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    Please post how fast this bank sent your refund. Lots of people are saying they have not taken out their fees yet but a few have posted saying they have their refunds.

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    Do anyone know a live number to speak with republic bank, I keep getting the generated message. The IRS already senty money out, it is this fake bank that is holding my money up

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    OAsha Bales

    I filed my taxes with Liberty Tax who uses Republic Bank. Wheres my refund says its was sent on the 4th but give until the 9th and I have. I go to republic bank website says my info is invalid. call the 866 number says my ss# is not in the system. Of course there is no live representative. Im not receiving dd Im supposed to get a check the same day Republic Bank takes out their fees. I have no idea where the hell my refund is and no one is giving me any answers. I will never use any tax professional that goes through republic bank. This is beyond ridiculous. where is my money?? So frustrating

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    Mine was on my walmart money card this morning. Thank the lord. Good luck everybody.

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    Woke up to a nice deposit tyj the wait is over ddd 2/12 wish you all luck still stuck on two bars rb said it was sent yesterday but my bank didn’t post it until this morning I bank with regions

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    Same here if not i am calling republic and raising hellvall day. Because i still believe they are the holdup.

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    the rep told me that it should be in my bank no later than 2pm tomorrow. but when I spoke to my bank they said that they only pull deposits at night usually midnight and when they open they post them all to the accounts. And I think thats the way most banks are set up so I dont know. I know my refund besta be in my account when that bank opens at 9am.

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    I will update as soon as i get my deposit which i pray is by morning but i truly believe republic is lying to us and they did not send the deposit this morning after they took there fees.

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    I called republic and spoke with rep and he said it was sent to my bank so i asked for tracking number of the deposit so my bank could redearch it. He kept giving me the run around but stated it was scheduled to be released the 12th so i said so republic hasnt released it yet and he said no they had. I truly believe they havent tho i think they are holfing it til the 12th in order to gain more interesr

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    mines still havent post to my bank account yet.I bank with BBT. Republic Bank received and deducted their fees this morning. Status claims funds sent to my account but yet nothing is pending in my account even spoke with a rep from my bank she stated don’t see any future deposits! So this is just ridiculous one can only hope for am posting. Please post if you have any updates Thanks :)

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    @blake I said the same thing. I even got a text from Republic Bank @ 1030am saying it was sent. I called Netspend they say 1 to 2 business days. I don’t know anymore.

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    My hasnt posted to my account yet. I wonder if republic has actually sent it.

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    Did it ever post? Mine hasn’t

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    Republic bank has received my refund and removed their fees, but chemical bank is not seeing a pending. They then told me that their bank only pulls deposits at night and the following day they are made available. So that means that I wont even get it at midnight I will have to actually wait until the bank opens tomorrow and processes it before it is available to me. 2/12er

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    Republic bank has received my refund and said they sent it to my walmart moneycard but it doesnt show on card yet. I called automated number for republic to find out still can’t login to the tepublic taxpayer website. Guess my $35 in fees wasnt enuff for them to create a online account for me.

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    Funds were transferred to my bank, I have Netspend so I should be getting an alert soon.

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    Republic Bank has received my refund. I’m a 12’er.

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    Glad to know I’m not the only one not able to log in to Republic with a DD of tomorrow. I know my info is correct also so I’m not sure how long they plan to wait to set up an account in my name. Since that account cost me 34.95 they should go ahead and set it up :p

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    Im able to login at the website and it still says no refund received for my SS#. When i try to call the number the automated system tells me i keep entering in the wrong refund info and Ive seen a few people post the same thing about the phone system. Hope that helps.

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    There done posting for the day, so I’m hoping the morning there will a change.
    Republic Bank has four “windows” or transmission times: 6:00 AM, Noon, 4:00 PM, and 7:30 PM. (Eastern Time)

    Ice storm headed to Atlanta…ugh!

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    Also I have a ddd of 2/12 so i will update when i receive my deposit.

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    I have to go thru republic to pay my fees. I was wondering when you sign onto the website i think its republictaxpayer are you able to get in? Because everytime i try it says login failed and i know i have the correct info. Are you not able to login until they have received your deposiit?

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    I have to go through Republic to take the fees out for JH and then I get it into our bank. Still waiting for a deposit for the 12th. The bank said today that they post throughout the day but I don’t think so.

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