2018 EIC / ACTC Filers

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    OK, we know were are among the ones that will be Held again this year! Lets keep each other updated and supported through this LONG ordeal again!

    Who has Filed already?
    Who will file Soon?
    Who isn’t in a rush?

    I haven’t filed yet, not in a rush but I will file as soon as I receive my last W2. Not chasing the FB groups like last year lol

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    Hostility.. I don’t think it’s right to be negative towards people. Knowledge is power and there are people here truly trying to educate themselves and the negativity is not speeding up anyone’s refund. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. That is not why I come here. I get paid for what I do 365 a year. These forums help me see when refunds get released current WMR updates , to track my own date etc. If you are offended by my post I’m sorry but not everyone here knows about tax advocates. It may come in handy if Anyone runs into any snags with the IRS , if you can prove your hardship they will help you, if you already know that then no reason to be negative because a lot of people do not.



    Thank you Momjess, negasonic teenage warhead, Lance, brideofchaotica, & Geishadol_39.



    Guess you can’t edit your post where spellcheck when you need it .. lol



    Is lance a tax prof??…or just a forum junkie, your insights are great especially for those who need it. Having the time to respond to everyone is awesome.This is my career and transcripts are best way to get an early answer about you refund ,every year it goes a little different so I monitor these forums to see if there are audit , ID verify and notice patterns because each year they move differently .Cycle codes do not give you refund date they give you weekly or daily updates. There is no exact way other then seeing it processed 846 refund issues on the account transcript to tell when you will get your refund. Good luck all ,as long as you legally filed your taxes you will be fine. If you have any issues with your refund getting held up and your in hardship , please contact your local tax advocate they will guide you through the process and get your refund released stat. Good luck all



    @Skittlez I have codes 150, 806, 766 and 768. Next to 806, it says “W2 or 1099 withholding”. The amount next to 806 is the correct amount of our w2 withholding combined with my 1099 withholding amount, so I know that includes my 1099. SSA.gov had my self employment income on their since 2/2. I filed on 1/30.



    Filed 2/1 accepted same day
    Received ddd of 2/14 on 2/9
    Did have the child tax credit

    Just looked at bank and it was there! Was not there earlier today so had to have been in the past hour


    negasonic teenage warhead

    Yes @skittles 1099 is self employed. I wonder why yours hasnt updated yet?



    Aren’t 1099s for self employment? I filed schedule C and it’s still not there on ssa.gov. Maybe they’re just slow.



    @kaii Lance has already explained that a few times. We just say Saturday to keep ourselves sane in case it doesn’t happen on the day we “want” it to. Lol



    It says the amount of my income and its for the year of 2017….I’m a Pather also but I didn’t go through this last year because I had to mail my return due to the I.R.S. assigning me an IP pin last year that I never received. I filed electronically this year with my IP pin so now I’m waiting just like everyone else…thanks so much for the info.



    Just got off the phone with the IRS about another taxe matter. At the end I ask her about this years return ( she said to look for updates Friday are Monday with DD of 27 are first of March.)



    Well for better or worse I can confirm the ssa.gov truck works… In 2016 the only year I had had a delay(had to show proof of kids etc), ssa.gov didn’t update until everything was cleared… This year ssa.gov updated my 2017 earning already… So fingers crossed…


    negasonic teenage warhead

    That ssa site only helps if you’re self employed.



    Most will, but not all



    If I am reading correctly, filers that are affected by PATH will find out by Thursday-Saturday?


    Need my money

    @momjessThanks you I hope we all get what we need this week..Have a blessed night.



    lance….just cracks me up



    Thank you @Jerseygirl02



    @Geishadoll_39 I believe the theory is that the irs won’t report income to ssa that isn’t approved. Therefore if you see your income on ssa.gov for 2017 then your return has processed and is complete. Check history to see if hats the year it’s recorded. Mine still hasn’t recorded but I was told that mine is complete by the tax advocate rep and I’m only waiting for path. My transcripts completed last Wednesday



    What is the thing about ssa? I checked my info on that site and I could see my income…I don’t know…I was reading some posts and it seems like that’s what people are talking about now….could you please give me some info?



    @momjess whew thanks… As long as it doesn’t mean offset I’m fine with that lol




    That’s just 150 return filed. 766 actc and 768 EIC



    My codes are 150, 766 and 768 is that good irs bad? I know the advocate rep told me it’s complete & nothing is wrong I just wanna know if anyone else has these codes




    the bank name is,

    BofI Federal Bank



    Interesting forum? Lol does anybody know what bank emerald card uses?




    This happened to me last year. I faxed the info in and it only delayed my return by one week. Just make sure to follow the instructions exactly.



    Thanks for clearing that up RB. Yeah PATH affects EIC or ACTC but not CTC that’s why none of us have the code 846 yet. I sure was stalking my transcript for it though hoping lol.



    Yes your correct momjess. I didn’t put as much thought into that post as I should have. I was more or less trying to say I didn’t have eic and that I got the 846 code because I know some people asked for posts if people started to see that code.



    I’m going to assume RB has CTC not ACTC



    I filed 2/2 and accepted 2/2. I have ACTC but not eic, filed HOH with 3 dependants. My transcripts updated yesterday with a 846 code and the date 2/16/18. My cycle code is 20180702.







    I think the earliest wmr mat update for us is Thursday. But definitely Saturday as long as there’s no problem with your return.


    Tall Drink


    That is what happened to me last year. I ended up calling before the letter was received by me, because I never got the PATH msg, just the “your return has been received and is still being processed…”. Thankfully I was able to get the info I needed from the person I spoke with and a fax number to the corrections department. I gathered and faxed the form needed to the number she gave and that helped speed things along. Still did not see my refund until March 18th I believe it was, but still not the 6-8 weeks they said it would be either.


    Need my money

    Will there be a update for us creditors wed for ddd soon.




    Do you have code 766 on your transcript too?

    Just checked mine and no 846 code yet. Filed 1/26, cycle 20180503 EITC and ACTC.



    We have all seen that IRS memo and message. We are just hear to see and converse with our peers and see what people are getting and seeing.



    Just a little FYI:

    Taxpayers who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit may experience a refund hold. According to the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, the IRS cannot issue these refunds before mid-February. The IRS expects the earliest EITC/ACTC related refunds to be available in taxpayer bank accounts or debit cards starting February 27, 2018, if these taxpayers chose direct deposit and there are no other issues with their tax return.

    Where’s My Refund? ‎on IRS.gov and the IRS2Go mobile app will be updated February 17 for the vast majority of early filers who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. These taxpayers will not see a refund date on Where’s My Refund? or through their software packages until then. The IRS, tax preparers and tax software will not have additional information on refund dates, so Where’s My Refund? remains the best way to check the status of a refund. Where’s My Refund? is only updated once daily, usually overnight, so checking it more often will not produce new or different results.





    I unfortunately know all about that dreaded form 8962.
    It happened to me 2016 tax year.
    Insurance credits and crap.
    I ended up needing a tax advocate and my state attorney general’s office assistance. I didn’t receive my refund until June 15 2016 I had filed 1/20 that year. Litteraly the day after the attorney general’s office contacted IRS my funds were released.
    I’m not trying to freak you out for me it was really bad experience because it caused my file to be resequenced for a very long time. The delay all came down to throwing mine to the back because of that form!
    I advise you to get a tax advocate when you are able to so that once you send in completed form you can hurry the process some.
    I wish you the best of luck and I hope your situation turns out better and sooner than mine did!



    I filed with Tax Slayer 1/23, accepted 1/24 and only movement was my bars disappearing over the weekend.

    Got home from work yesterday with a letter from the IRS awaiting me. They want more proof of my insurance. They want Tax Form 8962 filled out and mailed back. I’ve been using TS for the last 20 years or so and I’ve never had an issue. I guess this was just my year to be flagged. Letter states it will take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to get my refund from the date they receive the form back from me. No return for me until around April.

    Good luck to everyone. Hope you have a better experience this year than I have had.



    I filed 1/16, accepted 1/22 and have been stuck on Path since early February when I first checked.

    There’s literally no point in this message except to say hey hey hey, we’re closer than we were a week ago. I tried to mentally prepare myself this year to not see any $$$ until March and I’ve been doing fairly good but these last few days I can feel the itch. Hopefully some things start rolling by next week. Either way, we’re getting there!



    I filed 2/2 and accepted 2/2. I have the ACTC, HOH, 3 kids, no eic. My transcripts updated yesterday with a code 846, cycle code 20180702 and by my code 846 I show a date of Feb 16, 2018.



    Last year people with processing dates of the 13th, 20th, and 27th all had DDD of 02/22 and 02/23.

    My processing date last year 02-20-2017 with a ddd of 02-23-2017. I had fees taken out and it was deposited on my NetSpend at 3 pm on 02-22-2017. My cycle code last year was 20170505

    This year I have a processing date of 02-12-2017. A cycle code of 20180405 and I paid fees upfront.

    I check my transcript daily so if it changes I’ll post here and hope any else who changes does the same.



    I hope they roll out refunds soon, but I would highly doubt that any of us will see $$$ in our accounts on the 15th unless there is code 846 on the transcripts with a DDD already, which I have not seen anyone with EIC/ACTC have yet. I hope when someone has code 846 on their transcripts that they will post about it!
    Last year, my processing date was 2/27. The date by code 846 (refund issued) was 2/23, and I received my funds on 2/23. Some DDD’s were before the processing date last year, some were after. I read that for some, WMR updated on the 16th & 17th with a DDD, mine updated on the 18th, and some never updated at all before receiving their DD in their accounts. Last year my account transcript updated the day before WMR, so I suspect transcripts for weekly people may update this Friday with a DDD for the following week. Fingers crossed!!



    @AmberCC14 I’m hoping they check after i made error in mind as well. They can adjust and send letter I’m fine with that. Just hoping they don’t hold refund looking for info.



    @rellyohboy–thanks for info! I appreciate it!



    @Sarah thanks I hope so, it feels like it’s taking forever for the 15th to come lol


    cheryl e kendrick

    many of us early filers are so close, and yet some are getting id verify letters as well, I really don’t see things can change much when we are this close.



    @Sarah- I’m not familiar with the whole processing date… How did you find out what yours was and also does your WMR have any bars? Im still showing path act note



    Lori I do. Last year my processing date was 2/20 my DDD was 2/23, got it 2/22 at 11pm. I think the processing date is a good indicator to when a DDD will be. My experience it’s only a couple days. My processing date this year 2/12, add 3 days 2/15, the day IRS released refunds.



    @AmberCC14 Hopefully it wasnt a large amount, either way the Alphabet Boys will catch the error, make the adjustment and send you a notice. The thing is you dont know when its coming, it could be this year next year or 2 years from now. You’ll owe the additional tax on the unreported amount plus whatever late fees and interest they decide to tack on to it. Also, if there is a big diff between the numbers you could possibly wind up owing your state some more bread too.

    Remember shit rolls down hill…Send in a 1040X with the correct numbers.

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