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      Well, that’s what we want to know! Have you found one? Do you see a trend? Let us know!

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      Below is a pattern we have seen regarding what days people receive deposits:

      @All, I just reviewed all the recent comments here. (You will be able to search soon too).

      There have been “I GOT MY REFUND!!” reports on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This confirms the information I personally was told by a Bank of America rep: “The IRS sends deposit notices on M-F and the deposit will post and become available according to the respective bank or prepaid card posting policies.

      The only bank I have heard of posting on a Saturday has been Wells Fargo; this was confirmed by one of our former moderators and detailed information regarding Wells Fargo posting schedule has been provided in the Forum.

      Also, their have been a few reports of Walmart’s Greendot prepaid product posting on a Saturday. BOA also told me that deposits are never posted on Saturdays or Sundays for their customers.

      If anyone has experience otherwise, please let us know and post it in the forum for other who are searching. For those that have heard only Wednesday and Friday, this I believe, was the IRS’s former policy we have each experienced in past years. According to a report I read on summarizing the readiness for implementing the new system, this was a feature that would improve processing times this year.

      I believe this info dictactes that is safe to say that you can receive a deposit on any day of the week except Sunday..

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