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      Just starting a new thread for everyone who submitted their taxes this weekend (1/27, 1/28, 1/29).

      – I used TT to file on 1/29, accepted within an hour.
      – Went to WMR, one bar, normal messages of “We received your refund and its being processed”.
      – Non-PATH, Non-EIC, Non-ECTC
      – MFJ

      Hoping for no issues this year. Last year I filed mid Feb, waited 3 weeks only to find out the IRS wanted “hard document proof of other taxes paid”, mailed it to them, waited another 2-3 weeks, finally got my DD April 6th.

      REALLLYYYY hoping for no “additional requests” and to get my DD mid to end of Feb.

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      Congratulations happy to see movement on a Saturday but my question for you is did you see any weird codes on your transcripts while you were waiting?

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