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      Just figured everyone floating out there in cyberspace could get together here and update everyone when they receive their 2/6 deposit… my bank has no delays, I always get my DD for everything a day early. So if they are sending out refunds for 2/4 already as I’ve read, maybe we’ll get ours by Monday!

      Update when you receive yours, please! :)

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      I have a DD of 2/6 and I just checked SBBT and the refund is now showing as sent to my bank and my bank desposits DD’s a day earlier than scheduled but they don’t have anything pending or showing in their “warehouse” as he called it. My bank does DD updates a few times a day and my SBBT status just updated a few minutes ago, hopefully SBBT just didn’t get it out until after my bank did the DD update and my bank will pick it up on the next update after 3pm.

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