Call on the IRS Tax Refund Superhero Squad to Check Return Status

Checking Your Return Status with IRS Tax Refund Caped Crusaders

For crying out loud, Where’s My Refund? Call us crazy but when your IRS tax refund still didn’t come after 21 days, you could use a superhero who will rush in to save you from pulling your hair out and wondering why your refund still hasn’t come yet. You call on the main IRS hotline to get a human and get a mashup of responses.

If your tax refund is taking so long and it’s causing you financial stress who do you call on to save the day?

We look at the series of responses you might get when you call the IRS to check your return status.

And the final superhero saves the day.


Calling the main IRS phone number is like calling on Daredevil.  He is blind afterall and might not be giving you the right information because he really can’t see the screen. He reads from an IRS script and it is getting you nowhere fast. Without being able to see much, he can only give you the same information you already know. You need another superhero and call back in a few days.


Aha, you got a woman and not a man this time when you call the IRS phone number. Maybe she can whip them into shape, save the day and tell you why your tax refund is still not processed. At least she is nice enough to give you more information about your IRS Tax Refund. Well, at least more than you got the first two or three times you called when you talked to Daredevils. But your tax refund is still not processed. She hints that it is almost done. Whew feeeling safe. But still no refund after another week.


This time you call back and get Deadpool on the IRS hotline. He is hilarious and gives you different answers as to why your tax refund is still not done. At least Deadpool is giving more information from what Daredevil and Superwoman gave you, but it isn’t funny anymore. Your tax refund still didn’t process. The IRS website still says the same thing every time you check. It’s time for some real superhero action, you ask for a supervisor next.


Turns out asking for a supervisor at the IRS only gets you disconnected. Damn kryptonite. You are furious and need help. Surely your rights are being violated. Calling again for help seems hopeless. But you wait a few days and call back, this tax refund has got to come soon.

Captain America

This time when you call the IRS back it sounds like you might have the right guy, but you immediately ask to speak to a supervisor to avoid the run around. He transfers you right away. Thanks Cap.


You thought your cry for help to a superhero supervisor would get you the answer to why your refund is not finished. Turns out, Loki is a villain and the tone in his voice suggests you have called the IRS way to many times. He tells you to just wait it out.  But it’s bittersweet because he says he will submit an inquiry to Aquaman.


Aquaman can control special creatures and possibly get your tax refund moving faster if it is stuck in the system. But still no tax refund. Loki must have never really done anything. Is Aquaman even a real superhero? It seemed like Loki said submitting an inquiry would be a magical trident.


You call back and get Batman.  He tells you that you don’t even need to talk to these supernaturals.  His backstory is from a different place so he tells you about the real IRS Tax Refund Superhero Squad.  In the superhero world, they are known as  S.H.I.E.L.D.


IRS Tax Refund Superhero Squad usually can help get your tax refund faster than Flash.  They can be your voice. They are actually called the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) and they are warriors.

If your tax problem is complex or causing you financial distress call on the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS).  If you have a financial hardship, you have tried repeatedly and are not receiving a response from the IRS, or you feel your taxpayer rights are being violated, consider contacting TAS.  We wrote more about getting help below.

What is an IRS Taxpayer Advocate?

How do I talk to a human at the IRS?

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    What’s up with NYS? So bizzarre! How could they say they process refunds in 3-4 weeks. It’s been 5 weeks and I was accepted then into review back to processing and no movement for weeks. 86 min wait time at 8:30am too!!!! I just want an update! Anyone accepted 2/1 and got their refund?!


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