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    Mr Grumpy Pants

    Filed 1/13, accepted 1/23. Processing every single day, no changes. Id verified on 2/22. Updated to being processed on 2/24. Updated to 1541 on 2/25. So, took them a month to tell me I needed to ID verify. Then only after I ID verified, did they decide to delay my return. Luckily, I am not in desperate need of my money, but I am in desperate need of some kind of information. Seems like every time someone calls they get told something different.

    Am I being reviewed? Am I being audited? Am I just stuck in a traffic jam? Do I have an offset? Is there a problem?

    Imagine if I told my employees, there is a paycheck delay, maybe it’s your fault, maybe not, you may get paid next week, if not, you may get a letter, but you have to wait 3 weeks for the letter and maybe I will pay you in 60 days, you just have to wait and see…..

    I am not even going to bother and call to see whay I am 1541.. After reading all the comments here, I am going to save myself the aggravation, and not call, just wait and see. The people answering the phones don’t know any more than we do, they are just regurgitating information from a notebook.

    This year is a MESS, there is no denying that!

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