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      wmr said my refund was scheduled for dd 2-1-2013, it was approved and my husband nor I have any type of offset but it’s still not here and now the website just says processing..I’m stressing out! did this happen to anyone else?

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      I don’t know if this is the case for you guys, but in years past, I have always had my refund a few days late simply due to my bank and the weekend. It seems that my deposit was sent on my DD (say for you guys 2/1/13) and since it was sent on Friday after midnight, it wouldn’t hit my bank til later that day. My bank posts deposits first thing in the am, so it would be too late for it to post to my account that day and then they don’t post on weekends. So, my money was always there first thing Monday morning. That’s why the IRS always says “set to be deposited by ____ if u don;t receive by_____ contact us”. It gives a few days for this issue. Also, after my money was sent for about a week following, wmr always said processing, or could never find me. This may not be the case, but maybe it is. I hope it helps relax you some..

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