status changed to the path act, so we will see. I have both the EIC, and Child tax credit.



    Ahhhh wish we could edit post. That should read : my DDD not dad ….😒 Auto correct



    I also received the path act over night

    Transcripts show a processed date of 2/12
    Filed 1/22 accepted 1/23
    Now we just wait and see …my thoughts are that my dad will go out on the 12th to be received by the 15th at the turbo tax bank….and maybe I’ll get it the 17th …if not the the 20th since that Monday is presidents day and also my birthday 😄😄.

    Anyways I am not sure why everyone says the IRS said the 27th….everything I saw when I looked said no one with eic or actc will receive their funds before the 15th.

    I guess we shall see what they do.



    Just got the PATH ACT message overnight. Whew!
    Last year my DDD was 2/24 and I actually got it on 2/22. I think we will get them earlier this year. My as of date on my transcripts, including offset for 2016, is 2/12/2018. Will keep y’all posted.



    My Bars went away… New Message –

    According to the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, the IRS cannot issue refunds before mid-February for tax returns that claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. This applies to the entire refund, even the portion not associated with these credits.

    Check Where’s My Refund in mid- to late February for your personalized refund status. It’s updated once a day and remains the best way to check the status of your refund.



    And that was with EITC.



    @PhickDiva No worries. Sometimes things can come out differently or be interpreted wrong when it comes to text lol. It’s just unheard of now to get an early deposit with EITC or ACTC. In fact, last year was the first year I filed EITC or ACTC as I married a man with kids. In 2015, I’m not really expecting any activity on mine until at least the 15th. I have two kids, although only claim one each year, but I have EITC and ACTC. That’s why I was so surprised to find out I could order transcripts and using my new address. That’s the only way I know there’s anything going on. Any updated to WMR would surprise me and an approval with a DDD would blow me out of the water. I’m hoping that things go smoothly this year with people getting updates so soon.

    As far as mistakes and having to pay money back, I would think it would be on the government, but you know how they are at admitting they made a mistake. They’ll do everything they can to pin it on you before they man up and admit it.



    @MrsStingel2016 I also received my refund on 2/3/17 last year, so it did happen. I don’t know if they let the test batch through to deposit early to test the entire process? Possibly that’s the answer. But I did receive it on that day. I was as surprised as everyone else.



    @MrsStingel2016: Didn’t mean to seem like I was yelling. My apologies.

    Do you think you’ll get an approval Saturday?

    I don’t understand how approved messages and DDD’s are going out already.

    Your theory about the IRS wanting to push through things as soon as possible to avoid another shutdown sounds nice, but what if they screw up? Would we have to pay any of this money back, you think? Or suffer next year?



    @PhickDiva No need to yell, I was just stating what the law was. Definitely lucky, that’s for sure. I had to wait all the way until March last year. Whatever the case they are moving pretty quickly from what I can tell this year. I was accepted on Monday and my address has already been updated. I’m a weekly so my transcripts don’t usually update until Friday and then I usually get a change on WMR Saturday morning. The prospect of another government shutdown may be putting pressure on the IRS to get things done quickly this year.



    @PhickDiva I agree, they can’t put everyone in the same boat, but it seems I’m one of those people along with many others. Never had an issue with taxes being messed up, yet still delayed. I’m hoping they don’t do this forever.



    @MrsStingel2016: YES, I DID. My daughter is almost 7-years-old now.

    With the exception of the year after she was born and I got audited and had to go through this whole song and dance to prove I was her mother {give copies of my DL, birth certificate, etc}, I have ALWAYS gotten accepted before the end of January and received my money no later than 2/8 or 2/9. The year I got audited, I didn’t get my refund until like June or July. They really took me through the wringer. But it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

    You can’t put everyone that claims EITC in the same boat. I don’t know if I’ve gotten “lucky” or have managed to slip through the cracks, but hey. I’m not complaining. :)



    @emphnk: The refund code is 846 and is usually the last code on the transcript. It’s usually not there until the day before your WMR gives you a DDD.



    Transcripts finally viewable online. Filed 1/19. Accepted 1/21. Says everything has been processed. Shows refund Cycle date of 20180404
    Anyone know what that cycle code gives me for a DDD?



    Guess I will add my timeline. I have ACTC, filed 1/24 this year, accepted 20 minutes later. WMR says accepted topic 152.

    Last year I filed around the same time, but my return was pulled for further identification. I had to call in and confirm my identity. Because of that, my return was delayed until March. No idea what or why my return was flagged. Same address, same phone number, my return has been going direct deposit into the same exact bank account for going on 20 years now. Had a friend who moved and had to change banks, so he had different address, different phone number and different bank, but his return went through, no issues.

    Whatever…. Hopefully this year is better.



    My return was accepted on 1/23 last year and our refund was not in our bank until a month later. I expect the same this year though TT is giving me a deposit date of Feb 12th so who knows.



    @PhickDiva You were lucky to get yours early then. I know I was delayed last year.



    @PhickDiva: You got your money on 2/3/17 last year with having EITC?? No one with EITC / ACTC got their money before the 15th last year due to the PATH act. Anyone with EITC/ACTC this year won’t get it before 15th. IRS says the 27th will be the first but I believe the 21st will be the first deposit date for us PATH filers.



    @MrsStingrl2016 Was able to order both transcripts just now.



    This year I filed yesterday, 1/23/18, and was accepted same day.

    Hoping for a DDD of 02/09/18 like the rest of us early birds.


    Filed via TT with EITC {1 dependent} on 1/9/2017.

    IRS accepted on 1/13/2017.

    DDD was 2/3/2017.



    Accepted 19th



    @jerrica: I’ve never actually received blank transcripts. If they’ve done anything with your return at all the information will be there. The transcripts are really good for knowing what codes you have and your cycle. Most of us should have a freeze code and then an 846 code when the refund is released. I still can’t access mine online yet. I’ve been trying for the last couple of years.



    @MrsStingrl2016 I haven’t tried to order transcripts. I read if your refund hasn’t been processed you’ll receive them blank, I don’t know if there’s any truth to that or not. Maybe after a few years they’ll get rid of this holding crap, at least I hope!



    @rellyohboy: Right! I’m grabbing the movies and putting them on standby for when this show gets boring lol!!!



    Filed early this morning with TT Freedom Edition. Accepted this afternoon with first bar on WMR. State still pending.

    Joint return, W2, 1099-misc, EITC, CTC. Nothing else.

    Time to grab the popcorn, sit back and watch the show. No obsessing this year. 😉



    @jerrica: I agree 100%. This path stuff is for the 🦅! I’m seeing more movement this time, though. I moved his past year and just for the heck of it tried to get my transcripts mailed to me this morning. When I put in my old address it told me the info didn’t match, but when I put in my new address it let me order my return transcript. Now that I think of it, usually when there’s no transcript the system will tell me there isn’t one and ask me to choose another year or type of transcript. Hmmm…



    @MrsStingrl2016 Which is ridiculous in my opinion. We shouldn’t have to wait that long. I think the IRS really just wants to stall on paying everyone.
    As far as the test batch, I’ve only read from others that if you are accepted before opening day you are part of it. I agree that does not guarantee a DD any sooner.



    A lot of people don’t. I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade, just don’t want anybody being misled by that date and then getting upset when it’s not here by that date. Technically us pathers have 21 days after February 15th before we can say anything lol



    @MrsStingrl2016 Yes I didn’t even realize that lol.



    @Tara Kline: You were accepted on the 20th then, right?



    Mine says edd 2/9
    With eic credit



    @jerrica: I have the 2/12 date too. Doesn’t mean we are in the test batch. That’s the 21 day estimate that TurboTax makes. 2/12 is 21 days after 1/22.



    So I guess I was part of the test batch, filed on the 20th and accepted on the 22nd. Have the EIC. Just checked Turbo Tax and it’s showing an estimated refund date of February 12th for me. Now I don’t know if this date will be correct considering the returns with EIC are suppose to be delayed, but I’ll be sure to update everyone if I do get it then.



    Filed early as usual. This year 1/4/18
    Accepted by IRS 1/19/18
    Ordered both transcripts this morning.

    Last year filed 1/6/17 accepted 1/12/17 and refund on 2/15/17
    I’m not expecting a refund until at least mid February because I receive EIC.
    Last year I was able to order transcripts super early. I believe mine are completed and now it’s just a waiting game for refund. Really hoping for no more government shutdowns because that’s another delay.
    My WMR is only one bar with tax topic 152



    They’re doing something. I moved this past year so the last address the IRS had was my old one that I filed with yesterday. I ordered my transcript this morning and it said the information didn’t match when I put in the old address, but when I put in the new address it went through as normal. I really believe if I hadn’t had an offset last year I would have been in the first batch of pathers. Maybe I will be this year!



    E-filed through TT on Saturday afternoon, 1/20.

    Fed return accepted 1/22 at 4:32pm
    NY return accepted 1/24 at 11:19am.

    (Filed: Married, joint. 3 children. Standard deduction. EITC and CTC.)

    Not in a rush but obviously, we’d like it to be sitting in our account ASAP. :P I’m annoyed enough already that the IRS keeps delaying the season. Ten years ago, it was unheard of for us to get the refund any further past mid-January. They APOLOGIZED when it didn’t operate correctly until January 3rd. Then it became the norm. Then they kept pushing that date further and further, then saying that certain people wouldn’t get anything until weeks later. And that became the norm. Now we just wait because they’re going to do whatever they want to do.



    We filed one of our taxes last night. Was accepted today. (we split the kids, not married). I know we won’t see until mid to late Feb but glad to have one done and over with. Our other one won’t be filed until the end of the week/beginning of Feb.



    Last year I filed January 6, accepted January 12, but I didn’t see my refund until March 7th. That was because of the Feb 15 required waiting plus I had an offset that they took forever to take. No offset this year so hopefully I’ll be with one of the first batches of Path filers to get theirs. I’m hoping the middle of February, but will probably be closer to the end. I just hope not to see March again with no refund! MizuSeirei I can see the reasoning behind your thinking. But if you wait until the 14th to file you’ll be definitely behind. Our refunds aren’t held for processesing, at least from what I experienced last year. My refund was actually processed before the 15th, but held up because of that plus my offset made it even longer. I always file as soon as I can each year. Gets it out of the way so I don’t have to worry about it. I’ll get engrossed in this semester as I’m doing my master’s project and may even forget about it until I receive it!



    I have decided to wait to file this year. I figured well….. Since my taxes will not be processed until the 15th of Feb anyway, why rush it at all? I may just wait until the 14th to file.



    I have CTC and EITC. I filed through TT on 1/19 was accepted this morning. Last year I filed around the same time and got my refund on Feb 15th. Hopefully it’s the same this year.


    cheryl e kendrick

    just got accepted I have eic last year got refund on the 22nd



    Just got notice my return was accepted! Now we just have to wait.



    Mine hasn’t been accepted as of yet. Probably a lot of people submitted over the weekend.



    My return was accepted this morning so I guess we will see what happens



    To answer Sierra and MrsStingel2016:

    The IRS will not officially open for returns until January 29th, but some e-Filed returns are accepted early as part of a test batch. This gives the automated submission system a chance to be tested and work out any “bugs” before the official opening date.

    If you’ve been accepted already, it will most likely not mean your refund will arrive sooner, mainly because of the EIC/ACTC holds. If you haven’t been accepted yet, NO STRESS, you will most likely see movement on the 29th when things are more official. (Or you may still be accepted early.) This processing phase is automated, so it shouldn’t be impacted by the shutdown.



    Update: I was finally able to file, just had to go through deleting the 8863 form so it would refresh to the one that was available. Submitted tonight. I didn’t think returns were accepted until the season officially opened, which would be the 29th. Am I incorrect on that?






    Has anyone filed and not been accepted from the its yet? Usally i get accepted like an hour or 2 after I file but its been 2 days and nothing.


    Ebony Wilson

    Hey how are you? I have filed this passed weekend but I have the eitc and I filed aound this time last year and got my refund like the 20th of Feb, But I am more concerned about this year because of the gov shutdown I see that they are saying it should not affect our refunds but thats only if the shutdown does not drag out to too many weeks, but honestly I dont understand any of it because they say we will be affected and then they say we wont and for your question on the education credit I have no idea if they will even be open to answer that. My aunt works for the IRS in Texas and I have been dreading to call her an see whats really happening because the news is very confusing



    Haven’t been able to file yet as I also have education credits and the forms aren’t available to file yet. Everything is ready to go though, I’ve even paid my filing fee already. Not really in a rush as it’s just going to be used to move in August. Last year I had an offset as it was the first year my husband and I filed together so it took forever for them to release it. Finally got it around the third week of February. No offset this year so hopefully it won’t be too long after the holds are released.



    Still waiting for w2 not holding my breat they always mail ON JAN 31. In a rush but I hey aren’t



    Filed already, both EIC & ACTC for me. On the same timeline as last year, with the added variable of the shutdown. Last year, got credited by DD on Feb. 22nd after being accepted on Jan. 18th. (Same number of kids, and roughly the same Gross Income.)

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