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    I know this may be jumping the gun as we were just accepted today. I have filed through H&R Block and do not have a DD as of yet.

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    Hello everyone! I’ve been following for a few days now.. rather anxious this year, as last year my return got caught up in a handful of different messes and it took a tax advocate and a few months before I saw any money!
    So, here is my story, and I promise to keep you updated as best as possible…

    Filed initially through TT on 1/24. Had form 8863. sat in processing, not rejected or accepted… decided to go elsewhere w/o 8863.
    Filed through HR (free edition) without 8863 on 1/30 around lunch time.. accepted about 3 hours later.
    I have been stuck on bar one, with generic 21 day processing msg ever since. Not able to order transcripts as of 2am(est) on 2/2.
    I have a simple return, 2 w2, 1099, child tax, and EIC..

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