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      Hello to all I do tax for  my family and friends every year,and ever year I use taxact…This year i knew it would be a little different due to all the change they have put in place.I got accepted dates of 1/19 still processing 1/25 still processing 1/26-1/27-1/28 and 1/29 and all are still processing…What is going on????..Has any one else use TAXACT and received a due date for there refund???

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      So heres my story, I am hoping to either shed light or have someone shed light for me please cuz I am confused.. Filed with taxact on 1/19 saw on the taxact site I was accepted on the 27th however I didnt get an email until late Monday night the 28th.. been in processing ever since, called IRS yesterday nice man said still processing that they got it on the 27th but didnt actually get it until the 28th (whatever that means) so ok but when gave them my address he said do you have a po box, which we do but used street address on return so was confused about that ( we moved last year and our forwarding address was our po box so I guess thats how they got it) so last night I finally was able to order the transcripts but with the po box, ok odd I thought why wouldnt they change it to our street address when thats whats on our return…but they let me order it so ok..then this morning after it still just says processing I went on to see what it would say if I tried to order transcripts again ( ok I am a nut) and this time it let me use my street address as what is on my return, and when I tried the PO box it said not a matching address. However it then said you already ordered these so you cant order again. So I guess its good it let me do it this morning with my correct address, but it must have been almost done last night being it let me do it, but with old address? IDK what to think… my other thing I would like to point out is I got a submission number when I filed. A few people I know who filed and atleast got a DD date all had DCN numbers (?) like they all have dashes in between there numbers which mine were all a stream of numbers. Just thought that was odd also. Any words of wisdon or hope. I am stressing out. A single father of 2 with full custody working my you now what off to make ends meet and I could really use the $$ to play catch up. SO I did file HOH eic, etc..

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