Early Tax Refund Advance

Jackson Hewitt Early Tax Refund Advance

Starting tomorrow, December 17th, with a paystub or other income verification, you can receive up to $700 on a prepaid card as an Early Refund Advance loan from Jackson Hewitt.

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Want an Early Advance on Your Tax Refund of up to $700? See if You Can Prequalify Here. 0% APR Loan by MetaBank®. Terms Apply

What is an Early Refund Advance loan?

The Early Refund Advance is a convenient way for you to access money for the holiday season.  An Early Refund Advance is a 0% APR loan from MetaBank®, N.A. that you could get with your most recent pay stub and other proof of income for all income sources.  So, unlike other Refund Advances, this is a way to access money before your W-2 is available in January (or later).

Early Refund Advance loans range from $200 to $700.