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    Turbo Tax Refund

    buddydog1 said:

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    February 24, 2012 1:52 PM Quote This Flag Private Message
    Below is a chat transcript I had with TurboTax customer support over the web, The will refund your fees, just remember to focus on their bad customer service in not alerting to of the IRS issues by email as opposed to the time it took you to get your refund. Also, she told me it would take 7-10 days to recieve my credit for my fee, which came 2 days later, good luck all.

    Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
    You have been connected to 05_Julie B.
    05_Julie B: Thank you for contacting Intuit TurboTax, My name is Julie. To give you the most exceptional support regarding your contact reason today, may I please take a brief minute or two to pull up your information and review your question?

    Joshua Long: sure

    05_Julie B: Hi Joshua. How are you doing today? :)

    Joshua Long: not too bad, yourself?

    Joshua Long: ok either I lost you already or there is serious lag time here

    05_Julie B: That’s very nice to know. I’m good, thanks for asking.

    05_Julie B: I understand that you want to request for a refund, am I right Joshua?

    Joshua Long: correct.

    05_Julie B: I see. I do apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you. Don’t worry you’ve reached the right department and I’ll be more than willing to assist you with this concern.

    05_Julie B: If I may ask, why are you requesting for a refund Joshua?

    Joshua Long: I see I am going to have to type this all over again, I am very dissatified this TTAx customer service, I realize the you folks are at the mercy of the IRS, but yuo could have done a FAR better job, in conveying problems at the time of purchase and ongoing problems (i.e. email me, not just put a note on yourwebsite, i had no reason to visit it everyday)

    Joshua Long: Also when I called and spoke to a “live” rep he seemed to be a very ill knowledged young man “googling” articles about what i was looking for asking me to wait while i listened to him read them, that was ridiculous

    05_Julie B: I see. I’m apologize for all the ionconveniences Joshua.

    05_Julie B: Don’t worry I will definitely help you on this.]

    05_Julie B: Before I can process the refund, can you please verify me your order number for the transaction you are requesting for a refund?

    Joshua Long: great

    Joshua Long: one moment please i’ll get it

    05_Julie B: Thank you Joshua. Please verify me your order number.

    Joshua Long: TTWGS6A########

    05_Julie B: Thank you Joshua.

    05_Julie B: Please give me a minute or two to pull up your order.

    Joshua Long: TTWGS6A########
    Joshua Long: oops sorry didn’t mean to send it twice

    05_Julie B: It’s okay Joshua. I already pulled up your order. Give me just a minute or two to process the refund for you. Please bear with me because I will be providing you the Refund Confirmation number later.

    Joshua Long: ok

    05_Julie B: Thank you for patiently waiting Joshua. :)

    Joshua Long: not a problem

    05_Julie B: I have now processed the total refund of $66.90. Your refund confirmation number is RMA# SPOTRS0000####### . Please be advised that we have to wait for 7-10 business days for the money to be credited back in your account.

    Joshua Long: ok

    05_Julie B: I believe I was able to resolve your concern today Joshua. Apart from this, is there anything else I may assist you today?

    Joshua Long: no that’s all thank you

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