How to Check State Tax Refund Status

Check State Tax Refund Status

When a state processes your tax return, you can check the status in most states on the official state websites.  Where’s My State Refund sites are separate from the IRS Where’s My Refund page. If your state has income taxes, they usually have their own website to check the status of tax refunds. Make sure it is an official state page before you give personal information to check state tax refund status. The agency that processes your tax refund usually can be found in a Google search for  “Where’s My State Refund for (insert state name)”  Or use our Where’s My State Refund list to find the website for your state tax return. If refunds are processed by a different department, they may have a different site to check the status after your refund is approved. In most states .gov will be the end of the website name, so you should be able to tell if you have found the official page.

State Online Tax Refund Status Hotline Phone Numbers to Check State Tax Refund Status
AL Alabama Department of Revenue 24-hour Toll-Free Refund Hotline 1-855-894-7391

Daytime Refund Status line 334-309-26122

AK Alaska has no state income tax n/a
AZ Arizona Dept. of Revenue 602-255-3381
AR Arkansas Dept. of Finance and Admin 501-682-1100
CA California Franchise Tax Board 800-338-0505
CO Colorado Dept. of Revenue 303-238-3278
CT Connecticut Dept. of Revenue 800-382-9463
DE Delaware Dept. of Revenue 302-577-8784
FL Florida has no state income tax n/a
GA Georgia Dept. of Revenue 877-423-6711
HI Hawaii Dept. of Taxation 808-587-4242
ID Idaho Tax Commission 888-228-5770
IL Illinois Dept. of Revenue 800-732-8866
IN Indiana Dept. of Revenue 317-232-2240
IA Iowa Dept. of Revenue 515-281-3114
KS Kansas Dept. of Revenue 785-296-5059
KY Kentucky Dept. of Revenue 502-564-4581
LA Louisiana Dept. of Revenue 888-829-3071
ME Maine Revenue Services 207-626-8475
MD Maryland Controller 800-218-8160
MA Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue 800-392-6089
MI Michigan Dept. of Treasury 517-636-4486
MN Minnesota Dept. of Revenue 651-296-4444
MS Mississippi Tax Commission 601-923-7801
MO Missouri Dept. of Revenue 573-751-3505
MT Montana Dept. of Revenue 406-444-6900
NE Nebraska Dept. of Revenue 800-742-7474
NV Nevada has no state income tax
NH New Hampshire has no state income tax
NJ New Jersey Division of Taxation 800-323-4400 (within NJ, NY, PA, DE, and MD) or 609-826-4400 (anywhere)
NM New Mexico Taxation and Revenue 505-476-3778
NY New York Dept. of Taxation and Finance 518-457-5149
NC North Carolina Dept. of Revenue 877-252-4052
ND Office of State Tax Commissioner 701-328-2770
OH Ohio Dept. of Taxation Services 800-282-1784
OK Oklahoma OLT 405-521-3160
800-522-8165 ext 13160
OR Oregon Dept. of Revenue 503-378-4988
PA Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue Services 888-728-2937
RI Rhode Island Division of Taxation 401-574-8941
SC South Carolina Dept. of Revenue 844-898-8542
SD South Dakota has no state income tax n/a
TN Tennessee has no state income tax n/a
TX Texas has no state income tax n/a
UT Utah Tax Commission 801-957-7760
VT Vermont Dept. of Taxes 802-828-2865
VA Virginia Dept. of Taxation 804-367-2486
WA Washington has no personal income tax n/a
WV West Virginia Dept. of Revenue 304-558-3333
WI Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue 866-947-7363
WY Wyoming has no state income tax n/a

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