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    Santa Barbara Tax Group is gonna hold those refunds as long as they can. Two days of interest adds up to a lot. They already have the funds, just like all the other folks getting their return already without paying fees.

    I worked in banking. These transactions are instant and overnight via the federal reserve. Banks don’t “receive” money at 9am or any time during the day. They just release it to you then. Just FYI.

    Expect refunds from Tax Group advances to start hitting tomorrow evening and Thursday morning.

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Nydia Arana

    I am curious to know what happened to the remaining more than half of my refund? I received less than half of the expected amount of money in my account. Still yet have not received the remainder money. Nobody answers the phone. I waited one hour and 50 min the other day with no answer. Turbo tax indicates accepted. And I paid extra for audits. I want answers!!

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