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    For weeks I had a screen that said my return was “still” being processed, a refund date will be provided when available. No tax topic, and my refund amount listed on the left side. Today, it is saying the same thing, except, tax topic 152 is back and my refund amount is no longer listed. My transcripts are still NA and saying no return filed. I have no notices. When I called the IRS I got the, your return is in the errors department, give it 10 weeks spiel. This situation has never happened to me, anyone have any insight? Is WMR putting the tax topic back a sign of movement?

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    from what i have read if the 152 is still there/or returned that means a refund. The amount might be gone because of errors and they cant guarantee that amount right now. When mine went to still processing the tax topic left and never came back. Even after i verified and everything.

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