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Speak to a HUMAN!   (M-F, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. local) (800) 829-0582 ext. 362
Hotline – Check your Refund Status (800) 829-1040(800) 829-1954
TeleTax Topics and Refund Status (800) 829-4477  (24/7)
Do you owe prior years taxes? Delinquent tax payers will receive IRS notice that provides a specific number to call for their tax account info.
Do you have a levy? (800) 829-3009
Order Transcripts (800) 908-9946
Offsets  Child Support, Student Loans? (800) 304-3107
Order a Return or Account Transcript                         order—->>  IRS Transcript
Your Taxpayer Rights!  Your Rights!
Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) Hotline 1-877-777-4778
visit their website —->>  IRS Where’s My Refund? (WMR)

TurboTax Guides You Step-By-Step To Your Maximum R
Customer Service Line (877) 908-7228
Visa Card Support (866) 543-9160
visit their website —->>  Turbo Tax Check E-file Status 
 download the mobile app —->>  MyTaxRefund Mobile/Tablet App

H&R Block Free Edition

Save 15% on H&R Block Online

Customer Service (800) 472-5625
 visit their website —->> H&R Block Online

H&R Block E-file and Refund Status

8863 Resource Center
Emerald Card Customer Service (888) 687-4722
 visit their website —->>  H&R Block bank website
(bank used by TurboTax if you opted to have fees withdrawn from refund)
Speak to a HUMAN! (877) 908-7228
24/7 Hotline (800) 717-7228
 visit their website —->>  Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
 TaxACT  (319) 373-4514*
Start Your Free Federal Return with TaxACT Now!
*$7.99/year to use their phone support if you didn’t use the Deluxe or Ultimate Bundle.
visit their website —->> TaxACT -Home Page
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(bank used by Tax Slayer if you opted to have fees withdrawn from refund)
Customer Service (866) 581-1040
 visit their website —->> Republic Bank
STATE CONTACTS (a list of state sites to check status) State Income Tax Info
MEDIA LINKS (for those who want to contact media) Media

Other Resources

A personal finance blog at The College Investor has put together an Estimated Refund Date Chart based on last year’s tax refund chart that you may find useful: Estimated Refund Date Chart.

IRS 2013 Refund Cycle Chart – Where is it?  You tell us.  Some say they aren’t going to have one.  We will start hunting and keep an eye out for it.

Update to IRS 2013 Refund Cycle Chart - This is what we have found so far: The refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication.

IRS 2012 efile Refund Cycle Chart (Rev 11-2011, Spanish and English) no longer applicable

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What Others Are Saying

  1. toscaredtocheck

    I live in ga and i just check wmrf and its down for me toooo hope we all get a ddd tonight


    People please look at details of the Blue Bird card. I actually use it regularly and it is a great card for paying bills, online purchases etc……BUT there is a $2000.00 monthly withdrawal limit that includes all transactions in the month. If you plan on using $3000.00 to buy a car you will need to wait a whole month to withdraw the other $1000 after you withdraw the first $2000. THERE IS NO WAY AROUND THIS

  3. lolalove
    • Tax Preparer:


    • Fees:

      From Refund

    • State:


    • Filing Date:


    • Date Accepted:


    • Bank or Prepaid:

      hr block emerald

    • WMR Bars:

      1st Bar

      Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

      Tax Topic 152

    so i have been coming to this site for about 3 years. i am not a tax professional so i really don’t input theories. the irs has only been up and running for 3 days. they did not start processing any returns until the 20th. if you filed early and was accepted what they did was hold your un touched un looked at return in a que. they only started reviewing our returns on the 20th.. when they opened. i have a very close friend who works for the irs year round who has been working for them for 15 years. as far as the loosing bars she actually said she has no clue about that but if you saw the first bar that says return recieved that is what it means. now she does not for a local tax office so she could not speak on a few things but she did say that it is wise to look back on your previous years returns and compare time…. basically i told her i filed on opening day last year which was 1-31-14 and i had my money in hand on 2-7-14 one week later. she said that since there was no goverment shut down and although the new healthcare laws are in affect this still does not affect much. early filers will see the same activity as someone whol filed and was accepted on opening day. after sharing this i really do not need everyone bashing me. but i thought this would healp.

  4. zhosa black

    Everybody listen. the opening day was tues. 1/20 and it does not when u filed/were accepted prior to this day. It take 4 days to issue a DDD and your give date will be 4 days from that date.

    updated on………..1/24——1/25——-1/26
    scheduled DD…….1/28——1/29——-1/30

    I hope this chart helps.

  5. Mrs.Cali87
    • Tax Preparer:


    • Fees:

      From Refund

    • State:


    • Filing Date:


    • Date Accepted:


    • Bank or Prepaid:

      My account

    • WMR Bars:

      1st Bar

      Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Child Tax Credit, W2

      Identity Theft

    *Question* If I call the IRS can they fix my return for me by entering the current social I messed up on ? Turbo Tax is saying that there’s nothing they can do till the return has been rejected.