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January 25, 2012

[delete] (within the last minute) jemar707311 said:

For many years, my best friend and I have looked forward to a tax refund.  When tax season begins each year, we have always “compared notes” and have even held our own personal countdowns!  After filing, then fiddling around on Google and Yahoo we learned that this year’s IRS Refund Cycle Chart did not jive with with the chatter on the internet.  We, like many of the users on this site, were not happy campers….well, you can read our text message.

After ho-humming about how soon I might receive a refund, I realized the “chatter” out on the net was fragmented and I grew tired of clicking around…  I thought, “hmmmmn, we should all be in one place to “compare notes”.  On that whim, I purchased the igotmyrefund.com domain and in under ten minutes, our tax refund grapevine was up and running with a header and a chat box!

The response was quite interesting in the first few hours and the exponential growth of visitors since that time, along with their stories, has been mind blowing.  The willingness of those sharing information and supporting others in times of high stress and some tragedy has been great and our site has evolved into something much greater than just a refund grapevine.  In anticipation of launching a new more thought out site tomorrow, I want to thank those who have stuck around, even after their “DDs” and who support this project.

March 15, 2012  This site was launched on 1/25/12 to help users connect with each other and bridge the information gaps all over the web.  (Yahoo Answer, Turbotax forums, etc).  Although igotmyrefund.com was the first site to jump on the tax refund problem this year, it seems there are new pages popping up left and right since then and there is a lot of great info spreading across internet.  Unfortunately, it gets everyone scouring different sites and just makes your head spin sometimes…(the spinning and scouring I aimed to lessen).  Our goal is to gather and regurgitate as much of the info we can find to help you, we will add some links to various new pages for you soon.  If you find any new info or sites, please drop us a line so we can try to get it out to other users too.  Thanks to all of our visitor and thanks to all those oldies but goodies who have been here from the beginning!

February 18, 2013  Wow it’s been quite a ride on this refund train and we have come a long way from our humble beginnings just over a year ago! Thanks to all our loyal supporters, top contributors and new users, igotmyrefund.com has become a force to be reckoned with in Social Space! We have garnered direct attention from the IRS and they are responding to our voices here and we continue to work around the clock to help tax season a little easier to swallow for y’all.

April 15, 2013  Wow!  The second year of igotmyrefund.com has been another fun one!  We had record breaking numbers of taxpayers on the site to hunt down their refunds, many of whom were users from last year that returned to refund hunt!  In early February we were bracing ourselves for climbing traffic numbers and surpassed 155K views on just one day.  If I look back closely at the states, my guess would be the traffic spiked….when?  When the 8863 hit the fan!  Oh boy were a lot of unhappy hunters when that news came in.  With this, our measly server from last year hosed on us midstream, made some changes and were back up, and down, and up and down, but finally back up and stable again!  Thanks for your patience during our growing pains, we never expected there would be so many people hunting tax refunds.  Last year it was “the new system” and a myriad of other topics than trended as the underlying reason for taxpayers not receiving their refunds; this year we saw a delay from the gate because of late tax legislation in 2012 and not being able to file as early as we like; and, then —students shafted when they didn’t get a timely refund because of filing for education credits that were screwed up!!!!  (Hmmmmn, was it H&R or IRS that made the boo boo?) And of course, the other mini-cliques of people sharing the same sad WMR stories were along for the ride, and many people still here.  I have to give special thanks to our users for helping each other, our 1st year mods that came back for Round 2 and all the new mods who pitched in on many different levels.  I wouldn’t have been able to pull off another IGMR tax season without my admin partner in crimes—thank you for filling in during my lapses of sanity and memory!  With a strong admin team this year, we were able to boost our Facebook presence and help pass info through the grapevine to thousands of users.  My bestie, (see About Us above) headed up the Facebook page this year because I just couldn’t find time to manage the masses in both places and she took our Likes from 81 to more than 2000!  Amazing.  Nonetheless, we are winding down the tax season from our end of the spectrum because the bulk of IGMR users file early to start hunting REFUNDS!  Now that we have reach the 4/15 tax deadline, the rest of Americas taxpayers who owed this year have rushed to file and funny, I’ll bet the system works pretty darn well when someone owes money.  (LOL, if PR reads this, it’s my lack of sleep that causing my jabs, its 3:59a.)  We shall see…3 days average acceptance.  I presume on Friday a bulk of people will join the refund hunting team.  Then of course, there are indeed tax payers who file for extension that won’t even file yet and have until the next deadline in October.  You would thinks that group of people would be those that owe, but experience tells us otherwise.  We had stragglers here until November last year.  Whichever type of taxpayer you are, IGMR is here for you until you reach the light at the end of the tunnel and you can come back to us and say I GOT MY REFUND!

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