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      Hello to all I do tax for  my family and friends every year,and ever year I use taxact…This year i knew it would be a little different due to all the change they have put in place.I got accepted dates of 1/19 still processing 1/25 still processing 1/26-1/27-1/28 and 1/29 and all are still processing…What is going on????..Has any one else use TAXACT and received a due date for there refund???

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      @ johnf Okay I also got that submission # to it just a number that is recorded in taxact database that let them and you know that your return was accepted..If you call them you can give them that number and they can look up your accepted recorded that all that is..but i know that the WMR web site is having problems..I do taxes and I have been trying to look up my clients info to tell to let them know something..This year is surly going to be different then other years that we may have filed before..we will have to be strong in wait…I understanding waiting is hard to do when you need something..but i say give it a day then call the IRS..that what I was going to do..but reading some of these blog make me want to call now… JOHNF it going to be okay try calling today and see if they can tell you something!!I wish you the best of luck—Mrs.Simmons

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