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      Ok, so my mom passed away on April 28th 2021. It was unexpected and happened very quickly. She had a GBM brain tumor. Anyway, we had completed her tax return before she died but due to her surgery and sudden turn for the worse, I had not officially filed it. I was torn on if I should report her as deceased but ultimately decided to submit it as it was because when it asked if that person had passed away in 2020, the answer was no. Anyway, I submitted her return the 1st week in May. Her bank account was left open until everything came across. Unbeknownst to me, an unauthorized Accidental Death or Dismemberment policy was slowly draining her account. It wasn’t until I received a letter about missed premiums that I discovered her account had over-drafted and been closed. Agh!!! Still her tax return should have been deposited long before this occurred. I cannot set up an irs account for my mom. I tried before she passed and it just says it can’t allow access. I even used the I.D photo option and was approved by them. Then the irs still didn’t allow her to access an account. Only thing I can think of is she already had one and forgot about it. I was able to request a copy of transcripts. It shows that her refund was issued. It doesn’t show how and I see nothing implying it was held for a debt. That is what I figured happened to it. She was on unemployment in 2020 and due to her illness, did not submit the required proof of employment. I received a letter unemployment sent her stating she had to repay the money. I contacted them to explain and told them I had a copy of her W2 issued from her employer and requested an appeal. They told me just to submit the w2 to them. Which I did. I’ve heard nothing back despite having emailed several times trying to find out if the matte mr is resolved. I need to file her last tax return for this year. Should I request an extension? Can I do that for someone else? Should I file and hope for the best? What can I do now that her bank account has been closed? How can I cash her refund check? I’m positive they won’t deposit it into my account. Anyone have any insight?

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      Oh and I do know I must mark on this return that I’m filing on behalf of a deceased relative or whatever it is you have to do. Thanks!

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