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2019-01-02 05:40:44 Quay7199 @Irsblues: What was the letter for? Hopefully good news!
2019-01-02 07:41:01 lilred44 (15th) Good morning! It’s that time of year again! Happy taxmas!
2019-01-02 10:00:58 Sheila_33 @lilred44 (15th): Good morning, another year, and hopefully smoother than last year.
2019-01-02 10:09:37 NYnic Good morning. Happy New Year everyone! :)
2019-01-02 11:30:22 India @NYnic: Happy New Year Do you know an official filing date for w2s W/ EIC and educational credits? How about the date the irs will officially began accepting returns? Thanks for any info you can provide.
2019-01-02 12:58:12 GingerSnap Not Logged In Hey everyone! Happy Taxmas! I tried logging in but apparently forgot my password and the forgot password link wont send a recovery message to my email for some reason so IDK what to do to get logged in.... :(
2019-01-02 13:02:18 GingerSnap Well nevermind! The password I have entered a hundred times finally worked lol... That was weird.... Anyways Happy New Year and Happy Taxmas… We still walking the PATH this year??
2019-01-02 14:55:38 Sonrisa @GingerSnap: yes from what I read on the web.
2019-01-02 15:40:14 Gingersnap not logged in @Irsblues: I still have informed delivery set up for my old address and I had something from the IRS go to my old house on the 31st also but have no way of knowing what it is.... What was your letter about?
2019-01-02 16:27:32 TammyD so i received my refund the last week of October for the return i filed January 29 2018. It took so long. Actually gave up on it. They told me i needed to file an amendment simply because i got 2 lines mixed up. The numbers were correct, just mixed up. I don't like sending snail mail so i never did the amendment. Turns out they did it for me. Yaaaay!!!! They sent a check and then 3 days later i got a letter explaining everything.