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    So i got a letter today from the IRS telling me i need to submit documentation and forms regarding my payments for the marketplace insurance. I literally had marketplace insurance for three weeks in 2014 at which time I found out I was pregnant and qualified for free health coverage through medicare which I applied for through the marketplace and have been using it since. So i call the IRS and after researching the rep tells me its a system error thr dates were wrong and to reply to the letter by writing on the form that I can’t provide the requested documents and tell them its a system error. Wtf can’t you press some buttons lady and correct the error you made! Like seriously i feel like the IRS wants to make me suffer every year. I’ve NEVER gotten a refund in 21 days…does anyone have any idea what I can do?? I don’t have a documemtable hardship to ask for an advocate but I really don’t want to wait another 6-8 weeks for my money.

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