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      I figured I would start a thread for us with the 000s on our transcripts!

      Filed 1/30 accepted 2/2 MFJ child tax credit 2 w2s and I’m in the Philly hub

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        I was finally able to get in…no change on mine :/ hoping to hear some better news from all of you! Good luck

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          Filed and accepted 1/31 with TT. Tax Topic 152 soon after and one bar. Then bars went away completely 4 days ago. Refund transcript sill has the * and account transcript changed from 2/24 to 3/3 and has all zeros. I am getting a little hopeless here.

          Memphis hub

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            Let’s take it as a sign they’re updating. If we get a ddd Wed they should be up tomorrow! (I hope lol)

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            Amanda C

              Thanks! Just wanted to be sure it wasn’t just me. Fingers crossed for an update. I just read on other thread that when this happened to someone else the * was gone next to 2013 which is a good sign. But then someone else chimed in and said that didn’t happen for them.

              I know it’s a long stretch but hopefully all of us see a positive change. :)

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                Amanda I’ve been trying since 7 :(

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                Amanda C

                  Can anyone get on to view transcripts right now? I have been able to log in for a couple days now and tonight it is telling me info doesn’t match and I can’t log in at all.

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                    Jay- I think there’s a 50/50 chance, my optimistic side says we won’t change and will see some change this week. Hopefully a ddd Wed morning.

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                      What do u guys think about our as of date 2/24? Do u think It will change to 3/3??.. Accepted 1/29 still on 1 bar tax scripts read 000 and as of date 2/24

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                        No change here either. I double checked my transcript an hour ago still 2/24.

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                          I filed 1/28, it was accepted 1/29. I was finally able to get an accounts transcript several days ago. However, I am still setting 000’s on it with a date of 2/24. I am still at one bar on WMR. I have no clue when it will go through. I did my mom’s taxes on 2/6 and she has a ddd of 2/13…

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                            Nothing here either :(

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                            Amanda C

                              No changes here Jayc

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                                Has anyone had any changes??

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                                  @Traci: also where did you see the change in your accepted date

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                                    Yay thank you!!!

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                                      well the first guy that i talked to said many refunds were either stopped all together or pulled back from there ddd and that everyone should see an update by the 13th with either a new ddd or a first time ddd.

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                                        I am stupid too had to learn it from that link lol I also didn’t make 3 post on purpose it was one big one it turned In to 3 and removed half of it :( just tea it and the way it posted made me seem rude sorry!!

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                                          Cement face …what if you filed before the 31 but not approved until after? I was approved the 3rd then they changed my acceptance date to the 6th?!?!? Transcript has 3/3. Read link I posted above it will help a lot of people that were confused like me

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                                            well as far as the hub deal goes. im ignorant to those facts. all i know is everytime i call it takes me to a philadelphia irs center. Putting 2 and 2 together being that i filed through pa and it says philadelphia on the transcript. either way that is the information that i got

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                                              ok called again.. she said returns are about a week behind if you filed before the 31st through philly. so that means i was accepted the 29th that puts me at processing being finished by about the 10th-12th and ddd as of 2/13. we shall see!

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                                                There are no such thing as hubs and Memphis and Philadelphia are default

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                                                  View this I found it on this site

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                                                    view this I found it on this site

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                                                      Thank You! It feels great to have some form of UPDATE! Lol. =)

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                                                        Thanks! So here’s to hoping we hear something weds night/Thursday morning!

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                                                          ok so here we go. Finally got some news directly through the philadelphia irs hub by calling the number on my transcript. I told him i needed my 2013 transcript for my fafsa and thats how i got these answers. what he told me was that there hub wasnt fully updated with the new system so in return many refunds were either stopped or pulled back due to the glitch. Also, due to the severe weather that philly has had everything is basically behind in processing but they are processing backed returns along with most recent filed in combination and a weekly update of 2/13 should show a change in the status of all returns from philadelphia irs hub!

                                                          i guess we just have to hurry up and wait some more…

                                                          Ps: the guy was super nice btw

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                                                            48hrs? ive been stuck with the “2013*” for over a week now! Called the irs and all ive gotten was i have no offsets and im not under review. i will continue to call all day until i get answers! ill update with all the info i get!

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                                                              I’m thinking that since we got resequenced is the reason behind the 000 on our account transcripts. Hopefully we see something this week. My account transcript still shows the date of 2/24 not 3/3. I agree with the statement made earlier about the posters on the main page complaining about not having their money but they have a DDD. We have been waiting the longest and don’t have anything. They just need to chill out.

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                                                                There is a thread that explains the 000. It says it means the file has moved into processing and when the star by the return transcript is gone, it means the return is completely processed and a did will appear on war usually within 48 hours. It seems like it is a move in the right direction. …

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                                                                Amanda C

                                                                  What irks me is that I filed taxes for two other people on 2/2 and they both updated midweek with a DDD and both of them have money in their bank accounts today. Both also filed thru TurboTax. And yet all of us are still sitting here and waiting.

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                                                                    hmm. how many of us filed with Turbo Tax that this has happened to…there is a kink in the chain somewhere.

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                                                                      same story here.

                                                                      accepted before the 31rst
                                                                      One Bar on WMR
                                                                      TT 152
                                                                      Account Transcript Available, but with 0’s and a date
                                                                      Return Transcript still shows 2013*

                                                                      this appears to be the new scenario…

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                                                                      Amanda C

                                                                        I filed with Turbo Tax on 1/26, accepted 1/29. 2013 has an * and no return transcript for 2013 yet. Philly hub as well. No update on wmr. It shows 1 bar and tax topic 152 and has stayed that way since last week.

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                                                                          Same boat here filed 1/10 accepted 1/24 so TT says. I haven’t called the IRS yet waiting till the 21 days are up. But I am in the Memphis hub 000 on account transcript and *next to my return transcript. I filed my fiancée’s taxes on the 24th and she got her DD on the 6th. We are both in Texas.

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                                                                            I am in the same boat. I filed 1/28 (early accepted 1/29, so I got the the 2/1 date). I haven’t had any progress and cannot order my transcripts. When I view online I can see all zeros and it is out of the memphis hub. I still have the date 2/24 on my acct transcripts. No update to WMR, still one bar. Fingers crossed it will update at some point today, though I highly doubt it. I am expecting a rather large return with EIC, Education Credit and Child Tax Credit. I did not have any changes to my return over last year as my kids were already born, I filed Education credit last year and my income was about $10,000 less (due to a deployment)

                                                                            It is defintely frustrating to see people who filed 2/4 complaining about not getting their 2/12 refunds yet. Anyone think it might be an education credit issue?

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                                                                              If annoy of you decide to call irs please post any results!

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                                                                                Accepted 1/29 with freetaxusa could start to view account transcript on Friday all 00s and date of 2/24

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                                                                                  FILED: 01/08/14 efile HRB
                                                                                  ACCEPTED: 02/01/14
                                                                                  Philly Hub, all 00’s on transcript *2013, Date on transcript is Mar 03, 2014
                                                                                  Still 1/3 progress bar no tax code, what the HECK! And people on the other forum complaining they filed on 02/04 and their DDD is 02/12, at least they have a DDD! grr.

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                                                                                  shayla ocalafl

                                                                                    I’m in florida. i filed jan 28 wasn’t accepted till feb 3 now sitting at one bar no return transcript but account transcript has 0000000 with march 3 date
                                                                                    so depressed need my cash asap. clueless this site helps

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                                                                                      I am in the same boat. My account transcript is zeros and changed from 2/24 to 3/3.

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                                                                                        Does anyone know if anyone with a Philly hub has received a DDD or there refund yet?

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                                                                                          Filed 1/25 accepted 1\29 been stuck in processing since 1/29 wasnt able to order transcipts yesterday, ordered account transcript today it reads 00000 with a date of 2/24 any guess whays going on oh yeah im in the philly hub….

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                                                                                            I’ve heard a lot of rumors about Philly from power outages…being closed bc of weather…computers going down….not sure if any are even true though. It seems like a lot of us 000 are out of philly

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                                                                                              I filed on 1/20. Was accepted on 1/28. Still only one bar. No transcript. Philly office. Has anyone heard if there is some kind of an issue with the Philly office?

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                                                                                                I agree Lizzy! I think it’s outrageous too that they cannot tell us anything out OUR accts! You’d think with the technology we have and it being a government agency it would take minutes to process!

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                                                                                                  Yea still 00 now my date has changed to 3/3 called hrb spoke with my tax pro and she said to give it a week and see but as far as she knows my tax return has not been rejected and so on and so forth made me feel alil better but if your not done processing then how would they know everything is a ok? Ugh I guess I’m being paranoid but I still don’t know what to think I’ve claimed my same kids hoh. No change in address or job ,the only thing is my brother claimed single with my address he does live here but takes care of his own stuff has his own room different fridge even lol I hope that has nothing to do with it I mean he claimed last year as well and works at a diff job payed his own taxes and stuff so I don’t see the problem oh we’ll I swear I’ll jump for joy if they approve me . I don’t care if they say your refund will come next month just as long as I’m good!!! Rant over

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                                                                                                    So do we have any guesses as to when we’ll actually be approved?

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                                                                                                      Me too. Filed 1/22 accepted 1/28 tt 152 forever. Zeroes on the acct transcript Memphis hub and 2/24. Waiting not so patiently.

                                                                                                      #19893 Reply

                                                                                                        I felt like that too! I think we need a place to discuss any updates etc. my date changed to 3/3 but all that means is paper check date which doesn’t matter bc nothing is done yet. From what 5n1 found out we were resequenced due to error on the irs part.

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                                                                                                          Filed 1/28 accepted 1/29 sitting at 1 bar since being accepted. I was able to view my transcript on Friday and it is all 0’s and with a date of 2/24(not really sure what that date means). I got a letter of non-filer on my return transcript and it shows Philly hub. Thank you so much for creating this thread. I feel like we are being forgotten about while everyone obsesses over getting their deposits early.

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                                                                                                            If you click on the 2013* return transcript it pops up a non filing letter it’s on the top of that letter

                                                                                                            #19890 Reply

                                                                                                              Im one! :( accepted 1/29, 1 bar wmr, o.oo as of 2/24, cant get into trans now, memphis hub.

                                                                                                              #19889 Reply

                                                                                                                Filed 1/28 accepted 1/29 stuck on first bar!! How do you find which hub your are

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