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    Typhoon Dragon

    I can’t say with certainty that Tax Topic 152 showing up has nothing or something to do with you actually being a step closer to receiving your refund. But, I can say with certainty that it isn’t a bad thing. It’s basically just the policy for direct deposits. Does it mean I’ll get a DD date tomorrow? I don’t take it like that. Here’s how I look at it: Some people don’t have it, Some people have always had it, and some people are just now getting it. Could it be that this is just an indication that something (anything) was done with or to our refund? That’s the direction I’m leaning in. For some of us (the majority that are receiving the notice) that could mean we’re a step closer to receiving our refunds. But for some of us (the minority that have always had this) could it mean that our refunds have taken a step but haven’t (or didn’t immediately) proceeded to the next step for some reason?

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    Typhoon Dragon

    Same here. It’s a topic about direct deposits. Nothing bad from what I see.

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    yea same meesage.. for me with no update still on first bar.. i think it means you will be getting a dd date soon..

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