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    Now that all of us PATHers have a DDD for February 26th, let’s keep each other apprised of when we actually see funds hit our accounts. Please post the bank and/or prepaid card and when the deposit hits. Final stage – here’s hoping we all have our money available soon! Thank you eveyone

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    Scott N


    If you have no fees that need to be taken out then we could see deposits on our serve cards tonight.
    I got mine last year on sunday night on my serve card and wasnt expecting it until Wednesday


    @bean counter do you have the Uber card through go bank?



    They send the money out to financial institutions prior to the deposit date. The IRS knew by Friday morning who was getting a deposit on the 26th. That gives them from Fri.-Tues. Deposits also don’t get sent out using only 1 cpu, so overload isn’t a concern. It isn’t like your home pc. They’re using 1,000’s of CPUs on server racks to get the work done. It probably takes them a matter of hours to get them all out.


    I share your concern as well. I dunno why they issued so many DDD on 2/26. I have never seen that. Seems to me that will overload the system. I pray they start releasing the DD Monday and Tues in order to avoid this. @karebare


    I have greendot prepaid card when will I see a movement.


    At all Netspend users, we will, more than likely see something after 5pm EST today.
    The federal reserve bank opens this evening at 5pm EST and since Netspend does not hold deposits, this is why we are likely to see deposits hit accounts today. This is true for the last 2 years for me.

    Good luck everyone🍀🍀🍀🍀


    I am using the American Express serve card with a ddd of 2/26 when should I receive my money


    2/26 DD here as well with SunTrust bank, SBTPG hasn’t received it yet. Maybe the earliest I receive mine is Tuesday


    DDD 2/26, I have netspend prepaid no fees taken out through turbo. So far nothing as of yet but l’ll be sure to post when I do. :p


    I personally don’t think those waiting for fees to be taken will receive anything until Monday evening. I have CHIME. My payroll is Thursday but I get mine Tuesday night after 10 pm.


    So far I’ve only seen 1person actually get their deposit and he said his DDD was 2/25 thru Chime with no fees. I haven’t seen anyone with 2/26 DDD saying they have posted or even pending deposits. I sure hope with all of these transfers scheduled for 2/26 there aren’t any system crashes! I really think to avoid an overload on the 26th the banks will start releasing early in batches. I know Bluebird posts on Sundays and holidays. Fingers crossed!


    I have NetSpend metabank and haven’t seen yet


    @mojomike…your right. Most folks getting a DD are getting it onto a card, not into their bank. Tuesday at earliest for most of us.


    I had blue bird once but I paid fees up front that year. I don’t remember what my ddd was but I do know I received it Sunday night. Only time I ever got a deposit on a Sunday.


    @Aec Congratulations!! Thanks for the update. It’s good to hear deposits are hitting early! I’m still not seeing any deposits in Bluebird yet, but I’m hoping tonight or tomorrow morning to see the money available.


    Is anybody banking with BoA


    Filed 2/17
    Accepted 2/18

    DDD 2/25.
    Chime hit at 1:10am on 2/23

    Paid my fees upfront.

    I claimed EIC only. Waited for PATH to lift to file and only waited 6 days for my refund!


    Has anyone received their refund on netspend with the ddd of 2/26


    I have netspend and a ddd of 2/26 does anyone know when i should expect my refund to hit if anyone else has the same please lmk


    Thanks @Kira. I bank with Chase too. I will try to withdraw cash there


    Chase will let you withdraw more for free they’re contracted with GreenDot.




    SBTPG just showed my advance paid in full!! Hoping for deposit tomorrow morning on the TT card🤞

    Mojo Mike

    Dont be fooled!! Money will not be sent until tuesday


    Yes, the terms and agreement from my account page. I’m going to try withdrawing 3000 at Walmart then use the ATM for the rest in increments of 1000 each. It also says the max you can have on the card is 10k. Wonder how that works for folks getting a refund of more than 10k🤷‍♀️


    @lynJ yes its true and same was true with emerald card last year., either way if you need to take more than 3k off you can just purchase a money order at walmart using your debit card then cash it or use it to pay for that car your probably buying.


    Got my ddd like everyone else so excited! Thing is I bank with ol Wells Fargo so I b Lucky to see it Tues. Smh


    I wonder why they would have that type of limits, Prepaid cards don’t accrue interest. Maybe they feel used. Lol.


    @Lynj, are you reading that from their terms & agreement? That doesn’t sound right to me. It’s holding money hostage, if true.


    @Lynj, truly? Wow. That is extreme!



    Does Green Dot deposit early?
    With direct deposit, you can get paid up to two days early when your payment provider gives us early notice!* This even works for benefits like social security, pensions, and tax refunds. In fact, here’s a list of all the payments you can direct deposit up to two days early with Green Dot: Weekly paychecks.May 17, 2017 › blog › tgiw
    Set up Direct Deposit and Get Paid up to 2 Days … – Green Dot Blog


    Help…so I’m reading that TT card has monthly withdrawal limit of 3000. How would someone take 5000 off this card then??? I had no idea this was the case


    TT card here with fees and refund advance. DDD 2/26 with nothing showing yet. Nothing showing received on SBTPG either…
    My state refund posted the exact day the state said DDD on their site, around 8am est


    @bean counter

    No way! Calling bs haha ik bro your the first congrats 🎉🎉

    Bean counter

    DDD of 26th. Woke this morning to my refund in the bank. Gonna be a great sunday! I use the Uber green dot card



    3 days early with the hr block card too? I’ve been told netspend is like 2 days from what I’m reading obv never used it been using the emerald card for years I always get it the afternoon before my ddd be nice to get it 3 days early haha


    @ultraclutch9 I’ve used Netspend and the hr block emerald card before and got about 3 days earlier than expected with both.. I even used to get my check printed from the tax place and even when doin that I’d get the call to come pick my check up days before my actual DDD. I’ve just never had a year where I Had to wait till the actual DDD


    This is the first year filing this early, filed the 9th of February, accepted the 10th then the 11th was put on hold for ACTC and not to expect it before feb 28. That message was sent via hrblock but got my deposit date for the 26th from the IRS.
    Using PayPal as well. Just wanted to see about any insight as to what I should expect or not expect



    What card do you usually use to multiple.days early I get mine the day before that’s the earliest so I’m shooting for tuesday not like getting it tmm or monday would make much of a dif filed 1/27 so already waited a month basically what’s 2 days


    DDD of 2/24 TT prepaid card.. still nothing. Not really expecting it tomorrow either, especially with 2mar being Sunday. This will b the 1st year ever getting my DD on the DDD for me… I’ve always gotten it multiple days earlier. Def the last time I choose this card #LiveAndLearn🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️


    Ddd of 2/26 using serve card nothing yet


    I have DDD of 2/26. I’m hoping my credit union posts this deposit early like they do my payroll checks, 2 days early.



    You will not see it tomorrow morning emerald card will issue it prob tomorrow afternoon or night they dont hold deposits so they still dont have them so no need to think they do and your getting screwed they deposit the second they receive the funds been using them for a while it’s always the day before the ddd


    I have a DDD of 2/24 with TT greendot card . Nothing yet. Hopefully before 2/24 but I have my doubts.




    How many threads do we need in this subject?


    If you want to see all the details with the SBTG (I think) and you’re on a mobile device you have to select desktop view in settings.


    Now instead of checking WMR & transcripts every 10 minutes it’s checking your bank! Went from waiting for the IRS to waiting for the banks! The IRS had to have sent many deposits through already. I wish all of the banks would just post already! LOL…We’re so close to the finish line, just a little bit longer. Hang in there folks 😜


    So sbtpg will get the notification from the IRS, but they won’t release your funds until the day of or (possibly the day before) because as they stated “The notification from the IRS with direct deposit date does not mean that they have sent the funds.” When they say government benefits can arrive 4 days early on your card they’re talking about SSI and things that you would see on a regular basis. They don’t issue tax refunds early.

    Kristy W

    @jaysnap I don’t see a date anywhere or fees amount yet, all it says is “TPG has not received your federal tax refund. ” And then shows some columns Funding source and expected refund amount. Do you have a date on yours?


    Turbo Tax with green dot fees taken out DDD of 27th

    Nothing on SBTPG yet


    Most my info is the same as @Kristy W, however refund being deposited to Chime after SBTPG takes it’s dinero. Will let you all know when I see deposit as Chime does not hold ACH

    Jay Snap

    @Kristy W

    When you check your SBTPG mainoage does it have where your fees are being taken out and a date by them?

    Kristy W

    DDD 2/26- Filed with TT, fees to be taken out of refund so refund needs to go through sbtpg first which hasn’t shown there last I checked few hours ago . I’m having refund deposited to my PayPal Prepaid. Let you all know when it hits.


    @Marie rose thank you for The info I’m hoping and praying I get it tonight or tomorrow morning!!


    @Vegas please let us know when your deposit comes through!

    Marie rose


    I used the emerald card last year. My DDD was 2/27 and I had it on my card in the am on the 26th. I chose not to use them this cause I was hoping with my credit union I would get it earlier this year… guess we will see!! My DDD this year is the 26th like most people.. fingers crossed!!!


    @Blixy I hear ya! This season has been extra stressful! Now we’re all just waiting to actually see our deposits. I’d love to hear reports of deposits today!

    Vegas Gamer

    Got DDD of 2/26 with the turbo card green dot bank.. Nothing yet


    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 26, 2020.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by March 2, 2020, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

    I have NetSpend card and hopefully will see a deposit anytime between now and Wednesday!!! Thank you Lord!!!


    Fingers crossed @Beccabee710 hopefully your deposit will hit tonight. For a DDD of 2/24 IRS must’ve released funds already on their end.


    Same here 2-24 DD date and still no deposit and I have emerald card won’t be using them again next year that’s for sure


    Thsnks @Gimme$ Hopefully you’ll be seeing 👀 that money soon!


    Ddd 2-24 and still nothing on turbo card. No fees to be paid either. Will update when it’s deposited


    I have some of my refund going to PNC who always seems to post right on the date wmr says and the rest going to AmEx Bluebird who advertise early deposits. I’ll update when funds hit! Please do the same

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