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    Most useful contacts for researching status of income tax refunds are located on our Contact tab (green); however, please use this forum topic to share additional phone numbers and websites you find useful to share with others..

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File a complaint on IRS employee

clash said:

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February 16, 2012 5:43 AM Quote This Flag Private Message
A lot of us have been mistreated when we call about our refund, I found this and thought it might be helpful. Here is an excerpt: (01-06-2009)
Elements of Misconduct

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights II (TBOR 2) defines three elements of misconduct:

An employee violated a law, regulation, or rule of conduct (these cases are worked and reported by Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA);

An IRS system failed to function properly or within proper time frames (these cases are worked as Taxpayer Advocate Service cases); or

An IRS employee treated a taxpayer inappropriately in the course of official business. For example, rudeness, over zealousness, excessive aggressiveness, discriminatory treatment, and intimidation. (These cases will be worked/handled by management within the employee’s function.)

Here’s the link with more details:

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