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      Hi Friends,

      I filed with TurboTax on 2/27 and it is still in Pending status. When I call TurboTax its saying that I have paid them but I need to complete filing my tax return. When I log in to my TurboTax Account its not rejected and it shows pending. I’ve never waited this long for my return to be accepted. Simple return just a W2

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      [quote quote=4532651]No wonder there are issues! Zero patience you people have! Filed twice? Geezus! I have been waiting since 01/25 GET IN LINE[/quote]

      You’ve been waiting to be accepted since then? or just waiting on your refund since then?

      because it is weird for them not to be accepted for almost a week. they’re not worrying about the refund, just the fact that it seemed like their return hadn’t been filed for so long.

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