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12/31/2015 07:26 PM lilred44 @jemar707: Hey....lol
01/01/2016 02:45 PM lilred44 Happy New Year everyone! Let the Tax games begin! ?
01/01/2016 03:00 PM jemar707 @lilred44: hey! Just an FYI for all, we are making some server changes so some comments may not appear/disappear--- no worries we will get it fixed soon!
01/01/2016 03:10 PM Chae626 @lilred44: Yes!!!!! A couple more days until some ppl push the button....I have major plans of paying down debt and maybe moving to a better apt/ and or purchasing a new car!!!!!!
01/01/2016 04:48 PM @miad: yes you will definitely want to make sure your card is still active. If so they will just take out the funds when your refund hits
01/01/2016 05:21 PM I was wondering if someone could help me out with a question I have. I just received a letter from the IRS saying I owe almost $2000 because I forgot to enter a w-2 for a job I worked the beginning of 2014. The information on the letter seems correct so this was definitely my mistake. Now my question is how will this affect my filing this year? Will it take longer to get my refund? Will they take that money I owe out of this years refund?
01/01/2016 05:37 PM Mary @ANONYMOUS If they have the amount in their system yes they will take it out of this years refund and it shouldn't delay it more than a couple days.
01/01/2016 05:43 PM Tullie32 Here's hoping for another smooth tax pay out for everyone ...I'm getting exited
01/01/2016 06:31 PM need some advice-I applied 2 weeks ago for a ral online, in which I was denied. the place I applied from states that whether someone is approved or denied, they still have to have their taxes filed through them for a fee of $350.00. I sent them my 1st paystub in December so they don't even have the right information to file & I also file education credit so they don't have that info either. I would think that if they are a legitimate tax place, they would have to wait to file my taxes when my w2 comes in & all other documents that I need to file. has anyone ever has a situation like this? I use freetaxusa & I can submit Tuesday so im thinking that if I submit Tuesday & lucky enough to get accepted early, maybe I can beat this tax place filing before they file mine
01/01/2016 07:09 PM Thomas Ledford @Anonymous: If your refund is larger than what you owe you will receive your refund and the I.R.S has up to 21 days anything after 21 days if you haven't received a letter called the I.R.S to check your refund status and this is the I.R.S offset #1-800-301-3107.
01/01/2016 07:15 PM ulcers @Anonymous: for me I failed to file and claim Unemployment Compensation in 09,10,2011 (still haven't) got my full refund last 3 years filing...I was hoping they would keep my 14 refund for offset..but they must be giving me the benefit of doubt and waiting until I file those 3 yrs until they know how much I owe to keep any refund..now last year I didn't get my refund until oct..filed in feb 2..got full refund WITH INTEREST!!
01/01/2016 07:26 PM lilred44 @Chae626: I am moving to sunny Florida! I'm hitting submit, 1/7
01/01/2016 09:34 PM starfantazy Yo yo yo!
01/01/2016 10:03 PM Mary @thomas we really don't answer many tax questions, usually it's from maybe personal experience or we just tell people to talk to a tax professional.
01/01/2016 10:11 PM Mary @STAR Hey there lady! Welcome back!
01/01/2016 10:17 PM starfantazy Lol yes. Like clockwork... :-) trying to find where injured spouse is hiding out in her block software. Haha
01/01/2016 10:21 PM Mary @STAR Like a broken record you sound!,,,,lol
01/01/2016 10:23 PM Mary I meant we not just you! Every year
01/01/2016 10:27 PM starfantazy Haha, it's not me, I swear! Lol. Looking forward to it this year more as while I'm in classes and saving up for a better place, we are at my parents now. So not as much concern with the months we will most likely be waiting. ..as everything else is taken care of for the most part. (As long as we pay our $200/mo rent) O:-) love parents...they rock.
01/01/2016 11:06 PM I got married this year and we will be filing together. He is a "daily" processor and I have been a "weekly processor the last 2 years. If his name is first on our return will we be deferred to daily? Or still be weekly because I'm on the return? Thanks in advance for insure! :)
01/01/2016 11:07 PM Oxole1024 I got married this year and we will be filing together. He is a "daily" processor and I have been a "weekly processor the last 2 years. If his name is first on our return will we be deferred to daily? Or still be weekly because I'm on the return? Thanks in advance for insure! :)
01/01/2016 11:16 PM Hello everyone! Happy New Year. I'm a new member to the group.
01/01/2016 11:20 PM lilred44 @Anonymous: Hello, welcome and Happy New Year to you!
01/01/2016 11:26 PM Toya Happy New Year!! I'm excited about this upcoming tax season!
01/01/2016 11:28 PM Toya @lilred44: thanks! I had to figure out how to register for a account!
01/01/2016 11:30 PM Toya I'm using turbo tax this year for the first time. Anyone can tell me how long it takes to receive refund? DD going to rushcard
01/01/2016 11:44 PM Oh It's You Newman @Anonymous: Welcome and Happy New Year to you!!!
01/02/2016 04:45 AM tiffsmith313 How do tax preparation companies get a bigger refund than if you did it yourself?
01/02/2016 10:08 AM angiesview101 @Toya: It takes about 8-14 business days from the day your tax return was accepted by the IRS
01/02/2016 10:44 AM emsdal Happy new year everyone! Now I'm doing the wait on w2 game
01/02/2016 11:02 AM Mary @EMSDAL Happy New Year!! Welcome back, yes its the waiting game now!!
01/02/2016 11:18 AM Chae626 Did anybody file yet?? Lol just kidding
01/02/2016 11:29 AM Mary @CHAE626 HA!
01/02/2016 11:56 AM so does everyone in here think the first ddd will be thur jan 26 27 or 28
01/02/2016 12:02 PM ruby@******.com Good Afternoon was wondering got ippin today but noticed it says for tax year 2014 I already used a pin for that year and this pin is different than the pin I had for 2014 do you think its just a typo?
01/02/2016 12:04 PM brake23 @Anonymous: probably..cause these tax places are giving out loans like crazy....even though that really have nothing to do it..but if we wasnt going to have a somewhat smooth tax season,i dont think they be giving out loans like that
01/02/2016 01:35 PM @Mary: Lol im excited for 1/7 and im not even filing yet. TaxAct needs to come on and release the dates!!!!!!!
01/02/2016 01:36 PM Chae626 Oops..........The last anonymous is me!!!
01/02/2016 01:42 PM Mary @rudy It probably is a typo especially if you know last years was different.
01/02/2016 02:33 PM lilred44 So, I am predicting first DD to roll out on 1/29/2016. Its gonna be AWESOME! ?
01/02/2016 03:24 PM Chae626 @lilred44: Yes someone else said 1/29! So hey, 27 days left!
01/02/2016 03:53 PM butterflykisses Do I have to report to IRS anything with CharityCare? Charity care helped pay for a hospital bill of $40000.
01/02/2016 04:42 PM I have a question and I hope you guys can help me. My husband left a job he had been on for close to a decade and went back to work 6 months ago with a different company, same industry. During the interim we lived on savings and maintained private insurance. The issue, this will be the first time we ever receive a massive refund, for us. Mainly due to the half of year in earnings. Other than a job change and the refund amount...everything else remains the same. Will this be a RED flag with the IRS? <----Going off past stories! I am not sure IF they are fact or fiction.
01/02/2016 06:07 PM DespMom @lilred44: Oh I surely hope
01/02/2016 06:10 PM @ruby@******.com: I'm trying to figure out as well I received mines today for tax year 2014 if you find out something please keep me informed
01/02/2016 06:14 PM lilred44 @DespMom: I am filing on the same day I did last year. ( 1/7 ) I got a DD on 1/30, last year, which was the last Friday of the month. So, the 29th is the last Friday this year. Hoping for the same turn around this year.
01/02/2016 06:18 PM SOPHIE Should I use rush card or American Express Serve card to get DD faster ?
01/02/2016 06:24 PM lilred44 @SOPHIE: Alot of places dont except American express. The rush card would be better.
01/02/2016 06:25 PM DespMom @lilred44: Thanks I was looking for those first dates. I think I got mine in the first few days of Feb last year and was in the test batch. This year I have a Netspend and am trying to figure out what dates to take my vacation on. LOL So Maybe the last week of Jan or 1st of Feb
01/02/2016 06:33 PM DespMom Anyone else waiting or having to get proof of insurance from the Heakthcare.gov? I do this year and I am wondering if it wouldn't be easier, quicker and just as well claiming none. I did last year, did not have coverage, and saw no penalty