WMR next update 2/29/2020 POST UR UPDATES HERE!!!!

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    Filed 1/23/2020
    Accepted 1/27/202
    Eic and Actc
    Wmr updated to Received refund and IT IS being processed 2/22/2020.

    next wmr update is tonight hoping to see a dag on deposit date seeing as I filed early and yet nothing. IRS says not under review no letters or codes received. Only thing is some PATh ppl didn’t make it into last update which doesn’t make since seeing as I filed before several who already got there’s.

    Post any and all updates in regards to getting DDD or WMR updates. Transcripts update today 2.27.2020! GOOD LUCK ALL.

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    You might want to ask mods to remove the accidental post of your e-mail address, so as not to get even more spam.

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    @Julies84, I feel for you. Tough situation. And the letter provides a window of 30 days. But maybe they’ll reopen for phone IDV before 4/24 or they’ll extend it because of the closure.

    Care to share the reason you can’t access the online portal? Some of the problems have a solution though they may still involve more waiting but not the account information requirement.

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    Sorry every1
    Had issue there

    I received 5071c on 3/26 /20
    With all going on
    I cant access online portal

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    I filed January 30 I still haven’t receive my refund or no letter. What should I do. I received my state refund in February.

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    Did not update filed accepted 1/30 . Thanks turbo tax!!!!

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    Transcript still says N/A. Never received no letter and she told me she did not see any letters being sent. So I guess I will just wait until end of month see what happens. My state is still processing to. I am in NC

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    I filed 2/19. Recurved a 4464C letter on 3/7. First year filing and forgot a W2…I only grossed $213 on that W2 so Im hoping it doesnt really affect me that much, I havent filed in the past although I made plenty that I should have but I was filed as a dependent and didnt think I had to. So Ive really screwed myself I think.

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    Looks like same thing will happen to us this year. About a month after we file the bars disappear and says, your tax return is still being processed Same thing happened last year and we got our taxes back at the end of the year. Hopefully… we dont have to wait that long again and hopefully no one else has gotten the same experience with the IRS. It sucks.

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    Last year we waited 10 months to get our refund. With EIC and two kids. No audit just, under review Absolutely unbelievable how they operate. Wont be surprised if it happens to us this year.

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    DDD, 3/11!
    Thank Goodness!
    I waited about 5 WEEKS! ..but did have to turn in FORM 8962!

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    Got update on wmr 3.11.2020. hopefully everyone else did that’s been waiting here with me!

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    finally received a ddd today for march 11th!!!!

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    Well I filed 1/30
    Never went to path
    Went to still being processed 2/15
    Got a 4464c letter the 24th
    Called and was told I was under 60 day review
    Woke this morning to ddd for the 11th
    Now I’m in shock lol that it’s really over

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    Patiently waiting

    Files Jan.27 , Recieve Feburary 16th I filed with EIC & With my two kids .. today is March 7th still no update?! Called IRS They said I should be receiving a letter in the mail.. it’s been a whole week and still no letter .. I’m just over it at this point and whenever it decides to come I guess it will, this is by far the worst year.. never been in this situation before!!

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    Honestly doesnt matter how long its been! Everyone wants the money theyve worked for it as much as the next person. Filed March 2 Accepted on 3 updated this am March 7 with Eic, And dd of March 11 for fed and 10th for state. Doesnt matter when you file! Its our money and we want it now.! Good luck to all of you who chose to file early which isnt always the best option! Maybe you should have more patience!

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    I filed on 01/30/2020 and sent it by mail. The tracking number said they received it on 02/03/2020 but when I check WMR it says that my information is incorrect. I called the irs and they said that they havent received anything and that I should mail it again. I called again to get a second opinion and the other person told me to wait till Monday March 9th and if WMR doesnt change to received to call them back. Smh! Unbelievable!

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    I got accepted in January and I am still waiting while people who just filed got their refunds . Just being patient and cant do nothing about this situation.

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    Listen! Regardless if you waited 1 day or 30, this whole tax year is a complete mess! Would normally see movement on WMR within a week!

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    exactly smh.

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    Thank you. I was trying to be nice, but its barely been 10 days and she acting like it ain’t coming. We been waiting well over 6 weeks and still nothing.

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    i find it very comical that you are even on this thread and it hasn’t even been 21 days for you. YOU JUST FILED. lmao. You are part of the reason why IRS won’t answer anyones call. lol. impatient as hell. Most of us filed in January early feb. the nerve of you lmao.

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    My suggestion is wait the 21 days. You haven’t even waited two weeks.

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    Anyone know when next update is filed and accepted 2/25 my wmr hasn’t moved off first bar.

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    I filed 1/24/20 my taxes got accepted on 1/27/20. I still havent gotten my taxes and it’s been over 21 days. I decided to call the irs and they tell me my tax return is under review and they will send out a letter on March 16th. Has anyone had this problem

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    Did id verify on phone on 2/18 wmr went from still to being 2 days later no updates since

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    Just passed the ID verification and they’re processing my refund.. they said it can take up to 9 weeks? Who else has had this problem and passed and received their refund a lot sooner than 9 weeks

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    DDD of 03/04. No EITC or child credit. No offset. (Offset line is 800-304-3107 for those who want/need to call and check) Filed TT Free Edition. Cycle code ends in 05. Previous years have DD submitted on Sunday night early Monday. Nothing as of yet. Some 03/04’s have hit but not many per my observation. Have never had to wait til actual DDD. Routing and account info accurate on return. Name on account matches.. this is a really weird year to say the LEAST. 03/04’s, please update if u receive..

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    The next big update for WMR is Saturday for weeklies mon-thurs for dailies and paper checks on Fridays along with updated transcripts

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    My WMR updated today to Still Being Processed with Tt152. Filed & accepted 2/14. Since I updated today does that make me a daily? Cant view transcripts.

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    filed jan.27
    accepted next day
    got verification letter feb.19
    verified in irs office on feb.26
    ….As of today I’m still getting “still being processed” message on WMR
    when will the next update be for ddd??

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    Will WRM update tomorrow with ddd?

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    And my deposit hit at 12:53 am on 3/3 with Chime. Good luck to everyone that has/had the same issues

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    I had a 570 and 971 code. Irs told me they were sending out a cp05 letter 3/2/2020 but i updated on 2/29 with a ddd of 3/4 so dont let it get to you. I filed 1/17 accepted 1/21 had path hold and then recieved and being processed untill 2/29. I feared the worst but i think it was just a stall tactic

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    I filed on January 30 n accepted the 30. They said sent me a letter on Feb 13 in never received it. WMR still says being processed TT 152. I guess I just have to wait.

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    Im not so sure about that. I think 971 usually just denotes correspondence sent. Its the 570 thats a holdup.

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    Tristabella Luciano

    I filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/27
    Was at processing from 1/27 and called last week to be told I was pulled for random review. I have EITC and ACTC. I also received a 60 day review letter from the IRS.
    However, on 1/29 in the wee hours of morning was updated to approved with 2 bars with a DDD of 3/4!

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    Accepted 1/29
    WMR is still processing w/ refund when available.
    My transcripts went from 3/9 to 3/16 with a 971 code assuming they are sending out some BS.

    Anywho, I have never had this problem before. Should I call or is it possible to still get a DDD sooner than what the AS OF date says?

    Thanks for any help or input

    The 971 is the worst. Expect a return around August to November period.

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    Accepted 1/29
    WMR is still processing w/ refund when available.
    My transcripts went from 3/9 to 3/16 with a 971 code assuming they are sending out some BS.

    Anywho, I have never had this problem before. Should I call or is it possible to still get a DDD sooner than what the AS OF date says?

    Thanks for any help or input

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    Accepted 2/5/2020 received my state about 2 weeks ago, but still says refund is still being processed a tax refund will be provided when available. Tax topic 152.. its getting frustrating

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    @thicks not unless your a daily then you can check throughout the week but if your a weekly then itll be Saturday morning for a update

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    Still no update for me. I filed 2/4, waited out the PATH hold, verified ID 2/27; my return is “STILL being processed.” I don’t suppose there’s any use in checking WMR before Saturday?

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    I filed Jan 27. Accepted the 28thbars gone and says processing since the 15th. Called irs, said there was nothing wrong, this was last week. I hope I get it by the 4th

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    Accepted 02/05/2020, nothing as of now. It still says my refund is being processed. Received my state just about 2 weeks ago.

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    Josh Capon

    I got my refund approval on 02/28/2020 and it says that DD will be sent 03/04/2020 and to call my bank if I do not receive it by 03/09/2020. Ok as of today 03/02/2020 I did the IRS2go app and the IRS website. The WMR disappeared and says my info doesn’t match. Does anyone know what this means

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    I filed 2/19 got my ddd on payment plan now for 6 months and they took half my refund even tho beginning of payment plan i was told they wouldn’t. Im over tax yr 2020 come on next yr

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    Although ur transcript is week old, u didn’t make the cut for Saturday morning update ..that is if ur holds were fixed. U need the 571 to happen and hopefully it did ..but it didn’t before Friday if u didn’t get DDD yet. Offset…u call the offset line? If they are offsetting u and u have money coming it’ll be on the offset line sooner than WMR

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    no, u will not receive a deposit on 3-04

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    Code 150 Tax Return Filed & Tax Liability Assessed.
    Code 570 Additional Liability Pending/or Credit Hold.
    Code 766 Reversal of refund applied to non-IRS debt Generated Refundable Credit Allowance or IRS TOP Offset Reversal w/OTN.

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    Filed 2/4 accepted the same day. Did claim The child tax credit
    Bars disappeared 2/22 no movement on WMR since then no codes on transcript besides 806, 766 & 768. Processing date of 03/09. They must be really slow this year, hoping to update this week.

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    Filed1-27-2020 accepted 1-27-2020
    All its says is We have received your refund and is being processed. Its been saying that for a month I did get the child tax credit but still nothing on 3-1-2020 I have received my state return a week ago though

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    So my transcripts I got in the mail were ordered last Monday so before the Friday update my processing date on transcripts is 3.2.2020. if it processes tomorrow am I still able to get the 3.4. deposit date or would it be another week to update again.??

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    Filed & accepted 1/28
    bars disappeared 2/15 till present
    been waiting since with no DDD

    Is anyone having the same problem ?? hoping to wake-up tomorrow morning with a DDD omg

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    Filled 2/15
    Accepted 2/15
    No credits
    No movement until Saturday morning with a DDD of 3/4

    Filled with the BLOCK fees taken out sent to chime card

    Hoping I will get it monday or Tuesday but will update everyone when it comes

    Hope everyone wakes up with a DDD date for our 3/4 batch

    Keep your heads up …its a waiting game now

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    Filed 2/20, accepted same day. Today got notified deposit by 03mar20. Basic 2 W2 and one small stock sale

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    Filed 1/27
    Accepted with bars from 1/28 till 2/15
    Bars disappeared
    Being processed from 2/15 till 2/28
    DDD of 3/4

    I received my state 2/4 like entire month before my federal because of the EIC tried to order my transcripts like 2/22 received2/29 with just a processing message by mail wmr finally updated for me last night tho if yoirnot this week you will be next week

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    Tasha L

    I meant *been! Sorry typo in previous message smh I’m so beyond this nonsense

    #4386561 Reply


    I believe I will receive mine on March 11th

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    Unfortunately, those posts were from Friday the 28th. Transcripts update Thursday night/Friday morning. WMR updated on Saturday the 29th for those people.

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    I got my transcript in mail today
    I filed 1/28
    Has account balance with correct refund amount as of date: March 9
    Cycle code 20200705
    150, 766, 768, 570, & 971
    Says (code 150) additional account action pending 3/02
    My w2 isnt reflected on this, but my selfemployment is. Refund amount is correct. No 846 yet of course存o maybe next weekend Ill update, who knows

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    Tasha L

    I want my damn refund! No change at all on WMMFR AKA Where’s My Mother Fucking Refund! Been sayin the same ole crap “being Processed ” since February 16. I’m beginning to dislike those 2 words seriously, being and processed! Smh

    No offsets
    2 dependents (since they veem born)!
    No codes
    No letter from IRS
    Filed: HOH
    Accepted same day!
    IRS….give me my damn refund yo!♀尹

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    Filed wit TT 1/27 accepted 1/27
    Filed EIC/ACTC
    Bars disappeared 2/16
    “60 review” letter received 2/27 dated for 2/20
    WMR updated overnight finally approved ddd 3/4
    I honestly this those so called 60 day review letters were used as a stall tactic smh. I will not be filing early next year. I will update when I actually get the deposit. I bank with Chime.

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    Filed with credits through Liberty Tax, accepted and got the advance all on 2/20. Updated this morning with a 3/4 ddd. Have the liberty tax netspend card n would love an early text stating I’ve received a deposit lmfao

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    Got my transcripts I ordered 5 days ago in the mail has processing date 3.2.2020. cycle 20200705. So before Fridays update just hoping I’ll get it on the 3.4.2020

    #4386340 Reply


    I read Comments on the IGMR Facebook post That theres an update tonight for dailies. I cant view transcripts but my other updates were on Friday night so that means Im a weekly? Can you change from weekly to daily?

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    Filed 1/28/20, claimed EITC. Around the 15th lost bars and continues to say “Still being processed” also no letters have arrived

    What the fuck is going on :/

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    Mine finally updated thank god. Ive been on processing since 1/28. Updated 345 am last night with approved and a DDD of 3/04. When I spoke to the IRS lady she said the rest of yall should see some changes by wednesday at the latest if your return are accurate. I was ” under review” received the 60 day letter too. But it did update for me last night.

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    I got the email from turbo tax too and my app now says thank you for ur payment in the order details section. But no clue what’s going on just hoping something happens. And unlike @arab r best said ppl have family’s n kids n bills n holidays rack up debt n ppl really use income tax to catch up from life

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    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    Bars went away 2/12
    Called IRS on 2/24, and was told I was under review that could take up to 60 days
    Got an email from TT thank you for using turbo tax
    WMR updated today with DDD of 3/4!

    The wait and frustration is over, hope those of you still waiting update soon!

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    L G

    I filed on the 3rd and accepted on the 4th, bars left on the 21st so I called on the 25th and they told me they dont have anything in their end just that they sent a letter with more information. My WMR just says your refund is still processing. I hope I get a DDA OF 3/4

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    @Melissa it must be something with that date range of 1/21 and 1/22 I have 2 depend. Only thing different this year is that I got an advance using TT. Still being processed is all I keep getting can’t get transcripts no letters nothing. I will never file before Feb again.

    #4386357 Reply


    @go figure
    Those r a few post I could find.

    #4386356 Reply

    L G

    How do I log into my transcripts? Or where?

    #4386355 Reply


    Used HR Block.
    Filed 2/3, accepted 2/3
    Got 4464c letter on 2/14 that I was under review
    Was stuck on still processing til today 2/29
    DDD 3/4!!
    Good luck guys and please hang in there!
    The IRS is extremely bogged down and slow this year. I think they stalled a bunch of returns!
    I also claimed EITC so I think that was also factor.

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    Filed 2/12 accepted 2/13 with Taxslayer was at 1 bar with all info and tt 152 with a message your tax return is being processed. I received my state a week ago. My transcripts were n/a every time I checked until about it 15 mins ago they were available and I have the 846 for 3-4 Praise God what a AWESOME GOD WE SERVE 潘潘潘

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