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      I was accepted 1/25.. i filed with free tax usa.. so no fees are going to be taken out.. i also opt for dd with my walmart card like i used last year. Is anyone else hopeful for a DD today???

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      I am a 1/25er and I was able to order my transcripts last night but Where’s My Refund (WMR) still says processing. I called the 1-800# talked to a Mr. Frank who was very nice asked me all my return info SS# and filing status and then said please hold while i open your return he then came back he std that they have my refund and it is being processed.I do believe that the reps do know whats going on with your return but cant say so, I then asked about transcripts for 2012 cause i was finally able to order them last night when the days before i wasnt, he then went on to say that if my transcripts were able to be ordered last night give it another 24-48 hours and I should have a DD date. He did confirm that if you tried to order transcripts before and it said none were on file and a couple days later like me it says that you will recieve them in 7-10 buis days that the taxes are in deed done but there is no DD date yet. He did say that they are updating Where’s My Refund (WMR) every 24 hours including weekends sat and sunday. Hope this helps someone who is in the same boat as me

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