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    I know this may be jumping the gun as we were just accepted today. I have filed through H&R Block and do not have a DD as of yet.

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Ms Black

    @RLP..I wouldn’t worry, were only 2 business days into the “actual opening of the tax season”. A lot of people who were filing the 1st or 2nd week of Jan have been waiting yes, but knowing that the processing didnt start til 1/30. So it seems like ages which is why it sucks when we read post from people who say filed 1/23 accepted and now it 2/2 and they don’t have we assume its a’s not really. And ordering a tax transcript shouldn’t affect or delay the processing of your return, an transcript is complied of papers that has all of the money that your were paid from your employer or other entity that can be taxed for the previous year, that info is set in stone, it has nothing to due with the return that you submit for a refund.

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