I GOT MY DDD!!! (from Jemar)

I was a little too excited when I first posted my screen shot this morning.  And then, a little depressed when I “ghosted” after checking again later in the day with no information to be found.  Then it all came back up and I am still waiting on that status bar to fill up!


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  1. Anonymous

    My funds are finally showing up in SBBT … DDD 2/12 … acceptance date 1/28 … thought I’d never get to this point

  2. Blue44

    @saga: same thing with me. I went back to the place I filed to confirm that bank information had been entered in properly, but they are not able to see account numbers after the return has been filed. WMR now shows no bars and says no information is available. I’m hoping it’s just a quirk in their system. Tomorrow is the 10, so maybe the money will be there.

  3. robold5

    @robold5: I(robold5) efiled on 01/19/2014; then I was accepted on 01/26; as of today 02/08; i have no approval and no DDD.
    (the info about the ally deposit does not pertain to me)

  4. robold5

    @robold5: I don’t have a EITC, or child tax credit or 8863 and i never got a refund deposited to Ally; don’t know why it says that above.

  5. Anonymous

    Really am I the only person who noticed the dates on the return shown above lol really look deposite dates

  6. Byrdhaus71

    Got a DDD date of March 28, accepted sice feb 15. Was able to get transcripts on Friday. Amount went missing on Friday. Got DDD today. Good luck to all.

  7. Loretta

    Ok… I have been processing since day one. (Filed 2/2 accepted 2/14)I have never seen the bars nor the progressive statuses.
    I created an HRB acct to check there but it gives me options as if I have never filed.
    I cannot get through to the IRS and HRB not only have no answer for me but has blocked me from asking questions on their FB site.
    I am afraid that I am at the bottom of the pile and will find out that my refund was not refilled correctly and is lost in limbo land.
    I guess I am looking for some insight as to what to do?
    Zimmerman and Reed is looking better and better!

  8. mam

    Question…..do u guys kno if I have a small offset will I still get my return by the DD or will it take longer

  9. Mary

    @MADDASHELL I myself have never used a TA but I do know its taking some time for one to get assigned for ppl and then if you are with the 8863 delays there is not much one can do for you at this point

  10. Maddashell

    @ma4pa, did you get a ta? I called Monday, they said one would be assigned by Thursday. How long does it take once you get one involved?

  11. Mary

    @kas I don’t think even a TA is really helping with this delay with 8863 at this point it’s just a waiting game at least know its out errors so it should back in processing

  12. Kas

    My taxes were accepted on 2/14 because of the education paper not coming out sooner. I have not received my refund yet. =(

    I called the IRS around 7am, was on hold 10 min got disconnected. I called right back, was on hold another 10 minutes. I got through to an associate named mike, he told me that my refund was held up because I filed with an 8863 form (I think that is the right number for school form) and through HR block. They said that the processing is taking 2-3 weeks because of an error in the form. My taxes have been stuck in processing for 15 days today, hopefully I get them within 6 more days.

    They said if I could prove I was going through a hardship they could help me more, but I have been borrowing money from a family member so I didn’t have my electric shut off and etc. So I can’t prove it. Any idea how to get it faster?

  13. Joi

    This sux. I have to wait on MY money because the IRS allowed someone to claim me as a dependent last year. I’ve been filing taxes as SINGLE since I was 19 when I turned 26 I filed HOH. 4 years later why would they think I would be someone’s dependent?? I just don’t get it. Now I have a longer wait to receive a letter. I’m super pissed. Does anyone know what letter they are referring to?

  14. tara

    The Internal Revenue Service announced today that it has finished updating its tax-processing systems allowing all remaining individual and business taxpayers to file their 2012 federal income tax returns.

    Over the weekend, the IRS completed reprogramming and testing of its systems for tax-year 2012 including all remaining updates required by the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) enacted by Congress in January. This final step clears the way for those claiming residential energy credits on Form 5695 and various business tax credits and deductions to file their returns.

    The IRS began accepting 2012 returns in phases as it worked quickly to update various forms and instructions and made critical adjustments to its processing systems to reflect the current law. As a result, the agency began accepting most returns filed by individual taxpayers on Jan. 30. Additional returns could be accepted in February. All remaining returns, affecting in relative terms the smallest group of taxpayers, can now be filed.

    With just six weeks to go before this year’s April 15 deadline, the IRS reminds taxpayers that the best way to file an accurate return is to e-file, choose direct deposit if expecting a refund and take advantage of the wide variety of tax-filing and tax-help resources available on IRS.gov. People who need more time to finish their returns can easily get an automatic six-month tax-filing extension by going to the Free File link or filing Form 4868.

  15. waitedtolong

    i filed 1/23 and was accepted 1/27 eic 3 dependants got cp0five letter aroung th 14th of feb. ordered both transcripts a little over a week ago. still no dd and says still processing. has any one in my situation got a dd yet and is it true that they lifted the hold for cp0five (sorry my number five button is not working)????

  16. SMH

    I called the IRS, they said suspended my taxes due to education credits. She didnt get me a definite answer to what was going on, she just said to check back in 4 weeks. the status bar online says its still being processed and has been stuck there since Feb 14. H and R Block website says its accepted. Anyone with the same issue?

  17. Momof4

    I filed my taxes on 01/14 and was accepted on 01/15, I am a 8863 and I got a DD of 01/25. I went thru SBTPG and they got the refund on 01/22/ from the IRS and on their site it show that they have taken their fees and sent my refund to my WalMart money card but the funds have not shown up on my card. Does any one know when the funds will post to my card?