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12/15/2021 01:23 AM Forever wait! The only thing that updated In the last 35 weeks is the as of date. It now says as of DEC 27. Also a code 290 additional tax assessed which shows $00.00. Just process already please!
12/15/2021 11:09 AM Buckey12 @MSRazorbackPhD: The odds of it being passed--let alone voted on before 12/28--are very slim at this point. At best, the vote would be 49-51 if held today (Manchin + all 50 Republicans). A few Democrats haven't committed to voting yes, but they haven't been as public with their comments as Senator Manchin. So, even 49 votes is on thin ice. The White House came out publically yesterday saying they have no intention of extending the current pause on student loan repayment--which is set to begin February 2022--let alone forgiving up to 50K on student loans that the far-left of his party want. The resumption of loan repayments--while meant to help get Manchin's support--won't be enough to save the vote on the the 1.75 trillion bill. Manchin is still eyeballiing an amount closer to 825 billion to 1.25 trillion. There is a Senate version out there in that price range, but it won't make it through the House, and we'll be right back to where we were. No bill.
12/15/2021 11:10 AM melwalkshere For whatever reason they're mailing my CTC this month (after DD every month prior). Did anyone get theirs mailed, and how long did it take?
12/15/2021 11:33 AM Whit How can I find out when my pending transaction will be on my card
12/15/2021 11:47 AM Amy19 Still no change here, as of date 10/4. Unreal.
12/15/2021 12:03 PM a paris2pretty i got a bar after like 10 months finally got a bar idk when it came but it’s new i ain’t checked for a week the first n checked me n my boyfriend actually has a bar
12/15/2021 01:41 PM Fartz @Buckey12: The latest I heard they are pushing back Senate consideration of the bill until as late as March.
12/15/2021 01:59 PM MrsStingel2016 So I've gotten my CTC every month, early using Chime, and nothing this month. I log into the website and it doesn't even say it's been processed yet like the others. Anybody else experience this?
12/15/2021 02:00 PM Cabinfevermom @Amy19: You and & I had the same as of dates, etc. Have you tried calling 866-682-7451x569 to get a nice rep? I called numerous times...sometimes 3 times in one day...eventually you will get the nice rep. You have to know about your refund to explain what you filed for. After i explained that i amended due to the unemployment exclusion making me eligible to receive EIC. If you were part of the 9/14 glitch, let them know you received those funds (for me, i said i received ctc part, but not the eic part). Let them know that is what you are waiting for....and they WILL adjust over the phone. The guy who helped me saw how many times i had called before and actually apologized for that poor customer service I had received prior. After he adjust it, he told me how many days it would take to see the change on my transcript (9), and just as he said...on the 9th day, the refund was on transcript for 12/17. Unfortunately, the portal did not update until the 10th day (12/12/21). Portal shows eligible to receive, but no payment processed or issued. Idk if it will....whatever! At least the refund is on its way after such a long waiting period. I do hope you get a nice rep that will process that refund like Godspeed. Good luck to you and everyone else! I hope my information helps someone-I come in peace-to disseminate information and occasionally vent-so don't come for me! Thank you!
12/15/2021 03:56 PM Jenna? I just verified my identity in person with the IRS . Does it really take 9weeks to receive. My refund?
12/15/2021 04:01 PM TruckerD @MrsStingel2016: Same thing for me this month. Says eligible but got nothing. Do you know if there’s a number we can call?
12/16/2021 01:40 AM Tffni So my refund was under review. I sent in all they documents they asked for, and I’ve waited patiently for the past 120+ days. Now I have a bar on WMR. Does this mean that they’re done with the review, and that I will receive my refund?
12/16/2021 06:13 AM Stillwaiting727 @Jenna?: umm how did you do that. I've been having a hard time verifying myself for years. Where can I do this.
12/16/2021 07:18 AM harrya Talked to irs other day she told me i have an amended return so my ctc stopped
12/16/2021 08:14 AM Sheila_33 @Jenna: If the verification is the only thing that was keeping you from processing, and there are no other issues, you may update within the next 2 or 3 weeks. Really depends on quick the rep manually updated it to the transcript to get it to cycle thru and update. Good luck!
12/16/2021 04:29 PM Natani Dec 16th and still nothing. Filed MFJ semi simpleish return, called Turbotax one rep told me to file amended, 2 others said not to. Trying to reach IRS because this is crap, had 16k in unemployment I received and paid extra each week for taxes and still no update to our account. Last pull data shows 8-30.
12/16/2021 06:17 PM Amy19 @Cabinfevermom: Each time I call, I get the give it 30 more days speech.
12/16/2021 06:18 PM Amy19 @Sheila_33: Hi Sheila. I think of you often and pray for your family. I hope you are doing ok.
12/16/2021 08:23 PM RayC We received our regular refund back in march. MFJ. But we also received UEI. We think we might have a UEI refund coming. So I went 2 the WMR tool, typed in my regular refund amount and it says its processing! lol This mean MAYBE we may be getting an UEI refund? Anoyne else tried this, or seen it?
12/17/2021 02:37 AM ghee @RayC: have u received your original refund
12/17/2021 08:00 AM Cabinfevermom @Amy19: I know.... it's very distressing because the reps can do this, they just don't want to. Call over & over. I know it sucks.... it seems that only the persistent callers get the help. When someone answers, say I need my amended return closed. I'm waiting on this portion of refund. It seems like when they hear the simplicity of what you need, they do it. You have to be on the line the entire time or they can't do it. I know its alot, eventually you'll get the right one.
12/17/2021 08:11 AM RayC @ghee: yes in march.
12/17/2021 08:59 AM Forever wait! Finally!!!!!!! 10 months later including 36 weeks processing time it happened finally! My amended return has been adjusted 12/17. Transcript probably won’t update until Monday. Yay!
12/17/2021 12:52 PM RayC WMR is showing 1 bar and processing, even though I received my tax refund in march. Does this mean that the irs might be processing my Unemployment refund r an offset refund due me? I input my original tax refund amount and I get 1 bar. Is this good? Anyone else ?
12/17/2021 03:42 PM Tkmarieh @RayC: same here. It’s been on one bar for me since Sunday. Received mine in March. Also, early filer before the bill passed for unemployment. I was lost in the July 26 290 code batch and no movement since. I’ve checked with family members and they have no bars so just curious as to why some do and some don’t have them.
12/18/2021 02:07 AM NotLoggedIn44 @RayC: mine as well is doing the same! As of date pushed out to January 3,2022 too
12/18/2021 08:14 AM RayC @NotLoggedIn44: Just this morning, My as of date went from 8-23 to Jan 3 as well.
12/18/2021 08:17 AM RayC @Tkmarieh: Same here. I think 1 last batch goes out Dec 19. Thats the word. Lets hope we get a little extra in our stocking lol
12/18/2021 08:59 AM Lina45678 @Yandy22: I updated Saturday to approved with a ddd @Yandy22:
12/18/2021 09:08 AM Yandy22 @Lina45678: Wow congrats, mine is still on that 1 bar...I'm so happy for you?If anything happens this week ill let you know...Merry Christmas to you and you're family
12/18/2021 10:54 AM angiesview101 As of today December 18th it's finally showing that my refund is approved and on my way to the bank.
12/18/2021 11:39 AM Yandy22 @angiesview101: Did you get the 1 bar last Saturday and updated this morning?.....Congrats..Merry Christmas
12/18/2021 02:50 PM Bugg99 I had to amend our 2019 taxes. It accepted them May 2020. Been a fight since. Two times I have received a letter for the same missing form. I can assure all the correct forms was sent. Called and called. Now we get the take action on WMR. I call. The rep said it’s all good just wait. So this morning our as of date pushed out to Jan 3. Just looked and it went back to 9/20. Can someone explain to me why it bounced back? This has happened a few times previously. I just don’t know what it means.
12/18/2021 03:27 PM angiesview101 @Yandy22: I got the one bar last Saturday then I got the 2nd bar this morning.
12/18/2021 03:36 PM angiesview101 @Yandy22: Merry Christmas to you as well.
12/18/2021 05:07 PM ghee I don't think the bar means anything my friend didn't have the unemployment return and hers showing 1 bar again as well.I checked my return on TurboTax and they did do deductions on my account.I have 1 bar as well on wmr but I'm not sure if it has something to do with the unemployment refund.I hope so but I have a lot of doubt.I received my regular refund in March I'm waiting on the unemployment part.Its adjusted on my account I see a new amount and everything on my account but I'm not sure when I'm getting it.I hope soon if I ever get it.
12/19/2021 09:05 AM KathyM So I received my tax refund after my Congress person's office inquired at the end of Nov. I STILL have not received my 2019 and 2020 EIC earned income tax credit refunds which they say they "are working on". I have notices from IRS stating I would get the money last Feb. So it takes over 9 months to simply cut a check? Now the new year is coming. Will I ever freaking see that money??????
12/19/2021 02:23 PM MsRamen @KathyM: I am also waiting on my 19 return, accepted Feb2020. They say WAIT! I'm gonna be dead (already homeless) before they do what they need to do.... Instead of giving'paying' politicians monthly undeserved huge amounts, the money should be used to fix irs system. That THE PEOPLE get their money immediately. IN MY OPINION
12/20/2021 08:29 AM harrya @angiesview101: where do you get this info from ?
12/20/2021 10:50 AM WaitingForeverInND Never received 3rd stimulus. Received 1 and 2 and all of the Child tax credit payments. Spoke with a rep that confirmed we had the territory code issue in late September. Told it would be fixed and stimulus would be processed in 8 weeks. Still nothing. Multiple phone calls and told no problems seen just be patient. Get my payment has show eligible with no date and our checking account number since March. Over the weekend it has updated to Payment Status Not Available and no longer shows the bank account info. Is this a good sign or should we just completely give up? Anyone else seen this and finally gotten the third EIP?
12/20/2021 11:46 AM Sheila_33 @Amy19: Thank you hun. I appreciate the thoughts. We're all doing as best as we can under the circumstances. Merry Christmas to you. ❤
12/20/2021 12:25 PM angiesview101 @harrya: the information is showing on my Transcript and it's showing on where's my refund.
12/20/2021 01:10 PM MsRamen @harrya: You can register directly at the IRS website for your own account. In your account you can look up anytime all your transcripts, account info of the past. It also provides you with your status of paid/unpaid stimulus payments.
12/21/2021 06:07 AM angiesview101 Ok so SBTPG received my refund yesterday but it takes 1-2 business days with my bank. I have Chime so I will be calling in the morning to see if they received funds. Usually with Chime as soon as they received it it drops in my account. I just hope it's deposits as they drop in my account.
12/21/2021 11:33 AM GoCowboys @MrsStingel2016: yeah I’ve received all payments since August and then last month (November) was the last payment. Around the end of November it changed to NO, I’m not eligible, now I just checked and it says YES I am eligible, I’m wondering with the mishap w/September, that they’ll send it the end of December like they did w/September, because I received Septembers payment on the 26th or 27th or something like that
12/22/2021 10:25 AM Cabinfevermom Could it be....a CTC? I'm showing an incoming mail parcel from PO Box 17216 Salt Lake City, UT that says card enclosed. This is an IRS location. I am CTC eligible as of 12/13, with no processed payment. Only received September due to amendment. Maybe the IRS is sending debit cards to those who were recently turned eligible. Anybody else receive this envelope or have it en route to be delivered? There may be hope..... I'll update after mail arrives...if it arrives. Good luck and merry christmas to all!
12/22/2021 10:41 AM Cabinfevermom agh.....junk mail....sorry for getting hopes up.
12/22/2021 10:48 AM KB How long for an 810 refund freeze to drop off with an 811? My freeze has been on since March 4th, filed 2/21/21 and my processing date was April 15. I am owed a credit. Have cp05A letter from October 4th and sent the documents needed also.
12/23/2021 05:43 AM angiesview101 As of Tuesday 12/22/2021 I did receive my tax refund. Happy Holidays everyone.
12/23/2021 09:24 AM harrya Checked where's my refund it now says received your amended return aug 30 have not processed it yet call them and have your return handy anyone else?