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  • New here and read a lot of very useful info, questions for y’all though. If I called the offset # and it says that my offset will occur on April 27, does that mean that is the day the remainder of my return will be DD? Any info please help I’m lost on this

  • Miriam posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 1 year, 10 months ago

    So, I found the 2016 FEDERAL OFFSET COLLECTION SCHEDULE. This is for people who owe back due child support. Take a look at your cycle date on your transcripts and it matches with the dates that they take steps to offset your refund. It even gives the date your refund is supposed to be offset.…[Read more]

  • lisab posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 1 year, 10 months ago

    I just called the automated hotline and they said nothing was found, yet I know I owe. My husband is the injured spouse and I know in the state we live in they will not touch his return so hopefully I get an update soon.

    • The hotline says I owe 2 debts and it gives me the same number twice and I called them and they say i only have 1 debt with them.

  • so ive been reading the below posts concerning the offset hotline. Someone posted that if a certain debt that u know you have is not showing up on the hotline as a debt, then it wont be taken. is this true?

    • 99% of the time yes. You might want to check with the agency you owe.

    • hi miriam :) …yeah i have been checking everyday ( hotline) for about a week and a half and its the same debt ( old military federal debt). Called fed. agency and verified it. I do know that i have another Fed. debt and it is not showing up on the hotline. Do u know or have had any experience with this as far as owing a fed debt that has…[Read more]

    • No, sorry, I only have experience with non tax debt. If you filed mfj and filed an injured spouse form, it won’t show until they have completed it.

  • has anyone who owed on defaulted student loans, still recieved their refunds? just curious because i have been calling the offset hotline for about two weeks now and it does not state any student loan debt but only a small military debt?

  • posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 1 year, 10 months ago

    My DD was scheduled to be deposited Feb.24 but we did not receive anything and its been 2 days and still nothing. i haid an offset and when i call the 800 number it says $x amount will be offset so where could the remaining refund went to? WMR says to wait until Feb29 until i can call and im super worried that all our refund could have gone to my…[Read more]

    • If the offset line says a smaller amount was taken and the rest sent to your financial institution, then I would call both the bank and the IRS to see if it was rejected. Call the bank 1st.

    • I called bank and nothing im going to give it til Monday hopefully its there by then. The offset line does say that there is one offset and 2 current debts which could be offset but option 1 says that from my return certain amount was taken out….I am thinking if they were to take from the other 2 current debts it would mention it in option 1…..

    • I just checked WMR and it says that my return was applied to a past due obligation…towards the bottom left it says my expected refund amound and tan it says adjusted refund amount and it says$0 so that to me means they kept it all to pay for my student loans. I do not work so all the income we reported belongs to my husband, i filled out injured…[Read more]

    • Ok. Now just call them in a week to see if they got it and count 8 weeks from the date they received it. Good. Luck.

  • So glad I was able to join the group finally ( took three days to activate link from email lol). Anyway im really hoping i can get some peace of mind with my situation. I like some from this forum owe on student loans that are in default. my taxes were accepted at the IRS on Feb 15, 2016 and stated below “within 21 days i should have my…[Read more]

    • 2 yrs ago the dept of edu took out a debt i had and did deposit the rest without any issues or delays….this yr around whatever is left from my return is lost in space…i have no clue whats going on

    • mrs. game….when you called the hotline, did it state that you had a current debt with the department of education or no?

  • Joshua posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 1 year, 11 months ago

    I have a ? I have an offset with my states unemployment and with the IRS from 2 years ago. When I check WMR it shows there will be an offset now when I call the treasury hotline for offsets it just says my social shows 1 offset for the amount that i owe to the unemployment for my state. Will this be all that is deducted from my refund since…[Read more]

    • As for now, yes. If it’s for your state taxes, that the amount they took out and the date is the date they will release your refund and send the offset portion to unemployment. As for your federal, they have 11 weeks to complete your return and IS form. I don’t know when you filed so I can’t give you a date. But I think since the offset line if…[Read more]

    • Just checked my bank account. My refund is pending for DD tomorrow they did offset state unemployment but did not offset what I owe to IRS. Im very surprised but not complaining and know now they Will certainly offset it next year.

  • jerry posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 1 year, 11 months ago

    I have a question I got my transcript today and have some codes and numbers and would like to see if any of you guys can help out?
    code 150 cycle 20160505 date 02-22-2016 amount $0

    code 806 date 04-15-2016 amount -$837

    code 766 date…[Read more]

  • @citizenkenz i received my refund today…i just knew they were gonna snatch mine up, but they didn’t. Just thought I would let you know. So as long as you’re not showing on the treasury hotline then you’re ok

    • So i owe unemployment and on the fed offset line it shows nothing under my ss# do you think ill be ok

  • i filed my taxes and have a ddd for 2/10…i call the treasury offset line everyday to see if i have an offset and it says i do not. I know I have student loans that went into deferment or whatever late last year, but will i still get my refund?

    • Are you sure it went into default? I thought mine was too and the offset line told me it wasn’t and I got mine last year. Same this year although I haven’t received it yet.

  • Haley102 posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 1 year, 11 months ago

    If i owe state taxes from 2012 can the irs deduct that from my federal return ??

  • So, I have a question Ladies and Gentlemen. I just knew my taxes would be offset this year, but when I check the Treasury Hotline my SSN doesn’t show any debts, my refund was accepted and approved with a direct deposit date on the 10th. under that it doesn’t show any tax code or anything. Am I OK?

  • dayna posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 1 year, 11 months ago

    Oh btw on wmr status I have tax topic 152

  • dayna posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 1 year, 11 months ago

    My refund was offset two years in a roll but my debt should be paid in full. I called the hotline and it says “no non tax debt found with my ss#” what does that mean?

  • I have never gotten any kind of notice or anything for any kind of offset. I have a code 203 at the bottom of WMR…but it still shows my DDD with my full amount being deposited as well on WMR. When I called the TOP hotline, it says my entire refund is being applied to my Offset from AAFES. Is there a possible 1 in a million chance I MIGHT still…[Read more]

    • They will take it if it is showing on the hotline. I hoped for the same last year. But later filed an injured spouse form. I never got anything from aafes saying they were offsetting my taxes but they took it when we filed.

    • Topic 203 – Refund Offsets for Unpaid Child Support, Certain Federal and State Debts, and Unemployment Compensation Debts
      The Department of Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service (BFS) issues IRS tax refunds and Congress authorizes BFS to conduct the Treasury Offset Program (TOP). Through the TOP program, BFS may reduce your refund (overpayment)…[Read more]

  • I will probably not get any of my refund. I was supposed to get around 7K this year, but I owe over 8K in student loan debt. I filed taxes tonight, and they were accepted within an hour or so. I called the offset line and it said that I had an offset by the department of education. I checked the website for and it says over 8K.…[Read more]

    • Unfortuantely they will take the whole thing. To protect next year’s refund you should look into the income based repayment consolidation loan program to get your student loans out of default. I was in default for over 2 years before the IBR consolidation saved my finances. If they are taking your income tax, next will be garnishing wages.Your…[Read more]

    • If she doesn’t expect an off set I would file an injured spouse form. You’ll get her part of the money back.

    • I was very bad off one year and they were going to take my full tax refund to repay student loans. You will file a tax offset hardship with whoever is holding your loan. For 2 years they partially returned some of my return. After 2 years they will no longer do it. Also to qualify for a hardship you must meet certain criteria, of which I did not…[Read more]

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    Who is expecting a tax refund offset this year? Share with others what you know, I’m sure there will be tons of questions.

  • ok i filed my taxes got approved says money will be in my account the 19th its says my husband has a offset for bck child support but i filed a injured spouse again this year i look on my transcripy and it didnt show and offset ,can anybody tell me if it will show and how long it takes for the paper to show up for injured spouse somebody told me…[Read more]

    • I never believe the system which does say that its good for two years. I file one every year because the year you don’t they will snatch it and act as if you did something wrong. i believe that you did the right thing by filing one again this year. The bad thing is that if they were to actually hold true to the two year system it might not take an…[Read more]

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    Accepted 1/20 bar went missing Saturday. Went to look at transcript and got codes 150, 806, 766, 768 and finally 570!!! Says cycle 20150602… WMR site has tax topic 152 still. Isnt 570 a freeze? Or is it just a lame code for, it may take longer? Im confused! I do have child support offset and I added my 1 year old daughter that was born last F…[Read more]

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