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      Hello to all I do tax for  my family and friends every year,and ever year I use taxact…This year i knew it would be a little different due to all the change they have put in place.I got accepted dates of 1/19 still processing 1/25 still processing 1/26-1/27-1/28 and 1/29 and all are still processing…What is going on????..Has any one else use TAXACT and received a due date for there refund???

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      I prepared and file my taxes on 1/7 taxact said the would it and submit when the IRS was ready. The IRS accepted my taxes on 1/23. Yesterday I checked the IRS website and it said my refund would be deposited into my account on 2/1. Republic bank called me and stated taxact was doing something different to prevent fraud so I had to verify my identity via email with a link from LexusNexus or whatever. Minutes later I received another email stating I successfully completed the ID test. My question is how long does Republic Bank usually holds your refund before they transfer it into your bank account.

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