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We are all just taxpayers hunting down a refund too.  We also understand that in this economy and at this time of year, even a small donation could break the bank…especially if you are still Refund Hunting.

Some people think the only way to support IGMR is to send a donation. Nope!  There are many easy ways to support the refund grapevine, development and administration of, say thanks to our dedicated team and — help us help more people.

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Say thanks to our admin and moderators.  Oftentimes, this is a thankless job.  The entire IGMR team are simply volunteers and taxpayers just like you.

Drop us a line to our email — a word of thanks goes a long way.  Or, remember to “hug a mod” when you see them!


The IGMR team consumes excessive amounts of caffeine to keep working on the site while you sleep.

A simple donation can make a big difference in our efforts. The founder, administrators and moderators volunteer their time by the boatload to improve IGMR and a small donation is just one way to support us. Countless hours go into support and development of this site and we want to give you the best site to use. We are fueled “karma bucks” for helping bring users together to share information. We appreciate your help.  Even small donations are tremendous.

Paypal is a safe and secure method of using your credit card online. With your help, this site is successful. You can donate to our project by clicking the cup of coffee in the sidebar or the toolbar above.  Or, you can donate using the PayPal “Donate” button.

*Contributions and donations are actually used for development and hosting costs; the moderators graciously bring their own coffee!


High Dollar Karma bucks potential when you donate this way.

New users, lurkers and even oldies but goodies can benefit from your help.

  • Answer questions for others users while you are here.
  • Create a topic in our forums where you can share your knowledge, lead a conversation.
  • Become a regular even after your refund come and earn IGMR Top Contributor status.

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Countless knock-off Facebook pages and blogs have followings of Refunders hunting just like you.

  • As you hunt for info across the internet, report what you find back to IGMR to share with other users!
  • Answer questions on other sites and cite the The Orignal Refund Grapevine,, as your source.
  • If you have a website, PLEASE link to us from your site.


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Use our affiliate links to shop online from your favorite stores when you get your refund or when you are pre-shopping while still Refund Hunting. Shopping online at our affiliate sites is an easy way to donate whether you’re shopping for clothing, cars, computers, cell phones or even groceries and gas. By using our links first to visit or our other affiliate stores that you see here, your donation is  a nominal amount usually around 1-10% of your purchase that we get back as credit for referring you.

(And, even if you don’t have your refund, when you click our links to window shop and add items to a shopping cart, we may get referral credit even if you don’t pay right away. Easy, huh?)

You can start your online shopping at with our affiliates.

Thanks to everybody for your support in any way, it really means a lot! Leave us a comment below to tell us where you plan to spend your refund and we will try to drum up some more deals to share with IGMR users here.

POST YOUR ACTUAL TAX REFUND EXPERIENCE HERE: This is a “user to user” site and the primary mode of support is peer-to-peer, meaning users helping other users. Admin and moderators are not always present or may not be right, or have answers to questions. Users become more informed when they are here often to read and comment. We call them Top Contributors. We are not a group of experts, merely individuals who have learned more than we ever wanted to know about the tax refund process.

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    • Direct Deposit Date:
    • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Additional Child Tax Credit, Schedule C
    • TT 152, Weekly

    @JazzThee: Please send an email to [email protected]

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      H&R Block
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      From Refund
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    • WMR Bars:
      2nd Bar
    • Date Approved:
    • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Child Tax Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit, 1099, W2
    • TT 152, 4464C Letter

    @Admin I don’t see my Star for donating last month 😱

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