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    Ocala Mike

      Strange – can anyone clarify? The IRS website tells me that my refund WAS MAILED (their words) on 4/7, yet I specifically indicated that the refund was to be direct deposited, and provided my correct banking information. Needless to say, I don’t see it in my bank account, although the bank says it’s because of the weekend and I should check back Monday or Tuesday.

      I’m thinking the IRS goofed and actually MAILED me a paper check. Does this happen? Why would the site say a refund WAS MAILED that was supposed to be direct deposited?

      Thanks for any advice.

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      The same thing happened to me. I gave my direct deposit info and I had to verify my identity after receiving the letter 4883C. A week later receive my date, but checked my WMR and it let me know a check will be mailed on April 7th Have you received your check yet?

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